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Anthony and Al of The Spinchoon grab a few beers and discuss films.

Anthony and Al of The Spinchoon grab a few beers and discuss films.
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Anthony and Al of The Spinchoon grab a few beers and discuss films.






Episode 38: We find out what a Boss the Black Panther is

Black Panther is excellent, as advertised. That only scratches the surface of our discussion this week, as our rambling was elite. Beer, namely the return of Newburgh Brewing Company’s New York Boss, Nick Cage antics, Harry Potter musings, story time, Garland Sundays, and… wait for it…. a dramatic reading of graphic Nerd Porn Poetry. To be clear, not poetry about nerdy things, but rather a reading of poetry, about porn, written by a nerd. It’s a lot to handle. That’s all before the main...


Episode 37: We Get Out and Wake Up the Dead guy

Timely as always, we have some thoughts on Get Out. Oh, what’s that? (checks calendar) Ah, it’s been over a year since Get Out was released. Sorry….. Wait the Oscars they’re (checks calendar)…. damn it that was like 2 weeks ago…… Better late than never? Yeah, let’s go with that. In other examples of our resounding competence at this, this episode also features long winded discussions about the impending release of Ready Player One, Jon Favreau and his Star Wars show, animated media and...


Episode 36: We get Focal Banged to Annihilation

If that title seems aggressive, here are some thoughts: *Deal with it *Did you see this movie? Yea, aggressive doesn’t cover half of it *I mean come on this is some solid wordplay Sorry folks, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s all take a deep breath, because that movie was an EXPERIENCE. That’s probably the best way to put: you don’t watch this movie, you experience it. It’s as intense as any movie out there; visually, audibly, emotionally, viscerally. And that beer? Well,...


Episode 35: We set flight from the Abby with Lady Bird

OSCARS PREP! That’s right, for once we’re doing our job and churning out an Oscar nominated movie (on and here’s a link to the Oscars overview we mention) just a few short days before the ceremony itself. As you can tell (you’re a smart, discerning audience after all) this week’s episode is on Lady Bird. As Larry David might say, “Pretty, pretty, pretty good.” Just like the beer we drank this week, Jack’s Abby Red Tape Amber Lager. We’ll definitely, probably drink many more of their beers...


Episode 34: We go Rogue when we get diagnosed with a Big Sick

The Big Sick is a heartwarming tale of love and whimsy and sunshine and rainbo — ok I’m sorry I can’t even finish that thought. I can’t take it seriously. This movie is some of those things, but it’s much more as well. It’s dark and hilarious, awkward and inappropriate. It’s a roller coaster ride of feels. We liked it a lot. Just like our beer for the episode: Rogue Mocha Porter. We’re on a pretty good run of those too. So check out a fun episode of Flix & a Six, only on the Spinchoon!


Episode 33: We watch 3 Billboards Rising

Aaaaaannndd we’re back. Sorry about that. We promise it won’t happen again…. no we don’t it will probably happen again. Anyway, we’re here now, and we have a brand spanking new episode. We know it’s a little late to the party with these #taeks, but with the Oscar’s right around the corner, we’re keeping this window open. Well if you’ve seen it, you know there’s some heavy stuff in here, so it’s a good thing Jack’s Abby Mass Rising IPL came in pints. It’s not all bad; there was definitely...


Episode 32: We do it Live with The Last Jedi

Ok, has everyone settled down yet? No? Good we haven’t either. Adrenaline pulsing through your body for an entire week probably isn’t great for your health, but damn the consequences! The moment we’ve all been waiting for has come and gone, you’ve seen The Last Jedi, and now you should be ready to hear what we think. Man did we think. This movie is packed full of content, and so is our episode. But, love it or hate it, that’s what we do. Of course, we do it drinking (yet another) delicious...


Flix & a Six Episode 31.5 - SPOILERS Star Wars VIII SPOILERS

No seriously spoilers, wait till you see it. Did I mention spoilers? This episode is full, so full of spoilers. For the love of all that is good and holy (the force) spoilers! We also drink beer. But then, spoilers.


Episode 31: We set Winter on Fire

So…. Free Fire was fun! Honestly it’s a movie where you just think back about all the stupid lines and injuries and situations. The incredulity of it all. Simultaneously smart and dumb….. You know just like your typical episode of Flix & a Six…. Moving on, we sampled the newest release of Game of Thrones beer from Ommegang: Winter Is Here. We catch up on each other’s week on air (no we couldn’t do it off air), dabble in some news, discuss the movie universe landscape, and we discuss the...


Episode 30: We Murder the Warlock

MURDER! You know, for a movie about a murder and it being inspired by a heinous crime, this is a surprisingly light affair, at least for periods of the movie. It’s a good movie! Not earth shattering Oscar bait, not Suicide Squad, just a solid movie to be enjoyed for what it is. So we just have some fun talking about it. In this episode there’s no shocking news to cover, you know, except for the (hopefully) glorious return of Al’s Ales! And speaking of ales, we drank some delicious,...


