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Anthony and Al of The Spinchoon grab a few beers and discuss films.

Anthony and Al of The Spinchoon grab a few beers and discuss films.
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Anthony and Al of The Spinchoon grab a few beers and discuss films.






Episode 28: We prepare the Rogues for Ragnarok

Thor matters. We’re just as surprised as you are. This is already one of the top MCU movies in what is becoming a ridiculous catalog of titles. It’s also freaking hysterical. This isn’t a superhero movie, it’s an ensemble action comedy. I mean nonstop, laugh out loud funny comedy. So…. think Guardians of the Galaxy. Just don’t get it confused, they are not ripping this off. And that’s why this movie is worth watching, because if you’ve been listening to us, you know that making a different...

Duration: 02:39:20

Episode 27: We treat the Foreigner like our own Flesh and Blood

Who would have thought we’d be doing a Jackie Chan movie in 2017? Although, exactly what constitutes a “Jackie Chan Movie” seems to be up to debate, as one of our hosts may have had false expectations coming in to this one. Still, it’s good to see Jackie kicking ass on screen again. We got to discuss it while drinking one of the quirky Dogfish Head offerings: Flesh and Blood IPA. But that’s not all. Oh no. If you want to skip our news and story telling sections, fast forward to about the...

Duration: 02:04:32

Episode 26: Episode 26: We’re Road Tripping It

A Halloween special! Yea we know, it’s airing November 2nd, but it’s right here with the past week of Halloween festivities. It also allowed us to squeeze in at least one pumpkin beer, in keeping with the theme, and it was a good one. We featured Two Roads Roadsmary’s Baby, so we have all sorts of pumpkin/horror movie/Halloween tie-ins. Plus, all the best shows have special Halloween episodes, so allow us to shake off the vagaries of the calendar. Anyway…. We saw It! Now we’re here to talk...

Duration: 02:47:42

Episode 25: We Fly around the Golden Circle

We’re Back! That’s right, Flix & a Six is back, and hopefully better than ever. We apologize for our hiatus, but we’re glad you decided to stick around. We address our mysterious disappearance, with a little state of the union discussion (highlights include: discovering a hidden stash of Nazi paraphernalia, bachelor party antics, wedding hijinks, and honeymoon travel angst), as well as some info on how we have decided to tweak the show format juuuust a little. Don’t worry, we’re still the...

Duration: 02:17:57

Episode 24: We sit down to a Legendary Breakfast

Tom Hardy fans rejoice! This week our focus (Ok we might have been pretty unfocused in this episode. There was some medium to heavy rambling) was on Legend, the Tom Hardy feature that features twice the Tom Hardy. Of course, when it comes to Flix & a Six, you know that’s not all you’re gonna get: there was some breaking news that’s not really breaking by the time you listen (In fairness, the Star Wars news was fresh when we were originally supposed to air, but one of the hosts missed that...

Duration: 01:37:09

Episode 23: We pick sides in the InCOMParable Scott Pilgrim vs The World

It’s that time. What time? THAT fucking time. That time where Anthony finally saw Scott Pilgrim vs The World, and so we get to talk about it. Thankfully, he liked it, otherwise this may have been our final episode. And how could he not like it? This movies is just flat out fun start to finish; by turns it’s absurd, funny, action packed, and makes you feel just a bit. We’re in lesbians with this movie (yes that’s a reference), and we don’t care who knows it. What’s more, we drank some...

Duration: 01:35:55

Episode 22: We batten down the hatches, because the Atomic Blonde will rock you like a Hurricane

Ok fine, that title is a little clunky, but we liked the whole “Rock you like a Hurricane” thing, and also we’ll do whatever we want. If you’ve got a better idea for a title, send it our way. We won’t do anything with it, but we will deal with the shame like adults. Or whatever. Anyway, we talked about Atomic Blonde, and beer (bonus beer content: both Keegan Ales Hurricane Kitty and assorted Al’s Ales), and the Walking Dead, and all sorts of stuff because, again, whatever we want. Plus, if...

Duration: 01:56:05

Episode 21: We Mix it up at Dunkirk

Dunkirk. Stone Brewing Stochasticity Hifi + Lofi Mixtape. Our movie and beer. A minimalist description in deference to a minimalist movie. Here on Flix & a Six, only on the Spinchoon.

Duration: 01:26:12

Episode 20: We let the Boss take the wheel and guide the Passengers home

It’s the long awaited return of the beloved Newburgh Brewing beer! It’s the brand new LagerBoss, fresh out of the tap, and delivered in a Crowler for our drinking pleasure. It was fantastic. Anthony was obsessed with it. Actually he got weird. Really weird. O Al liked LagerBoss, too, for what that’s worth. The weirdness didn’t stop us from having a damn good recording on our first in person recording in a wHile, though. We should probably mention that our movie of the week was Passengers...

Duration: 01:53:07

Episode 19: We Pull a Quad Touring the Pharmacy in Hell

Something new! We try to keep it fresh here at The Spinchoon (no one likes stale pizza…. or ideas) so we went with something fun and new on HBO. We tackled the first two parts of a proposed trilogy of sports mockumentaries from the sick, twisted mind of Andy Samberg. Tour de Pharmacy and 7 Days in Hell. Drop everything and watch these (they’re both only about 45 minutes long) and check out the laugh filled episode (at least our laughs but we hope you laugh too) we have for you. We wash...

