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Football 2 the MAX is a podcast that focuses on what’s going on every week in the NFL and College Football. We have two shows each week, one on Monday nights after MNF discussing everything that happened that week and we also do a Thursday night show after TNF previewing the upcoming week as well. We also do off-season series with guests, cover the NFL Draft, and season previews as well. Basically we are your one stop shop destination for all things American Football.




Football 2 the MAX: NFL Preseason Week 2 Discussion, Trevor Siemian Starting, More

On this episode of Football 2 the MAX, Sean Garmer and Erik Watkins discuss the Monday Night Football Preseason game between the Cleveland Browns and New York Giants. Who stood out? How serious is the Odell Beckham Jr. injury? And does this make you weary of starters playing a lot next week? The guys then go around the league, talking about the other games from the weekend. Finally, there's some news with Roger Goodell close on an extension. Trevor Siemian officially named the starter, and...

Duration: 01:06:24

New Recording (draft)


Duration: 01:05:52

Football 2 the MAX EXTRA: Ezekiel Elliot Suspended Six Games, Sammy Watkins Traded

On this Football 2 the MAX EXTRA, Sean Garmer, Gary Vaughan and Erik Watkins go in-depth for over one hour discussing all things Ezekiel Elliot Suspension. They try to take as many angles as possible, from a legal standpoint, the league's point of view, the Dallas Cowboys and more. How does this affect the team off-the-field? Who starts at running back? And could this even be an issue on defense for the Cowboys too? Does the suspension ultimately go down on appeal? The trio cover it all...

Duration: 01:39:40

Football 2 the MAX: Mitchell Trubisky Impresses, Deshone Kizer Throws Bombs, Full-Time Refs

On this episode of Football 2 the MAX, Sean Garmer and Erik Watkins discuss some of the games from Wednesday and Thursday of Preseason Week 1. How much can we really take away from Mitchell Trubisky's performance against the Denver Broncos? What about Paxton Lynch? Did anyone else standout on either side? DeShaun Watson certainly carried with him his running ability from Clemson, but what about his passing? How'd he do against the Carolina Panthers? Plus, should D'Onta Foreman push Lamar...

Duration: 00:54:14

Football 2 the MAX: Ezekiel Elliot Leak, Jay Cutler Signs, Injury Bug Hits

On this episode of Football 2 the MAX, Sean Garmer and Erik Watkins discuss the leak, with possible ties to the league itself about the Ezekiel Elliot domestic case. Could this be the final nail in the coffin for Zeke? Or does this just throw more confusion into the whole mess? What should the suspension be, if there is one? The guys debate. More news coming at ya, with Jay Cutler signing with the Miami Dolphins. Anquan Boldin to the Buffalo Bills. The season ending injury bug bites for more...

Duration: 01:03:25

Football 2 the MAX: Hall of Fame Game Analysis, Ryan Tanehill Injured, Latest on Colin Kaepernick

Finally the Football 2 the MAX trio return, discussing the Hall of Game between the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals. Sean Garmer, Gary Vaughan and Erik Watkins wonder what can really be analyzed from the game? Who stood out on both sides in this one? How exciting is it to have Football back on the air? Plus, did Jerry Jones get too much attention over the other Hall of Famers? The guys also discuss the big Ryan Tanehill injury. Is Jay Cutler the right fit for the Miami Dolphins? Is it...

Duration: 01:00:02

Football 2 the MAX: Ezekiel Elliot Situation, Gettlemen Fired, Examining Raiders & Chargers

On this return episode of Football 2 the MAX, Sean Garmer and Erik Watkins discuss the situation surrounding Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot. Is this a witch hunt surrounding him? Or is he acting like a 21 year-old? The guys also discuss the firing of David Gettlemen. Kirk Cousins and Leveon Bell not getting extensions. Is Cousins betting too much on himself this time? Does Bell deserve the extra three million he wants? Plus, a few more news items. Finally, the two men look at...

Duration: 01:08:37

Football 2 the MAX: The Getting Paid Debate, Big Questions: Broncos & Chiefs

On this episode of Football 2 the MAX, Sean Garmer and Erik Watkins discuss The Kansas City Chiefs hiring their new general manager from within. Todd Gurley becoming a multi-tasker in the new Los Angeles Rams offense. Aldophous Washington getting into some trouble. Plus, the getting paid debate. Why NFL Players can't be paid as much as NBA Players. Why this idea floating out there is stupid, and Erik has a few major logic points in the conversation too. Finally, we answer the big questions...

Duration: 00:54:08

Football 2 the MAX: Best Landing Spots for DeAngelo Williams, Big Questions for the Miami Dolphins & Buffalo Bills

Sean Garmer, Erik Watkins and Gary Vaughan discuss where DeAngelo Williams and Gary Barnidge could land before training camp. Damien Wilson's troubles with the law. Plus, we answer the big questions for the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills, as we finish out the AFC East.

Duration: 01:08:03

Football 2 the MAX: Derek Carr Extension, Big Questions: New York Jets & New England Patriots

On the return episode of Football 2 the MAX, Sean Garmer and Randy Isbelle introduce a new fourth co-host, Erik Watkins. Erik joins the crew to discuss the Derek Carr extension. The suspension of David Irving. Whether or not A.J. Green can really have a Julio Jones type year and more. We are also doing a summer series answering some questions about each team, as they head into the early stages of the new season. On this show, it's the New York Jets and Super Bowl champion New England...

