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Flick waking you up for breakfast every weekday on hit91.9 Bendi

Flick waking you up for breakfast every weekday on hit91.9 Bendi
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Sydney, NSW


Flick waking you up for breakfast every weekday on hit91.9 Bendi




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Alex and Flicks weekly catch up. Week ending Sep 15th

This week on Alex and Flick

Duration: 00:24:43

Alex and Flicks weekly catch up. Week ending Sep 8th

thats what was happening this week on Hit 91.9

Duration: 00:34:44

Cast of Disney's Aladdin Join Alex and Flick for a Disney quiz.

Ainsley Melham (Aladdin) and Hiba Elchikhe (Jasmine) from Disney’s Aladdin the Broadway musical currently play at Her Majesty’s Theatre Joined Alex and Flick in the studio for a Disney Quiz. Turns out they 100% know more about Disney than us.

Duration: 00:04:40

Alex and Flicks weekly catch up. Week ending Sep1

Uber is coming to Bendigo, Turns out some people eat dog food. a catch up with someone who in Texas with the floods and not all vegetarians are very good at being vegetarian.. all on Hit 91.9 this week

Duration: 00:14:53

Lady And The Tram

Flick made a bold statement- she could beat the Bendigo tram on foot. Full recap of the race.

Duration: 00:02:13

Zac Hanson Interview

Mmmbop turns 20 this year and Hanson celebrate 25 years as a band from middle America by hitting the road, with sold out shows across Aus in June. Alex and Flick caught up with youngest member Zac (now 31 with 4 kids!!!). Did being a rock star at 12 years of age corrupt young Zac Hanson, is he grateful he was famous before trolls ran the internet and why did they start their own beer label?

Duration: 00:08:15

Illy To Tour Regionally?

He's already gone double platinum with the first single Catch 22 off the album Two Degrees, Illy caught up with Alex and Flick to give the new hit Oh My a spin and talk about a potential regional tour.

Duration: 00:03:47

International Women's Day Breakfast Radio Special

We're celebrating International Women's Day with an Australian radio first broadcast nationally across the Hit Network Listen to the highlights with Em Rusciano (2DayFM), Fifi Box (Fox FM), Abby Colman (hit105 Brisbane), Cat Lynch (hit107 Adelaide), Heidi Anderson (hit92.9 Perth), Carrie Bickmore, Sam Frost and Ash London. #beboldforchange

Duration: 01:37:49

Pap Smears a thing of the past? Not really...

Like a lot of Central Victorian women, Flick was amped to read the headline "The end of the Pap smear is good news for women" but Bendigo GP Dr Prinnie Hall explains there's a bit more to it.

Duration: 00:04:51

Elle Gentle's Tween Diary: Chapter 3

Elle Gentle has attended the Hot House Party where she and Ingrid made a pact to make out with a boy in their new Supre outfits. Does Elle still love Will? How did the girls go with their pact? Find out in this weeks installment of Elle's Diary.

Duration: 00:03:36

Sam Trethewey VFF

Sam Trethewey, Chairman of the VFF's Young Agribusiness Professionals group weighs in on the benefits of lowering the Victorian driving age to 17 for young people in regional communities.

Duration: 00:04:39

Alex and Flick interview Daisy Pearce

Alex and Flick interview Daisy Pearce

Duration: 00:04:54

Central Victorian Dairy Farmer Speaks Out

The Project has got people talking in Bendigo this morning on supporting local dairy farmers. Dairy processor Fonterra has raised the price it will pay farmers for milk during May and June after widespread condemnation of the price cuts announced less than two weeks ago. Farmers will now receive $4.41 per kilo for two months affecting suppliers to their Echuca plant, but many farmers have already had to decrease their stock sizes after the processor’s announcement, meaning it’s too late...

Duration: 00:04:50

Alex and Flick chat to Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews

Alex wants to be an Active April ambassador so we pitched it to the man in charge, Permier Daniel Andrews. We confront the Premier about his days of selling hot dogs outside a Melbourne night club and whether the guilt of those days promptedActive April...

Duration: 00:05:33

Star FM's Valentine's Day: Mathew's 'Amazed' at Tina

Mathew, what a sweetheart. He and Tina have been together for 7 years and this was a song they listened to on their first date. We gave it our all on the phone to Tina and she was...shocked.

Duration: 00:02:23

Star FM's Valentine's Day: Ben + Brandy 4EVA

Soooo Ben had a strange request to sing for his wife Brandy but who are we to argue with love?! So from Ben to Brandy (we nicknamed them 'Bendy') here's Usher's UGotIt...

Duration: 00:01:43

Star FM's Valentine's Day: Tim4Djena

Tim wanted to dedicate this John Legend ballad All Of Me to his love Djena, so Alex and Flick did a botch job of singing it to her on the Star Love Song hotline.

Duration: 00:02:19

Star FM's Flick pens a letter of advice to the new PM

Flick just started a new role on the Star FM Bendigo breakfast show so she thought she'd share some (2 weeks worth of) wisdom with Malcolm Turnbull.

Duration: 00:02:06

Star FM Bendigo VS Wagga: Who claims the 'Chiko Roll'?

Voices were raised, friendships were damaged, Flick called it a "deep fried goody stick" which sounded suggestive BUTwho has bragging rights over the Chiko Roll? Bendigo (duh) or Wagga? We threw-down with our sister station Star FM Wagga.

Duration: 00:03:41

Mayor Peter Cox on the true home of the Chiko Roll

Alex and Flick got into a, let's say 'verbal disagreement' with some Wagga Wagga friends over the origin of the Chiko Roll but Mayor Peter Cox helped set the record straight with the help of some gold-encrusted evidence.

Duration: 00:02:52