Duration: 01:40:39

Episode 18: We Swing Home into our Bread and Butter

Blockbuster Movie sighting! Spider-Man: Homecoming is out and it’s a hit. And we loved it as much as anyone. The newest entry into the MCU was always going to catch our attention, and just like the other recent superhero movies we’ve discussed, this one succeeds on the strength of its story away from skyscrapers and explosions. Plus the cast was stellar. We wash this sweet episode down with Wells Banana Bread Beer, which as advertised, tastes like banana bread. Do with that information...

Duration: 01:45:39

Episode 17: We Drink (but don’t drive) to Baby Driver

Baby Driver. Dogfish Head Beer to Drink Music to ’17 Tropical Blonde Ale, which is, per the labeling “A liquid soundtrack for welcoming warmer weather.” If you’ve seen the movie (which if you haven’t go see it now, then come back because we’re on a hot streak and this episode is gold) you know how the soundtrack is intrinsically tied to the movie. So beer and movie are a match made in heaven. As are the script, actors, set pieces, and music within the movie. It’s a rare cinematic...

Duration: 01:51:24

Episode 16: Nobody says “Here Goes Nothing!” like Mr. Nobody

At the conclusion of our recording, Anthony said “This was our best episode.” The stakes are high. If you’ve been listening along with us (all 3 of you) you’ve heard us mention Mr. Nobody before. Well the moment that no more than one of you has been waiting for has finally arrived, because that’s our topic today. We have thoughts. Oh, do we have thoughts for you. If you’ve seen this movie (and if not go change that, it’s on Netflix, you have no excuse not to) and don’t have thoughts, then...

Duration: 01:40:53

Episode 15: We’re Kona tell you all about The Dark Knight

That’s right, THAT Dark Knight. You love it, we love it. Everyone loves it, and we love to talk about it. Sure we talked about some other things too (our love of all things Nolan, the excellent Pete Holmes Badman, Forgetting Sarah Marshall [again? how did we manage that?], etc), but we went all in on the main attraction. Plus our beer of the week, Kona Big Wave Golden Ale, gets its due. It’s the episode you deserve, even if it’s not the one you need right now (we do think you should drop...

Duration: 01:44:17

Episode 14: We Party Hard as a Stone

We tackled a whole mess of stuff here. Like all over the damn map. The highlights: Beer! (obviously…. It’s Stone Delicious IPA by the way. Pretty tasty), Adam West (RIP Batman. There’s some good content of his from a month ago here), the new Black Panther trailer, and obviously the main attraction: Sausage Party. Like an orgy of content (see what I did there?). It all came together pretty nicely if I do say so myself. Or maybe it’s just a shitshow. You be the judge. Just know that we don’t...

Duration: 01:31:24

Episode 13: We Wonder what Saison it is

Man I wish we had a better title for our glorious return. Our newest episode, after the briefest of hiatuses (hiatii? whichever it is), is on Wonder Woman, the first good DCEU movie. So now we have a reason to still have hope and keep watching their movies. It’s pretty damn good. So was our beer of the week: Dogfish Head Biere de Provence Saison. Our return saw some solid beer talk as well, as Anthony learning about herbs in beer. So grab a drink and give this a listen; Flix & a Six is...

Duration: 01:54:40

Episode 12: We Guard the Galaxy Robustly

James Gunn strikes again. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is our topic, and it’s a good one. All the characters we love, plus a couple new ones, and an expansion of the wacky cosmic side of the MCU. Plus laughs. So many laughs (not to mention feels). The guys get into what makes this movie tick, as well as where it sits in the rapidly expanding Marvel pantheon. And they wash it all down with an Assawoman Transporter Robust Porter. A new Flix & a Six, coming at you, only on The Spinchoon!

Duration: 01:25:58

Episode 11: We Clown around in the Furious Universe

Fate of the Furious. F8 of the Furious? Serious missed marketing opportunity here folks. The guys watched Fate of the Furiosa (get it? seriously we can go all day with these) because why not. And it turned out to be a pretty fun ride (having expectations as low as Al did going in helps). What made it more fun was drinking Assawoman (get your minds out of the gutter) Angry Clown Brown Ale while discussing it. So kick back, relax, and enjoy the newest episode of Flix & a Six, only on the...

Duration: 00:54:05

Episode 10: May the Fourth be with you! (An Anniversary Episode)

That’s right it’s the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope. So because we love the Star Wars Saga so much, and because Star Wars day was this past weekend (and no other reasons, definitely not anything schedule related or because we couldn’t see all the movies we had planned to see. Trust us), we decided to spend some time discussing one of our favorite movies (although as Anthony alleged this one is no one’s favorite Star Wars). And we talked about some stuff in the rest...

Duration: 01:13:43

Episode 9: We set sail ‘round the world wondering Why Him?

We debut a couple new aspects in the Flix & a Six universe in this episode: a full-on comedy movie topic and a live audience. The movie this week is Why Him?, featuring the odd pairing of Bryan Cranston and James Franco. Not exactly Abort and Costello in the pantheon of comedy duos, but damnit if they didn’t catch lightning in a bottle on this one. The two of them are the core of this comedy’s success, even if it’s the scene stealing Keegan-Michael Key who has the highest comedic highs. So...

Duration: 01:09:34

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