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Hosts Buzz, Neal, & Dale : Bradley Manning will finally go to court martial : Stop glitter-bombing Dan Savage : Dan Savage thoughts on Ron Paul : How libertarians should talk to the left : George ought to help : TN restaurant throws out anti-gay lawmaker : The co-opting of the gay rights movement.

Hosts Buzz, Neal, & Dale : Bradley Manning will finally go to court martial : Stop glitter-bombing Dan Savage : Dan Savage thoughts on Ron Paul : How libertarians should talk to the left : George ought to help : TN restaurant throws out anti-gay lawmaker : The co-opting of the gay rights movement.
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Keene, NH


Hosts Buzz, Neal, & Dale : Bradley Manning will finally go to court martial : Stop glitter-bombing Dan Savage : Dan Savage thoughts on Ron Paul : How libertarians should talk to the left : George ought to help : TN restaurant throws out anti-gay lawmaker : The co-opting of the gay rights movement.




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Gay 3 Way, Poly Relationships | FLAMING FREEDOM

Em, Steven, and Derrick Steven cums on Derrick’s desk | Bitcoin Machine for stripping teens | Derrick gives up on boxer briefs | Frequent Ejaculations Wards off Prostate Cancer | Dirty Pompeii | City of Dust | Em & Steven & Derrick’s budding relationship(s)

Duration: 02:04:53

How Getting Abs Will Change Your Life | FLAMING FREEDOM

Sasha, Steven, Derrick How Getting Abs Changed My Life | Students Discuss Pansexual and Panromantic Pride | Pansexuality is not Nymphomania | What Happens When an Evangelical Church Welcomes LGBTQ Members | Danish Doctors Come Out Against Circumcision | Bong Manorah

Duration: 01:22:33

Blow a Load in Your Daily Morning Coffee | FLAMING FREEDOM

David, Remi, Derrick Do you spit or swallow? We have some surprising news for you later tonight that may impact your health. Should you eat your own cum? Sperm is a Superfood! :: Top Things All Tops Want Bottoms to Know :: Gaynarchists in Liberstad :: Louisiana Republican Buys a Boy Underwear and Says “I’m Not Gay”

Duration: 02:30:30


Derrick flies solo! Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men :: How to Top Like a Stud :: Gay Anal Sex: How to Bottom Without Pains or Stains :: Nigel Farage Singing :: Trying to Reason with the Left? Have fun! :: Tim Allen Says He’s an Anarchist :: Post-Election Democrats Invoke States Rights :: Libertarians Need to Talk to the Left Free Ross A Thon

Duration: 01:14:48

Donkey Genitals, Horse Emissions, and the Bible | FLAMING FREEDOM

Steven, Remi, Derrick Horse dick is really in the Bible :: Banana Surprise Yumstation :: True Grindr Horror Stories :: 1 in 3 men suffers from premature ejaculation :: Californians Reject Porn Condoms :: Secretly filming nude girls not porn? :: 10 Things only tops understand :: Swedish women get a man splaining hotline :: Feminist snow plow Fail :: Free Ross A Thon

Duration: 01:23:04

Tattoos Cover Up Issues, Not Just Skin | FLAMING FREEDOM

Sasha, Steven, Derrick Straight Guy Leaves Hilarious Yelp Review of Gay Club :: Tattoos an indicator of issues :: Gay Cops Investigated for hosting “breeding” sex parties for teens :: 15 Things Only Bottoms Understand :: Big Dick Ranking Puts the Shire at #1 :: Stop What You’re Doing Right Now and Listen to the New Sleigh Bells Album :: What Americans … Continue reading "Tattoos Cover Up Issues, Not Just Skin | FLAMING FREEDOM"

Duration: 01:22:40

Forget Clump, Get that Booty with the Pirate Party! | FLAMING FREEDOM LIVE!

Featuring the triumphant return of William the Buff Blue-eyed Bottom! Steven’s gay friend from San Francisco :: Sevan’s erotic fiction about a straight guy seducing a gay guy and then getting fucked :: Carla Gericke Running for NH Senate? :: Bundy Ranch people acquitted!!! :: Human Wall Bridge NAP Violation? :: Stale Memes for Normie Has-Beens :: Vote Trading? :: Iceland Pirate Party :: Tree Impersonator Arrested :: Uber for Beer :: Cell … Continue reading "Forget Clump, Get that Booty...