Duration: 01:10:14

Football 2 the MAX: NFL Draft 2017 Round 1 Reactions

Round 1 of the 2017 NFL Draft has just finished. Sean Garmer, Gary Vaughan and Randy Isbelle gather to give their thoughts on what happened. What do they think about all the trades for the supposedly lackluster quarterbacks? Who has the best spot? Could one of them start in year one? The guys also look at what all the teams did in Round 1. Who had the best pick, or picks? Who's setup well for the next couple of rounds? Did they like what the Browns and 49ers decided in the first round?...

Duration: 01:18:12

Football 2 the MAX: NFC South Division 2016 Preview

We continue with the NFC on Football 2 the MAX. This week, it is all about the NFC South. All four teams in this division are represented by Last Word on Sports Writers, which is a honorary first for us. Will Cotchery, Garrett Readling, Justin Halper and Dalton Tompkins help us cover the New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers respectively. Each person on the panel gives their full standings for the NFC South and overall records for each team. We...

Duration: 01:45:14

Football 2 the MAX: NFL News EXTRA

Quite a bit of news has sprung up since the last time we did a football podcast. So, welcome to the first Football 2 the MAX News EXTRA. On this one, we discuss the Miami Dolphins signing Arian Foster, Von Miller inking his huge contract, Muhammed Wilkerson was given an extension by the New York Jets too. However, one big name did not get an extension, so Eric Berry has to play the year on his franchise tender. Charles Tillman has officially retired after 13 seasons and quite a few other...

Football 2 the MAX: AFC South Division 2016 Preview

The predictions continue on this week, as we are joined by Jimmy Christopher and Eric Hughes to discuss all things Tennessee Titans and Indianapolis Colts. Then a pair of Last Word on Sports writers, Jarred Long and William Frost, help us out with the Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars as well in this AFC South Division 2016 Preview They discuss their thoughts on how the teams will do in the upcoming NFL season, give out their final division standings and overall records for each team...

Football 2 the MAX: American Athletic Conference 2016 Preview

On our second show of the week, Last Word on Sports College Football Department Head Tony Siracusa joins us to do a full American Athletic Conference 2016 Preview. He takes us through all of the teams, who has the shot at winning, who will be some contenders, and who will be at the bottom. Will it be Houston running away with it again? Or could another team step up and take their spot? We give you our full standings and predictions at the end as well on this American Athletic Conference...

Football 2 the MAX: Andrew Luck Contract, Manziel Suspended, Buddy Ryan Passes

On today’s show, we discuss Andrew Luck and Doug Baldwin’s big contracts, a round of suspensions for Johnny Manziel to Rolando McClain to Sheldon Richardson. Sadly, we also have to discuss the passing of coaching legend Buddy Ryan. We talk about his legacy and everything else he did for the sport of football. Then in the second half of the podcast, we do a Defense Draft. We go around the horn and have a discussion ranking the best Defenses in the league, based on what we think they can do...

Football 2 the MAX: Von Miller, Fletcher Cox, & Our Quarterback Draft

We apologize again for not having a show in a bit, schedules were not coming together to be able to do this, but now it seems we’ve figured out something that works until we go back to doing the double shows pretty soon in July. On today’s show, we discuss the latest news with Von Miller not happy with the contract offer from the Denver Broncos and if he really “won’t play under franchise tag.” We also talk Fletcher Cox signing a huge deal, Ron Rivera getting a three year extension, Darius...

Football 2 the MAX: Tom Brady Appeal, Jalen Ramsey & Super Bowl Draft

We are back once again to talk about what’s going on in the NFL. The Jacksonville Jaguars got some bad news that Jalen Ramsey has a slight meniscus tear in his right knee and it could be minor or be a major issue, we discuss that, as well as more on a potential move to Las Vegas for the Oakland Raiders, the latest in Tom Brady’s deflategate suspension, fans not liking Aaron Rodgers hard counts, people not being big fans of Sam Bradford, and a few other things. After this, we go through...

Football 2 the MAX: 2016 NFL Draft Review: Team Grades

The NFL Draft is now over, the rookies know what teams they are playing for, and the teams are moving towards focusing on OTA’s. However, we aren’t quite finished looking at the 2016 Draft. Before moving along, we have to give out our 2016 NFL Draft Team Grades for each team, choose a winner for each division, and look at some categories as well. This was certainly a Draft that was unpredictable, had some nice and crazy storylines, and brought hope to so many teams. Who had the best draft?...

Football 2 the MAX: 2016 NFL Draft Round 1 Live Coverage

This is it, the day all NFL fans have been waiting for, Draft Day is here and we have live Round 1 Draft coverage that you can listen to right here. We discuss the biggest stories heading into the draft, discuss some of our favorite players, and even some guys that could surprise and sneak into Round 1. Then when the draft begins, we go through every pick as it happens, discuss the player, the team, how they fit, and more. So, if you are stuck at work with no way to watch or just busy with...
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