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Episode 12 - Meet Over Meat Live @ SXSW

Welcome to Floor 9! This week we are live from Austin, Texas at the South by Southwest festival (SXSW). Each year the Lab heads down to Austin to meet with emerging startups, experience brand activations, and discover the trends coming out of SXSW that brands need to know about. We are joined this week by special guests Chris Grove, VP US Production, and Suraj Ghandi, SVP, Group Director, from UM Studios. After five frantic days on the ground and a bit too much brisket we talked about the...


Episode 11 - The Changing Movie-Going Experience

Welcome to Floor 9! This week’s episode is inspired by the runaway success of Black Panther. But big box office successes like Black Panther are becoming rare outside of superhero movies and established franchises. This is largely due to a shift happening with consumers and how they consume content. The traditional windowing strategies are now at a precarious tipping point as less and less people attend movies in favor of on demand streaming services. How did this all happen and where is...


Episode 10 - The Paper Towel Effect

Welcome to Floor 9! In this week’s episode we discuss the hidden threat that private label brands pose to traditional CPG brands as shopper behavior continues to shift . Born out of a spontaneous discussion over preferences for paper towels, the Lab team dives deep into the changes in brand loyalty over the past few years and how CPG brands need to rethink how they are adapting to the new paradigm of omnichannel shopping.


Episode 9 - Outlook 2018 Preview

Welcome to Floor 9! We are back in NYC and ready to release the IPG Media Lab’s Outlook for 2018. This is our yearly publication of all the ideas that excite us for 2018 and beyond. We looked at new technologies, market forces and shifts in consumer behavior to help us formulate the overarching trends that brands need to pay attention to this year. Tech-driven disruption is coming to every industry at a rapid rate, and the IPG Media Lab is here, armed with the Outlook 2018, to help our...


Episode 8 - Live from CES 2018

Welcome to Floor 9! We are live from CES 2018 in lovely Las Vegas. Every year that IPG Media Lab ventures to CES to scout out new startups, technologies and trends for the year ahead. The entire team makes an appearance on this episode to discuss everything you need to know about CES. Chad Stoller, Global Chief Innovation Officer of UM Worldwide makes a special guest appearance to talk shop about how the show has developed over the past 20 years. Download and listen now!


Episode 7 - Holiday Special! 2017 Reflections & Looking Ahead

Welcome to Floor 9! In this week’s episode, we look back on the past year, dissecting how the three trends we delineated in our 2017 Outlook at the beginning of the year are holding up while offering our takes how they will continue to play out in 2018. So, grab a glass of eggnog and listen up! This is a holiday special you don’t want to miss.


Episode 6 - What's Up With Retail

Welcome to Floor 9! This week is all about retail, retail, retail. We cut through the media headlines warning of a “retail apocalypse” and break down exactly what is happening to the retail industry. Give this episode a listen if you are curious to hear our take on the future of retail.


Episode 5 - Esports and Gaming feat Twitch

Welcome to Floor 9! This week we geek out about esports and gaming with our friends Taylor and Nate from Twitch. If you have ever wondered why someone would watch another person play a video game or what exactly is professional gaming, this is the episode for you. Download and listen now!


Episode 4 - Conversational Interfaces

Welcome to Floor 9! This week we talk about Conversation Interfaces. Chatbots, Alexa, Google Home and Siri are at the forefront of this episode and who better to help us dissect this topic then our special guest, Alexa! She joins the IPG Media Lab team this week to discuss how the very nature of communicating between human and machine is changing. Download and listen now! What We Covered: A definition of Conversational Interfaces Discussion on where these devices will have an impact...


Episode 3 - Camera As Input

Overview: Welcome to Floor 9! This week we dive into the trend Camera as Input. Building off last week's episode we discuss the importance of the smartphone’s camera. From AR and selfie culture to defining the next iteration of the branded asset pack, cameras have had a greater impact than one might think. But to what extent? Download and listen to find out! What We Covered: Brief definition of the trend Camera as Input We tally up how many cameras are in circulation Discussion on mobile...


Episode 2 - Advanced Interfaces

Welcome to Floor 9! This week we talk about one of our 2017 Outlook trends, Advanced Interfaces. These Advanced Interfaces offer new types of inputs and outputs, dramatically diversifying the user experience as well as the kinds of data we create. But what does all this mean? Give us a listen and find out. Download and listen now!


Episode 1: 2017 Apple iPhone Launch Event

Welcome to Floor9! This week we talk about all the new iPhones and everything else Apple announced at their 2017 iPhone Launch Event.


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