Episode 29: We unite the League to figure out how to pronounce Xocoveza

It’s fine if you can’t pronounce Stone Xocoveza, we had to look up a pronunciation just so we could do the episode. It was…. unique. You should give it a try though we definitely didn’t hate it. Of course, you might be wondering why this synopsis kicks off with beer talk, which definitely isn’t our standard form, but it’s definitely the most interesting thing about our topics this week. Don’t let that dissuade you from listening; just because Justice League was (predictably) bland, doesn’t...


Episode 28: We prepare the Rogues for Ragnarok

Thor matters. We’re just as surprised as you are. This is already one of the top MCU movies in what is becoming a ridiculous catalog of titles. It’s also freaking hysterical. This isn’t a superhero movie, it’s an ensemble action comedy. I mean nonstop, laugh out loud funny comedy. So…. think Guardians of the Galaxy. Just don’t get it confused, they are not ripping this off. And that’s why this movie is worth watching, because if you’ve been listening to us, you know that making a different...


Episode 27: We treat the Foreigner like our own Flesh and Blood

Who would have thought we’d be doing a Jackie Chan movie in 2017? Although, exactly what constitutes a “Jackie Chan Movie” seems to be up to debate, as one of our hosts may have had false expectations coming in to this one. Still, it’s good to see Jackie kicking ass on screen again. We got to discuss it while drinking one of the quirky Dogfish Head offerings: Flesh and Blood IPA. But that’s not all. Oh no. If you want to skip our news and story telling sections, fast forward to about the...


Episode 26: Episode 26: We’re Road Tripping It

A Halloween special! Yea we know, it’s airing November 2nd, but it’s right here with the past week of Halloween festivities. It also allowed us to squeeze in at least one pumpkin beer, in keeping with the theme, and it was a good one. We featured Two Roads Roadsmary’s Baby, so we have all sorts of pumpkin/horror movie/Halloween tie-ins. Plus, all the best shows have special Halloween episodes, so allow us to shake off the vagaries of the calendar. Anyway…. We saw It! Now we’re here to talk...


Episode 25: We Fly around the Golden Circle

We’re Back! That’s right, Flix & a Six is back, and hopefully better than ever. We apologize for our hiatus, but we’re glad you decided to stick around. We address our mysterious disappearance, with a little state of the union discussion (highlights include: discovering a hidden stash of Nazi paraphernalia, bachelor party antics, wedding hijinks, and honeymoon travel angst), as well as some info on how we have decided to tweak the show format juuuust a little. Don’t worry, we’re still the...


Episode 24: We sit down to a Legendary Breakfast

Tom Hardy fans rejoice! This week our focus (Ok we might have been pretty unfocused in this episode. There was some medium to heavy rambling) was on Legend, the Tom Hardy feature that features twice the Tom Hardy. Of course, when it comes to Flix & a Six, you know that’s not all you’re gonna get: there was some breaking news that’s not really breaking by the time you listen (In fairness, the Star Wars news was fresh when we were originally supposed to air, but one of the hosts missed that...


Episode 23: We pick sides in the InCOMParable Scott Pilgrim vs The World

It’s that time. What time? THAT fucking time. That time where Anthony finally saw Scott Pilgrim vs The World, and so we get to talk about it. Thankfully, he liked it, otherwise this may have been our final episode. And how could he not like it? This movies is just flat out fun start to finish; by turns it’s absurd, funny, action packed, and makes you feel just a bit. We’re in lesbians with this movie (yes that’s a reference), and we don’t care who knows it. What’s more, we drank some...


Episode 22: We batten down the hatches, because the Atomic Blonde will rock you like a Hurricane

Ok fine, that title is a little clunky, but we liked the whole “Rock you like a Hurricane” thing, and also we’ll do whatever we want. If you’ve got a better idea for a title, send it our way. We won’t do anything with it, but we will deal with the shame like adults. Or whatever. Anyway, we talked about Atomic Blonde, and beer (bonus beer content: both Keegan Ales Hurricane Kitty and assorted Al’s Ales), and the Walking Dead, and all sorts of stuff because, again, whatever we want. Plus, if...


Episode 21: We Mix it up at Dunkirk

Dunkirk. Stone Brewing Stochasticity Hifi + Lofi Mixtape. Our movie and beer. A minimalist description in deference to a minimalist movie. Here on Flix & a Six, only on the Spinchoon.


Episode 20: We let the Boss take the wheel and guide the Passengers home

It’s the long awaited return of the beloved Newburgh Brewing beer! It’s the brand new LagerBoss, fresh out of the tap, and delivered in a Crowler for our drinking pleasure. It was fantastic. Anthony was obsessed with it. Actually he got weird. Really weird. O Al liked LagerBoss, too, for what that’s worth. The weirdness didn’t stop us from having a damn good recording on our first in person recording in a wHile, though. We should probably mention that our movie of the week was Passengers...


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