Duration: 01:18:20

Hot Armenian Pussy | FLAMING FREEDOM

Sevan found out his business partner is gay, Steven walks off mic and out of studio, and Derrick finally enjoys 69ing and topping. The musical Cabaret is more timely than ever, and Steven wore heels to the theatre, catching the attention of our yoga friends. Sev and Steven geek out over ZCash, an anonymous cryptocurrency, … Continue reading "Hot Armenian Pussy | FLAMING FREEDOM"

Duration: 01:50:44

Open Relationship Grindr Hookups | FLAMING FREEDOM

NSFW – Sev and Derrick talk about perving out at the gym and the sexual fetish called raceplay and the deeper psychological issues that might cause it. Why was Sev into really pale white girls during high school? A Philly Club Owner Uses N-word and says black people ask for free drinks. A kid chose the pronoun … Continue reading "Open Relationship Grindr Hookups | FLAMING FREEDOM"

Duration: 01:37:21

Radical Anarchist Gay Sex Talk | FLAMING FREEDOM

Introducing SEV! The crypto-anarchist entrepreneur. Sev, Remington, and Derrick talked about being the product of social signals and following the path of least resistance — struggling to be true to ourselves and what that means in the context of masculinity. How is YOUR behavior affected by what you were told is–or isn’t–acceptable? Sev is watching Narcos … Continue reading "Radical Anarchist Gay Sex Talk | FLAMING FREEDOM"

Duration: 01:25:38

Clinton Machine Burns Philly to the Ground | FLAMING FREEDOM

Steven and Derrick talk about a woman who believes she was sexually assaulted by a toy, GoFundMe Freezes 184k Donated to Homeless Teen after Woman Questions His Story Tech Entrepreneurs Want to Create a Network of Private Micro States in Europe

Duration: 01:17:53

Nothing is Gayer than the RNC | FLAMING FREEDOM

Nicholas, Sasha, Remington, and Derrick talk polyamory vs monogamy, Milo banned from Twatter, male escorts in Cleveland for the RNC, the longest masturbation, and Derrick exposes a cop on Grindr!

Duration: 01:21:42

Butt Licking The Truth About Analingus | FLAMING FREEDOM

How to eat ass like a pro. You’ve probably wanted to do it but haven’t taken the plunge. Take a deep breath, dig in and toss that salad!

Duration: 01:35:57

Voluntaryists Don’t Believe in Shirts | FLAMING FREEDOM

Joe, Steven, Remington, & Derrick from Che Liberte Studio. Jeff 4 Justice tells us why owning land is aggression, and we argue for 2 hours. Shirts came off.

Duration: 01:18:26


WARNING! DISTURBING CONTENT! This is the episode recorded live from PorcFest 2016. Featuring Steven, Dylan, Seth, Joe, Remington, William, David, & Derrick. Featuring Hershel, Doron, and about a dozen shameful beasts that shall remain nameless.

Duration: 01:18:26

Sexy Authors Pimp Their Merch | FLAMING FREEDOM

OBLITERATE STATIST ARGUMENTS. Fan the flames of your imagine… Everyone wins when 2 Sexy Men fight for Libertarian Literary Glory. PLUS! We threw away the “T”, can we throw out the L, G, and B, too? Steven, Joe, Chase, Remington, and Derrick talk PorcFest and sex. Obliterate Statist Arguments With One Book Tickle Your Imagination … Continue reading "Sexy Authors Pimp Their Merch | FLAMING FREEDOM"

Duration: 01:20:42

Soldiers are Hot Stupid Animals | FLAMING FREEDOM

Derrick, Steven, and Remington Topics: Photos of Pups Frolicking at Leather Convention Boycotting Pride Over Commercialization DC Pink Pistols Win Gunfight Jury Nullification Outreach for Cop Killer Killary Distracted by Dumb, Shirtless Men Producing Hot Guys, What the Navy is Good For 15-Year-Old Girl has Sex with 25 boys in School Bathroom

Duration: 01:24:21

Seventeen Ways to Cleanse a Colon

Are these Trans Parents Fucked Up? 17 Tips for Happier, Healthier Bottoming Worst Grindr Hookups

Duration: 01:14:49

Sexy Young Gay Men Carry Guns Into Walmart

Steven, Derrick, Joe – We walked into Walmart carrying guns today and a lady stopped us to say thank you and how awesome it was that we were open carrying. She said her children open carry. We posted on Facebook about it and received hundreds of positive comments in support. Join the Gaynarchists for a … Continue reading "Sexy Young Gay Men Carry Guns Into Walmart"

Duration: 01:29:34

No Fatties No Feds

TheGaynarchists survived a devastating attack on their group this week from someone inside the beltway. Robert Winterton removed every member from the group in an attempt to destroy it, but the onetrue anarchistFacebook group cannot be defeated so easily. The issue started when Derrick J removed a self-described Federal agent on the basis that he … Continue reading "No Fatties No Feds"

Duration: 01:29:05

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