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Football+ Podcast Episode 5

Even the Beast From the East can't stop host Paul Bennett fulfilling his fixture with Reds fan Brendan Riley at the Cross Keys in the heart of Liverpool. Just how good is Mo Salah exactly? Are Jurgen Klopp's men better without Coutinho? Can we get these chicken wings every episode? Those are the burning questions. Benno Reads King Kenny while Bren does his best to make history in condemning the worst of football to Bootroom 101. Can he become the first guest to go 3/3? Find out here...


Football+ Podcast Episode 4

Host Paul Bennett visits the Lord Nelson in Clayton-le-Woods, Lancashire to chat with Evertonian Mark Houghton. Topics include 'bitter Blues', Big Nev and the magic of the FA Cup - all to a banging Eighties soundtrack. Benno reads excerpts from the autobiography of a Liverpudlian legend while Mark attempts to condemn the very worst of football to the fiery hell-pit that is Bootroom 101...


Football+ Podcast Episode 3

Episode 3 of the Football+ Podcast sees host Paul Bennett sit down for a pint (or four) of Chocolate Fudge Stout with Manchester United fan Matthew Leonard. Topics include the commercialisation of football, the capital of Djibouti, creosote and penalty shoot-outs. Benno reads El Tel, the boys play a game of 'Higher or Lower' and Matt tries to consign his top pet hates to Bootroom 101.


Football+ Podcast Episode 2

Episode 2 of the Football+ Podcast is an all-Wigan affair as host Paul Bennett chats with fellow Latics fan and lead singer of Total Victory, Dan Brookes (he's big in France, you know). Topics include Non-League hipsterism, donk and mornay sauce. Benno Reads Big Sam while Dan has his musical credentials tested and gets the chance to consign the worst of football to Bootroom 101.


Football+ Podcast Episode 1

In the inaugural episode of the Football+ Podcast, host Paul Bennett pops down to Waxy O'Connor's with Liverpool fan Jude Riley to discuss whether the game has gone, Gary? Other topics include Klopp, Coutinho and Roy 'Woy' Hodgson. Benno reads Rio while Jude tries to consign the worst of football to Bootroom 101.