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Welcome to Flamingo Silhouette. A comedy podcast discussing this week in sports, movies and music. Comic nerds, rap nerds , movie buffs, are all welcome. We also hold a contest for best quiche recipe every week.




Avengers Review

This week reviewed the best super hero team movie ever assembled. Go on name a better one, I dare you. I was surprised by how much I still enjoyed this movie. Musical guest- https://soundcloud.com/yvnglvffy

Duration: 01:07:48

Fire, Fury & Frankly Power, Top Things From 97

Welcome to #Allpocastsmatter. This week on the show we celebrate the anniversary of many things, Spawn the movie, and Generation DX. 1997 was so great it actually inspired the top 5. In the usual What Donnie did, the orange one thanked Russia for the firing of several US staffers. He is more than ecstatic to threaten North Korea with nuclear war. We also talk about the Charlottesville Rally? Hate meet up? White nationalist protest, terrible people with tiki torches. In movie and TV news we...

Duration: 01:11:12

Dark Tower

We reviewed The Dark Tower, and it sure was a movie. Spoiler alert a we get into graphic details of the movie. Musical guest https://soundcloud.com/exoduskuma/ethereal-feat-nagusame-prod

Duration: 01:03:45

Happy B Day Obama, Lewis Shines Shoes, Top 5 Child Actors

Donnie did some things. you know the usual stuff. Pissing off the secret service, being called the lazyboy president by Newsweek. Judd Apatow cries about censorship. Raven is cast for the Teen Titans series, and top 5 Child Actors. Musical Guest Djfresh The Tonite Show with J Stalin https://soundcloud.com/jstalinlivewire/sets/the-tonite-show-with-j-stalin

Duration: 01:02:59

Atomic Blonde

Is sexpionage a word? Because it is now! Get ready for kicking, punching vodka and too many names to remember. We reviewed Atomic Blonde. Music By Benn Gremm https://soundcloud.com/gremmygoodz/the-hope-ftsteam-prod-by-araabmuzik

Duration: 00:46:16

Twitter Finger Donnie, Deadpool 2, Top 5 Questions

Welcome to #Allpodcastsmatter, The podcast source for social issues, politics, movie news and Keanu Reeves. This week in the news we talk about Donnie's barring of Trans people in the military. In a supposed effort to save money. The Mooch only lasted 10 days working for 45 before he got fired. In regular news, we talk about Korean missiles, the opiate crisis in Ohio. Ohio listeners is it nice there? I have heard good things. Also recently offensive events at The Breakfastclub. In movie...

Duration: 01:47:31

47 Meters Review

We reviewed 47 Meters for Shark Week. It was fairly entertaining. The bends don't work that way. Also trust your self. musical guest Axian. https://soundcloud.com/axiannn

Duration: 00:50:37

Ghost Rider 2

Hi everybody! We reviewed Ghost Rider:Spirit of Vengeance. Spoiler this is a really bad movie. The part is Idris Elba and he is doing a terrible french accent the whole time. Hope you enjoy the show. Follow us on twitter at @allpodsmatter, IG at Allpodcastsmatter, like us on Facebook, and visit us at Allpodcastsmatter.com Send questions comments, suggestions and music submissions to allpodcastmatter@gmail.com Musical guest this episode is Maverick Da Ronin...

Duration: 00:36:37

Spicey Quits, Respectability Poltics, SDCC Recap

Good day Y'all. R.I.P. King of Zombies George Romero. Here is what Donnie Did., Sean Spicer quits, Sessions wants to stop violent crime, so he wants to go after the devil's lettuce. Mike Vick is a huge fan of respectability politics. OJ is back, but do we care? Rocko's Modern Life is back too and that looks great. In SDCC news, Todd McFarlane announces Spawn will finally get a new movie. We react to news and trailers from DC and Marvel Top 5 this week is George Romero films. Musical Guest is...

Duration: 01:12:03

Valerian Review

Hi everyone, We accomplished the difficult task of seeing the failure of a film Valerian. From visionary director Luc Besson. The movie fell short, and relied heavily on visuals to replace the non coherent story line. This is a peak laundry folding movie right here. Musical Guest is from Against the Grain ent. https://soundcloud.com/user-257273429

Duration: 00:52:24

Captain America First Avenger

Hey Everybody, We watched Captain America: First Avenger. Watching this again for the first time in years it was totally different. Thru our ignorance we recalled this being a snooze fest but in reality it is super well acted, and the story is pretty intriguing. Not an easy task for a movie set during WW2. Follow us places @allpodsmatter on twitter @itsdamone @panthro5000 Allpodcastsmatter on Instagram and like us on Faceboook Visit us at Allpodcastsmatter.com and email us questions,...

