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Episode 12: G0YS GONE WILD

Episode 12: G0YS GONE WILD by For Colored Boyz

Duration: 01:02:20

Episode 11: Philly Philly!

- How Ya doing? - Correcting Fast Food Workers - Queen Sugar - Power - Trump ○ Miami Drag Queen Elaine Lancaster claims her support of Trump is costing her gigs. ○ Trump announces ban on transgender individuals serving in the armed forces in any capacity. ○ Endorses police brutality at a speech. ○ "Skinny Repeal" of Obamacare is dead for now. ○ Reince Priebus is out as Chief of Staff ○ Scaramucci is OUT as Communications Director - Gilbert Arena's ugly ass came at Lupita. Again. -...

Duration: 01:08:31

Episode 10: Resentment

On this weeks episode of For Colored Boyz we discuss: ⁃ Queen Sugar ⁃ Power ⁃ R. Kelly ⁃ Usher (and a pinned discussion on Disclosure Politics) ⁃ 45 (Forgotten Languages, Declined Invitations, Resignations, Stolen Minifridges, and Deleted Tweets) ⁃ Them Kardashian Bitches ⁃ Prison Population Sterilization ⁃ Nurit Shein’s lies ⁃ Beckified Thong Song ⁃ Justin Bieber is TRASH ⁃ So is Discovery Channels CGI Shark Follow us on : Facebook - Instagram -...

Duration: 02:06:10

Episode 9: Weary

On Episode 9 of the For Colored Boyz Podcast: - Sir + Rumi Carter - Queen Sugar - Power - Madonna's Mediocrity - Y'alls First Family - Donald Trump's Lawyer is just as crazy as him. - Hotepery At Hand - Masculinizing Mary Jane - The Graduation of Jermaine Shoemake - Hotep Haven (Blaqspot) beings the fight against Black Cancers - Tyler The Creator - Antoine and Abdul GET PERSONAL and share memories from childhood -Cirque du Soleil's Zumanity staff blocks trans woman from using restroom -...

Duration: 02:57:45

Episode 8: when an elevator ass whooping wakes you up

R.I.P. Ava Le'Ray Barrin PROTECT BLACK TRANS WOMEN! In Episode 8 of the For Colored Boyz Podcast we discuss: -4:44 -Power -Queen Sugar -Delta Airlines -Facebooks shitty censorship policies PLEASE FILL OUT OUR LISTENER SURVEY - AND RATE US ON ITUNES Email - IG - @forcoloredboyzpodcast Facebook - For Colored Boyz Twitter - @for_coloredboyz

Duration: 02:22:48

Episode 7: .... when life is a drag

On Episode 7 of the For Colored Boyz Podcast we discuss: - Ru Pauls Drag Race Season 9 Finale (and contestants of Past and Present) -Facebook -Delta Airlines -N. Korea #RIPProdigy #FUCKBILLCOSBY

Duration: 01:23:50

Episode 6: Earn Your Stripe

Special Guest Ernest Owens joins us for Episode 6 of the For Colored Boyz Podcast. This week we discuss: -RuPaul's Drag Race (OF COURSE!) -That fucking PRIDE flag AGAIN!!! -History of Pride -Shady Book Signings Rest In PowerJosie Berrios! Music for this episode: "Call Me For That Good" by Just Brittany-

Duration: 02:25:20

Episode 5: ...when you pissed off the white stripe on the rainbow

On this weeks episode we discuss: - RuPaul's Drag Race: Top 4 - "CATEGORY IS" - Generic Truvada approved by FDA - In addition to being trash, the Kardashian's are thieves - Black and brown stipes added to PRIDE flag...and yall are mad about it? #KenneMcFadden #PULSE #DavidThomasJones Thank you to Kelly Burkhardt for allowing us to use their photo for this weeks cover.

Duration: 01:06:00

Episode 4: ....when covfefe couldn't quench your thirst

We're back!!! After a brief (but too long) hiatus, Abdul-Aliy and Antoine are back with a brand new episode of the For Colored Boyz podcast. This week we discuss Pride Month, Ru Pauls Drag Race, Kathy Griffin, Bill Maher, Congresso, Extravagant Proms, Black Face and…Tank? My Life as a Black Transgender Woman in Politics by Sharron Cooks for PopSugar - Ernest Owens' editorial about the Mayor's unpaid...

Duration: 01:44:40

Episode 3: See Something, Say Something...WOKE!

Episode 3 of the FOR COLORED BOYZ podcast features Louie A. Ortiz-Fonseca, creator of THE GRAN VARONES, a legacy project that uses video and photography for Latino & Afro-Latino Gay and Queer* men to shine light on what being "out" and "proud" means. Questions or comments? Email us at

Duration: 01:52:24

Episode 2 - Surrender Your Edges

On the second episode of For Colored Boyz, we have a roundtable discussion with Trans* activist Aamina Morrison, and award winning journalist, Ernest Owens.

Duration: 01:25:23

Episode 1

Episode 1 of the For Colored Boyz podcast

Duration: 01:27:15