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Welcome to Flamingo Silhouette. A comedy podcast discussing this week in sports, movies and music. Comic nerds, rap nerds , movie buffs, are all welcome. We also hold a contest for best quiche recipe every week.

Welcome to Flamingo Silhouette. A comedy podcast discussing this week in sports, movies and music. Comic nerds, rap nerds , movie buffs, are all welcome. We also hold a contest for best quiche recipe every week.
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Welcome to Flamingo Silhouette. A comedy podcast discussing this week in sports, movies and music. Comic nerds, rap nerds , movie buffs, are all welcome. We also hold a contest for best quiche recipe every week.




Weekend At Donnie's

Donnie has had a busy week, from Stormy Daniels to Space Force sometimes we can't believe this is real life. OJ Simpson lets us further know that he is not black he is OJ. James Schwab was the former spokesperson to for San Francisco's ICE department, stepped down because he did not want to feel comfortable lying to the public. RIP to Craig Mack and Stephen Hawking. In movie news, Lil Yachty and Nicolas Cage are Green Lantern and Superman respectively in Teen Titans GO! Batman is rumored to...


Donnie Gets His Parade, Inclusion Riders, & Top 5 1998

I hope this episode finds you in good health. Welcome to #Allpodcastmatter. Listener discretion is advised. In What Donnie did, Hope Hicks announces she is leaving her position at the white house, and Donnie will indeed get his parade. Florida in general lost their damn minds last week. Martin Skereli, the man with the most punchable face in the world gets sent to prison. Smash Bros is coming to the Switch. Does anyone remember that Will Smith song by the same name? no? it's ok. In movie...


Wrinkle In Time

Hey everybody, We saw A Wrinkle in Time. Musical Guest -J Hurston https://soundcloud.com/alexanderthegr8


20 Questions

I hope no one notices that there weren't actually 20 questions. This episode is us answering questions submitted from listeners. Hope you enjoy. Musical Guest is Watzreal. https://soundcloud.com/watzreal


Ric Flair, ICE, S. Dash & Top 5 Movie Tropes

Hi everybody, welcome to #Allpodcastsmatter. In this episode Donnie has had a long week. Everything from new and exciting tariffs, to wanting gun control, to again supporting the NRA. Dick's Sporting goods will no longer sell assault weapons. In movie news Kirsten Wiig is going to be a super villain. Silver Surfer is getting a movie, all that you know is at an end. Keanu Reeves is playing a super hero again, and we are stoked. Musical guest MC Righteous. https://soundcloud.com/mcrighteous


Ant Man Review

Welcome to #Allpodcastsmatter Presents: Movies you already seentid before. Musical Guest https://soundcloud.com/rhymeartist


Grand Theft Donnie 4, NRA Losses, Top Travel Destinations

Hi everyone welcome to #Allpodcastsmatter. In What Donnie Did, we discuss his new idea for a movie rating system and how he blamed movies and games for violence in America. How a woman rammed into the gate of the White House, whilst being armed with a hand gun. Cinemark is banning large bags, in the wake of poor concession sales. In movie news we discuss latest developments with Batgirl, Avengers, X-force, Guardians of the Galaxy and Creed 2 Top 5 is travel destinations. Musical Guest is...


Laura Ingraham's Favorite Podcast

This episode was recorded Sunday 2/18/2018. Join us as we converse about Nicholas Cruz, What Donnie did, and Laura Ingraham. In movie news, Kitty Pryde is getting a film no one is excited about. Equalizer 2 is getting moved up. Mary J. Blige joins the cast of Umbrella Academy. Thor's new hammer has a name. Tessa Thompson is a famous jewel thief. Top five sports films 5 Musical guest- https://soundcloud.com/alexwileymusic Next Week we'd like to do a Q&A session, send us your questions via...