Duration: 01:01:57

DARE Returns, RIP Shia, Where Is Aladin?

Hi everybody! Thanks for coming back, or listening for the first time. This week on What Donnie did, Jeff Sessions wants the antiquated D.A.R.E. program to return, and some other zany political shenanigans. Shia Labeouf was arrested and had a plethora of unpleasant things to things to say. Spoiler alert, they were super racist. In movie news Disney is having some trouble with Aladdin and John Oliver is in The Lion King. Musical Guest Rhyme Artist https://soundcloud.com/rhymeartist

Duration: 01:00:16

X Men First Class

We used to think this was the best X men film. We sure were wrong. musical guest Watzreal. https://soundcloud.com/watzreal/just-a-friend-prod-by-mister-cleen

Duration: 00:48:51

Devos Nooo, No Spawn Ever, Top 5 Siblings

On this news episode of #Allpodcastsmatter we have a hilarious new photo, because groupon is magic. In What Donnie Did, patent pending, Betsy DeVos is getting sued by everybody. Donny must be a fan of Drake because at the G20 summit he had no friends. He also met Putin and the talked about how nothing sinister has happened betwixt them ever. In regular news Paul Ryan says town hall meetings are too hard, and won't be doing them any more because he doesn't like people yelling at him. Also in...

Duration: 00:43:49

Spider - Man Homecoming Review

On this episode we reviewed our new favorite Spider film, move over Eight legged freaks. This is possibly the best MCU film to date. It was really colorful, fun and wacky spider adventure. The cast in the film is fantastic. This movie also has quite a few pleasant surprises. Hope you enjoy listening. Musical guest DQ Emcee Follow him here. https://soundcloud.com/dqemcee

Duration: 01:02:21

5th Element

Hey everybody. Usually these are really detailed but I'm running late for work. Enjoy. We really like this movie! And, this review is witty and informative. Stay cool like y'alll be cool. Musical Guest Ronnie2G https://soundcloud.com/ronnie2g/sets/the-b-o-m

Duration: 00:48:04

News, Blade Is Home, Inhumans, Top 5 Libations

Welcome back everybody, our apologies for the delay. I know we haven't had a news based episode in a bit. Happy Birthday to Canada. Thanks for the memories. In What Donnie did it has been reported that Donnie watches 5 hours of television of TV a day. Presumably 5 hours of Walker Texas Ranger on mute while also watching the fake news. Time Magazine as found out about the fake magazine he had framed at a few of his golf clubs, ain't no future in your frontin', but if it was up to me I'd paint...

Duration: 01:05:27

Thor Review

Hi everybody, Welcome to #Allpodcastsmatter. This episode we are reviewing Thor from 2011. A walk down memory lane in the early years of the MCU. Anthony Hopkins is great in this. Loki really acts his horns off too. Also which Hollywood Chris is your favorite? Special thanks to musical guest. MarverickDaRonin https://soundcloud.com/maverickdaroninn

Duration: 01:10:46

Iron Man 2 Review

Hi everyone, Remember that disclaimer from the last episode? well this episode was recorded that same day. So our sincerest apologies. We recorded after this and everything is all good now, we promise. Iron Man 2, the third entry in the MCU. Tony is back and he has a mustache twirling vokda drinking nemesis, and a contemporary rival in Justin Hammer. Sam Rockwell really deserves better in Hollywood. This movie did actually age well, still entertaining. It was interesting to watch this the...

Duration: 00:52:35

Transformers Last Knight Review

We watched Transformers:The Last Knight. For starters for dare this movie imply it's the last anything when clearly that isn't the plan. This review is full of spoilers, but to be honest, it does not matter in the slightest. Listen to this review and save yourself 11 dollars. Musical Guest is WarrenPeace, follow him here. https://soundcloud.com/justwarrenpeace Pardon the dusty audio, Windows 10 updates messed up the recording settings. Will be fixed!

Duration: 00:49:43

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