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For Pete's Sake is a sports-talk podcast hosted by Pete Solari, and recorded in New York City. In the early going, episodes will be weekly, with new ones going up on Saturdays






Episode 017 - 2017.09.13 - The NFL is Back, but the Talking Heads Only have Kaepernick on their minds

The NFL is back, and so is For Pete's Sake: The Podcast. After one week of football, all ESPN's Stephen A. Smith learned was that somebody needs to sign Kaepernick immediately! But Pete Solari hits back with the same logic he's championed all offseason. According to Smith, Kaepernick could be starting for 10 NFL teams right now, but as Solari explains, there actually isn't a team in the league that would be better off moving forward with Kaepernick at QB, than they are right now. Also, Max...

Duration: 00:46:22

Episode 016 - 2017.06.30 - Phil Jackson is out in New York and Dennis Rodman is out of his Mind

It's episode 16 of For Pete's Sake: The Podcast! In this episode, Pete Solari looks back at Phil Jackson's tumultuous tenure as president of the New York Knicks (it's finally over!) and James Dolan's longer and even more tumultuous time as team owner. Also, Dennis Rodman's cozy relationship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is disgraceful and his rhetoric regarding the evil regime is dangerous. To make matters worse, he and his creepy agent are now exploiting a terrible tragedy of Kim...

Duration: 00:37:16

For Pete's Sake Episode 015 - 2017.06.13 - Kevin Durant, Jerry Remy, and Colin Kaepernick

In episode 15 of For Pete's Sake: The Podcast, Pete Solari wraps up the NBA season by taking a look at the Warriors' Kevin Durant and how he stacks up with LeBron. Also, in the age of "super teams", Pete will compare the present day Golden State Warriors, with LeBron James' Miami Heat teams of the past, and explain why none of this is good for basketball. Over in the NHL, the playoffs were far more exciting than their NBA counterpart. The Pittsburgh Penguins have won back-to-back Stanley...

Duration: 00:43:35

For Pete's Sake Episode 014 - 2017.05.30 - Media Freakout: Kaepernick Remains Unsigned

With OTAs underway and training camp right around the corner, Pete Solari talks NFL football in episode 14 of For Pete's Sake: The Podcast. More specifically, controversial quarterback Colin Kaepernick still hasn't found a home, and many of the activists, er journalists in the media are losing their minds! But why? Is the risk of signing Kaepernick worth the reward? At least one league owner doesn't believe so. Why did the press standing up for Kaepernick, but not Jay Cutler? And has there...

Duration: 00:40:16

For Pete's Sake Episode 013 - 2017.05.18 - Henrik Lundqvist's Window Has Closed and The Knicks...

In episode 13 of For Pete's Sake, Pete Solari updates you on the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and points out how the NHL has, once again, blundered. Also, after the Rangers' latest playoff disappointment, has Henrik Lundqvist's window to win a cup (at least in New York) been slammed shut? Finally, with the NBA Draft Lottery in the books, Pete examines the Knicks' long history of draft dismay, including the famous 1985 draft and speculation that the league rigged that year's lottery so that Patrick...

Duration: 00:38:26

For Pete's Sake Episode 012 - 2017.05.09 - Brian Cashman's Rebuild is a Success Thus Far

After a weekend series between two of the most historic teams in sports, the Cubs and Yankees, Pete Solari examines GM Brian Cashman's rebuild of the Bronx Bombers, as well as the prominent role the Cubs have played in it. Also, we look ahead to the conclusions of two great Stanley Cup Playoff series' in the Eastern Conference, between the Penguins and Capitals, and Rangers and Senators. Also, Pete discusses the travesty of overturning Aaron Hernandez's murder conviction. All that and more...

Duration: 00:44:00

For Pete's Sake Episode 011 - 2017.04.22 - Vegas Baby Vegas, but What About Oakland?

It's an exciting time in sports. Las Vegas, a city professional sports leagues used to avoid like the plague, is all of a sudden the center of the sports universe, with the NHL and NFL on their ways to the Silver State. How long until the NBA and Major League Baseball join them? And while it's great that the NHL is expanding to Vegas, it's somewhat bittersweet that a fabled franchise like the Raiders are leaving their legacy in Oakland, for a shiny new stadium in Sin City. Is it time for...

Duration: 00:38:51

For Pete's Sake Episode 010 - 2017.04.14 - The NHL's Incompetence and Ty Cobb's Tarnished Image

Just in time for the Stanley Cup Playoffs, I discuss a long line of incompetence by those running the NHL, and why the league has such a difficult time sustaining a sizable fan base. Also, I look back at Ty Cobb, one of the greatest ballplayer to ever live, revealing the truth about a man with a tarnished reputation. Prepare to have your mind blown. Everything you thought you knew will be turned on it's head. All that and more on episode 10 of For Pete's Sake.

Duration: 00:44:35