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107: Does Your Partner Determine Your Success

Today’s episode was spurred by a question I received via Instagram. And while I could have just answered on there, I figured it deserved a longer, more quality and REAL response. The question was: “How do you think someone’s relationship could affect their success and how do you find a partner like this?” Fair warning, my answers may lead to a huge wave of self-reflection. Firstly, in my opinion, a person’s romantic relationship massively affects success. How can we expect it not to...


106: A Work-Life Balance Lesson from a 6 Year Old with Mel Abraham

There’s a lot of talk in the entrepreneurial world about maintaining a work-life balance, and today’s guest, Mel Abraham, talks about the defining moment that made him focus on what that term really meant. A CPA by education, he was pushed out of a firm partnership and did what anyone would do… He dug his heels in and worked countless hours to keep profits coming in so he could support him and his son. However, when his then 6-year-old, Jeremy, drew a picture of his dad surrounded by...


105: I Had A BREAKDOWN (True Story!)

If you’ve been listening to my podcast for a while now, you know that I try to be as transparent as humanly possible. While most only teach the rosy stuff, I feel it’s imperative to see what’s normal so you know if you’re on the right track. No one is perfect. Case in point, earlier this week I had a breakdown. Yep, an all-out toddler breakdown, which included throwing my phone on the floor and blurting out whatever came to mind. Lori and I have both had a lot going on the past few months...


104: Is the Law of Attraction Real...with The Manifestation Babe Kathrin Zenkina

There are so many different thoughts on the Law of Attraction, so I am super excited for Manifestation Babe (and expert), Kathrin Zenkina, to talk about it today. With her initial interest in the Law of Attraction beginning at the young age of 16, she later realized just how much more was behind truly manifesting all the things you desire into your life. Manifesting is far more than just thinking about something you want. Instead it’s about becoming the version of yourself who already...


103: A Ferrari, A Landscaper, and a Dent - Who Should Pay

Today, I want to tell you a story about a Ferrari, a landscaper and a dent. I normally wouldn’t call out the make of the car involved in this story, but the fact that the car is a Ferrari is of significance and represents all the hard work I’ve put in to own it. This story was set into motion while getting my hair cut, like I do every two weeks. I park in the same small parking lot that has an attendant, but this time, the attendant had some bad news when I came back. Someone had backed...


102: The Formula to Losing 40 lbs and Gaining Millions of Dollars with Drew Canole

I’ve gotten to know today’s guest, Drew Canole, super well over this past year, and wow, has it been life-changing. A fellow Midwesterner, he was born and raised in Michigan but went after other opportunities and more growth in Florida. While he did find success in the real estate/mortgage arena, the weight piled on and so did his unhappiness once he realized he was escaping his emotions and certainly not living in his highest purpose. Shortly after, Drew had an eye-opening dream where he...


101: PROOF - If You Have MORE, Someone Else Does NOT Have Less

There are many things that can hold you back from accumulating wealth, but today, I want to cross one of those off the list. I’m going to prove that if you have more, it doesn’t mean that someone else has less. You know that saying, “your slice of the pie?” It makes it sound like there’s only so much pie and if someone gets a bigger piece, another gets less. Ok, if we’re talking literal pie, yes, this is true. But from a wealth perspective, wealth is NOT a pie. It’s a living, growing,...


100: This Powerhouse Paid Off $50K and Donated $120K in Just Two Years with Adrienne Dorison

I think a lot of you are going to relate today with my guest and entrepreneur, Adrienne Dorison. Like many, she found herself in a corporate job that was “OK" and paid the bills, but she ended up starting a business/side hustle because she needed to create space in her life for something that she loved. Initially her goal wasn’t to replace her corporate income, but when the corporation had a problem with her side hustle, she was nudged into it. At the time, Adrienne was trying to pay off...



This isn’t the first time I’ve discussed the one thing that can truly unlock what you’re seeking – and that’s giving. “Giving is the absolute secret to unlock every single thing you want.” Wherever you are or where you want to be, giving more will ultimately get you there. But what if you’re already giving? My advice? Give more. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not just giving money. Below I’ve listed six areas in which you could possibly give more to. EFFORT: Perhaps you think you...


98: No Arms, No Legs, No EXCUSES, with Kyle Maynard

My history with today’s guest, Kyle Maynard, goes back a decade or so to my banking days when I heard him speak at an event and left completely inspired. Imagine my surprise when I met him again two years ago and got a chance to talk with him at Lewis Howes’ Summit of Greatness event. I’m so glad that we were able to get him on For the Love of Money and share more with all of you! Many of you have likely heard about Kyle and his epic story. But for those who don’t know, he was born with a...