Black Panther

The movie we have been waiting for has finally arrived. We were really excited to talk about this movie. Hope you enjoy. Wakanda Forever. PS, Which tribe are you joining? interact with us on twitter @allpodsmatter please use the hashtag #allpodcastsmatter when interacting with us. Thank you. Musical Guest Roqy Tyraid. https://soundcloud.com/roqytyraid


Cadet Bone Spur, Venom Teaser,& 5 Characters Wanted For The MCU

Hey everyone, thanks for coming back. We have the usual what Donnie did. We also talk about the terrible reasons the woker than thou people are not excited about Black Panther. The Venom teaser trailer came out this week! It was amazing, oh wait it wasn't. Our Top 5 this week is characters we would like to see in the MCU Musical Guest- https://soundcloud.com/g4rrua


Nerdcore Rap Cypher Sac Anime Winter

This is a panel from SacAnime winter. A nerdcore rap cypher with two fantastic emcees. DaRap Nerd https://soundcloud.com/darapnerd Paul Willis https://soundcloud.com/iampaulwillis


Shaft 2000

This week we review the 2000's classic Shaft. I'm using the term classic very loosely here. This is a fantastic bad movie. The actor's are great and essentially not given much to do. Is People's problematic? Musical Guest - A.O. Lyrical https://soundcloud.com/a-o-lyrical-1 Please rate and review the show on Apple Podcasts. Since we're a truly independent podcast we have to rely quite a bit on word of mouth and listeners to spread the gospel. Thanks everyone for listening we really...


SOTU & Janet Jackson Appreciation

This week on What Donnie Did, State of the Union, that was fun! and filled with a plenty of things he actually didn't do. We also talk about drones being used to cut down on the time honored Bay Area tradition of the sideshow. Why are Baltimore cops carrying toy guns? In movie and Tv news, new TMNT designs were revealed, and April was black like she was intended to be. Uma Thurman drops some truth bombs about Quentin Tarentino. Top 5 Janet Jackson songs in honor of...


Avengers: Age of Ultron

As you probably guessed by the title and cover art this episode is about Avengers:Age of Ultron. Behold the raw unbridled power of an underwhelming sequel. Musical Guest-Jayyestarrr https://soundcloud.com/jayyestarrr


WDD, Walls, Fridges And Martial Arts

This week on the show we talk about a cornucopia of things. Including our battle with VRBO. Donnie still wants to build a wall. An awesome black bunch courtesy of Roc Nation. In movie news Netflix CEO says critics are out of touch for hating Bright. Shuri is the smartest person in the MCU. And for some reason there is a sequel to The Shining. Musical guest is Aaron Alexander https://soundcloud.com/ignanta


Govt Shut Down, Offset, DCEU & Top 5 Goals For The Year

On this episode of we talk about What Donnie did, shutting down the government being one of them. We give some thought to Offset's lack of thought. DCEU only has 6 films in its film release schedule, and John Wick 3 finds its villain. Musical Guest is Caleborate. https://soundcloud.com/caleborate


Fantastic Four (2015)

We reviewed one of the worst comic films in the history of the world. Brace your self as Marvel's first family is almost unrecognizable it was is mostly a horror movie about 4 kids in over their heads. Musical Guest https://twitter.com/D_Realist_MC https://soundcloud.com/4theconcept


Brown Recluse & 5hit Hole Countries, top 5 movies that never were

Hey everybody, welcome to to another installment of #Allpodcastsmatter. Please rate and review the show if you enjoy. On this episode we cover Donnie allegedly saying shit hole countries. The Golden Globes, Liam Neeson being canceled and that bootleg Black Widow Movie Red Sparrow. Musical Guest https://soundcloud.com/whotfiswalter/tracks Go support our sponsor https://www.joyofbeingablackboy.com/ use promo code Allpodcastsmatter for ten percent off. Again, y'all rate and review the show...


Proud Mary Review

We review Taraji P Henson's foray into assassining. Big Wheels keep on turning as Mary pushes back a few wigs. Musical Guest is https://soundcloud.com/iampaulwillis All his music is free. Go get a few albums from him https://paulwillis.bandcamp.com/


Black Lightning Episode 1 and 2 review

We had the pleasure of reviewing the first 2 episodes of Black Lightning. Join us as we talk about the characters and plot of the show. As criteria for this review we had to leave out some key story elements. Make sure to catch Black Lightning on the CW Tuesday night at 9pm. Musical Guest DylaHunn https://soundcloud.com/dylahunn


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