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Fall Classic

Another week another podcast in the can. This week the gang goes after Pancheros and plans for their upcoming trip to Kinnick. In the sixer we discuss rivalry trophies and their appropriate place in the CFB game today. Listen, Review, have fun!

Duration: 03:05:05


We return to discuss items that are overrated, including haunted houses. Further, in the sixer, we go to great lengths to figure out why our favorite burrito is not available at the stadium all that and more all on today's FOS.

Duration: 01:12:08

Brush off the Rust

We are back this week with an all new episode discussing the CFB season as well as seasonal food, plus Civil War references.

Duration: 00:58:17

Coach for a day

This week we relive the cy-hawk game and memories from our collective trip to Madison. Plus, Drew does a bang up job as guest sixer coordinator while Jacob and Kenton pick which restaurant to host a coaches show.

Duration: 02:04:12

Rivalry Week

This week we diagnose the first round of college football games and discuss some of our favorite moments. During trivia Drew aces it with 20 years worth of knowledge. Then during the sixer we talk targeting and how we would design the cy-hawk trophy. Lots of great references to get you prepared for another week of CFB

Duration: 00:57:11

Season 2 Kickoff

We're BACK! Season two kicks off with a bang. The gang reunites to discuss the upcoming college football season plus old gripes that they just can't give up. New segments inside!

Duration: 00:37:29

BADGER preview w/Jake Kocorowski

Jake Kocorowski joins us for the first time to preview the Badgers upcoming season. He is an editor at the SportsNation site Bucky's 5th Quarter and wrote his own book, "Walk on this way" about the walk on tradition at UW. In this episode Jake and the gang discuss Wisconsin's Big Ten chances as well as which former Badger coach has the most fashion sense. Jump around and enjoy this episode.

Duration: 01:54:41

HAWKEYE Preview w/ guest Ben Ross

Another guest agrees to re-enter flyover country as Ben Ross from Black Heart Gold Pants returns to give his preview for the upcoming Hawk season. Bold predictions are made as well as in depth talk concerning which GoT character Kirk Ferentz is. Plus some other gems, tune in!

Duration: 00:45:23

CYCLONE PREVIEW w/ guest Jay Jordan

We sit down with our first returning guest, Jay Jordan as he discusses the upcoming cyclone season. Of course we get his take on J. Lanning switching from starting QB to MLB and his thoughts on AHF. Plus, we check in on his now infamous mcdonalds preferences. Check out his articles on

Duration: 00:53:26

The Fortnight

This week we relive our fourth of July celebrations where Jacob narrowly escaped. Then, in the sixer Drew thinks Wendy's has the best burger while Nate spins a tale of a HR he hit in H.S. Finally, Kenton previews season two of flyover sports explaining new guests and segments! Jump on in and bring a friend!

Duration: 00:44:51

Dog Days

This week the gang discusses sixer questions related to the 4th of july including favorite popsicles and presidents. Oh ya and sports stuff too.

Duration: 00:52:08

Sweet Summertime

This week Drew laments getting asked what he does in the summer while the whole crew debates what this finals means for the NBA. Then, Kenton gives some prop bets for the US open. Finally, in the sixer the gang has a talk with G-d

Duration: 01:21:38

Feuds and Finals

This week we tackle the NBA Finals and discuss MVP and other important things. Then, in the sixer we deliberate about fantasy bachelor parties as well as which sport we like to be on the bandwagon most. Plus, Jacob is in a feud and we try to get to the bottom of it.

Duration: 01:03:47

(Pizza) Rollin' Through

This week we review the NFL draft and other podcasts. Then, we all give different perspectives on the impending ESPN doom. Finally in the sixer we fixate on food again where Drew gives a unique way to eat corn on the cob. Basically all things you have come to love on this show, so you're welcome.

Duration: 00:51:56

Drafting W/ GUEST: George Kittle

Our NCAA bracket contest winner, Andy, joins us for the whole show and fills us in on the state of rec league softball. Also, Drew and Jacob tell us the perfect place for a beer. Plus, Nate and Kenton discuss which sport needs a revamp. Most importantly, former Iowa Hawkeye Tight End, George Kittle joins us for an interview as he prepares for the NFL draft this week. You won't want to miss this.

Duration: 01:19:51


A brief announcement about this week and next.

Duration: 00:06:04

Easter Springs Eternal

This week we discuss the Masters outcome as well as the Cubs hanging the championship banner. Drew has some thoughts about athletes being asked to prom, while Nate discusses the brewing controversy in Milwaukee surrounding the famed hot dog race. Jacob lets us know when its ok to wear sports jerseys and then we discuss Easter food. Happy Easter!

Duration: 01:08:25

Master[s] of None

This week we mostly discuss the ongoing Master's tournament. Drew makes a bold prediction about American Golfers. Nate puts his money on the line against Tiger, and Kenton attempts to tell golf puns. Put this on instead of the broadcast Sunday and laugh along.

Duration: 00:36:49

March Impressions

This week we discuss the heartbreaking outcomes of the weekend in NCAA basketball and one of us mentions opening day. Then, Drew does his best Raftery as we discuss who is in front in our sports personality bracket. Then in the sixer, we predict where the next sports franchise will move to and Nate brings up his favorite sports video games. Don't miss it!

Duration: 02:15:07

Madness Rolls On

This week we look at who you guys think is the best sports personality, and then discuss the trouble teams seem to have in end of game situations. Then, things really get weird during the sixer when Jacob talks about his favorite appetizer and Drew, well...just listen and enjoy. Follow us @flyoversports_

Duration: 00:49:00

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