97: Should You Feel Guilty for Having "Wealth?"

Should you feel guilty for having more than others? This isn’t a new question, but it came up on my recent trip to Guatemala with Pencils of Promise, an organization that helps villages provide sustainable schools, clean water and sanitation. These are very remote and poor villages that lack many of the modern “comforts” we have here in the U.S. So when this question came up again, it got my wheels turning. Should I feel guilty? My answer was no, but I quickly let my thoughts put doubt...


96: How To SUCCEED No Matter WHERE YOU BEGIN with Sean O'Shea

World-renowned dog trainer, teacher and author, Sean O’Shea, struggled for the first 40 years of his life. Between a dysfunctional family, learning disabilities and a directionless, toxic music career, he knew this lifestyle wasn’t working for him. While this often is the point where a person gives up, thinking they’ve screwed things up forever, Sean did the opposite. Knowing he didn’t have the luxury of time, he dived head-first into self-development and hit it hard – absorbing...


95: Four BUSINESS LESSONS from my Mastermind Group

This past weekend, I hosted my first business mastermind and honestly, I’m still on a high from the epic breakthroughs and experiences that were had. There are 24 people in this year’s group, but a mastermind can be as small as three to five people too. As a refresher, a mastermind is when a group of people, who have similar goals, come together to lift each other’s businesses up so there are several people working on a business – not just one person. I observed so many similar trends...


94: Becoming Extremely Wealthy with Grant Cardone

I’m so honored to have the one and only, Grant Cardone, as a guest today as he’s inspired me for the last 20 years of my life. Sounds crazy, but after dropping out of college and getting into the car business, I was selected to hear him speak at an event about sales. It was game-changing for me because it made me realize I wanted to do more than sell cars – I wanted to be the person on the stage. Fast forward to the present and I’ve had the privilege of speaking on stage and have Grant...



This is a huge topic that plagues everybody – or at least it seems to anyway. Whether we’re stressed about our business not having any traction or we’re stressed about all the work that comes with a business with traction, stress doesn’t discriminate. That’s just real life, right? Not so fast… While I’m not denying the existence of all stress, I do question how much of the stress we have is really B.S. I venture to say that roughly 90 percent of the stress we have is literally made up...


92: The Bachelor's Ben Higgins Teachus Us GENEROSITY

Most widely known for his roles on ABC’s The Bachelorette and The Bachelor, you will soon realize that my guest, Ben Higgins, is more than just a reality TV star. After his time on The Bachelor, he used that platform to help others and create a dynamic business model in the process. And it all began with his friend’s non-profit organization called Humanity and Hope United. Believing whole-heartedly in this organization’s mission to assist underserved villages in remote parts of...


91: Your "RICH" Will Be Different

My Two Cents today is based on a conversation I had the other day with a buddy of mine. To sum it up, we discussed how when spending time with a friend (someone who has crushed it in business), there are times when you walk away from it questioning their actions or how they treated others, ultimately fearing that you too will become a certain way when you reach their level. It’s only natural to reflect on their behavior, but I’m here to tell you that you need to stop. “Your rich is...


90: From 6-Figure Debt to 6-FIGURE LAUNCHES with Rich Bitch Angie Lee

Today’s guest and entrepreneur, Angie Lee, has one of the best comeback stories! Once on the path to a career as a dietitian, she left college a semester early to be an entrepreneur. At the time she as starting up a food distribution company with her brother, but unfortunately, it didn’t pan out. With student loans and the money spent on the business, Angie found herself six figures in debt. With a family background of entrepreneurship, Angie didn’t allow herself to feel shame over...


89: Three Important Lessons I've Learned from These Billionaires

Some of you may know that some of my favorite books are actual biographies – most specifically of billionaires. I’ve learned so much by reading about their actual experiences – the wins and fails – and today, I’m going to share my top three lessons I’ve learned from billionaires Warren Buffett, Elon Musk and Richard Branson. Lesson No. 1 – In order to get some of your time back and get more done, give yourself permission to say NO to more things. “The difference between successful...


88: Our Plans for Success in 2018 with Lori Harder

My wife, Lori, is back for another dual podcast! Both of us have been lit over here since ringing in the New Year and we wanted to share some of our thoughts out loud regarding some of the things we’ve been working on going into 2018 (hint: new eCourse coming in the next couple months). First and foremost, we’ve both done a lot of reassessing and have gotten really clear and laser-focused on what we want to see and do this year – individually and as a couple – both in business and in...


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