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Life is filled with interesting people. Their hobbies and opinions open up whole worlds for us to explore and enrich our own lives through. On FWIW we step into some of these worlds...






The Money Fight Preview ~ FWIW Episode 26

I’ve experienced the build ups to several high profile boxing matches including the 2015 clash between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquaio. However, I’ve never seen anything like the anticipation for Mayweather’s next fight which will take place on August 26, 2017 against mixed martial arts star Conor McGregor. The fight will be a boxing match under boxing rules with Floyd as the favourite, none of which has not stopped McGregor from promising a knock out and bets on him winning the fight...

Duration: 01:16:01

Huge Sleeping Giant ~ FWIW Episode 25

Soccer in North America is starting to pick up in popularity driven by things like the accessibility of digital media and a 20 year old professional league, the MLS. So how did we get to where we are today and how healthy is the state of the game at present? On this episode I was joined by Rudi Schuller, editor at Sporting News and as well as co-host of SiriusXM’s Canada FC to talk footie. We covered everything from the role of the MLS in the North American sports market, the...

Duration: 01:19:32

The Game ~ FWIW Episode 24

Whether it’s a spouse you seek or a vampire-themed 3-some one night stand, there’s an app for that! To discuss the online dating scene I’m joined by two friends who are/recently were players in the game. Randy, a self-described ‘serial dater’ who has recently taken himself out of the scene because the search has borne fruit…and Alice (not her real name), who asked to remain anonymous on account of many of the rather poor experiences she had to endure while dating online. Together, they...

Duration: 01:34:54

The Future is Now ~ FWIW Episode 23

Technology is changing the way brands market to us, how companies hire, how our data is captured, and what we think about privacy. On this episode I’m joined by the dynamic account team duo at Toronto agency ZenithOptimedia Group, Ryan Covel and Ryan Woodrow. The guys take me through how Ryan C got noticed by using social media ads to promote himself, as well as their takes on privacy as a currency online, the future of voice search, the internet of things, integration of digital marketing...

Duration: 01:08:56

On Being a Single Mom ~ FWIW Episode 22

When we’re young, we often imagine what our lives will look like when we’re older…I’m sure few of us picture the challenges that life has a funny way of throwing at us. A common wrinkle in people’s plans is that of becoming a single parent. Raising children is hard enough with someone else, let alone by yourself…so what is it like? What are the challenges, but more importantly, the lessons, if you should find yourself in this situation? And what about advice for young people, especially...

Duration: 00:41:53

The Alt-Right Is Real ~ FWIW Episode 21

When the opportunity came up to have the discussion you’re about to hear about the Alt Right, I was excited because I anticipated my ideas about the movement to be confirmed – that it was more of a media invention to fit a narrative, and that a clear definition was elusive. I got something completely different, most importantly from Richard, a self-described member of the movement from North Dakota, and Mel, a Canadian ‘ally’, as she put it. Not only was a definition put forward...

Duration: 02:17:50

Headbanging: A Doctor & Fan on Concussions in Pro Football ~ FWIW Episode 9

It would appear American Football has a problem…and it’s playing out in the public domain. Medical research is starting to suggest that concussions suffered as a result of playing the game can have severe, even lethal consequences. Players are speaking out too…like ex-NFL Receiver Randle El, who publicly stated that if he could go back in time, he wouldn’t choose to play that game on account of his health issues which he connects to his football career. What are we to make of all this? To...

Duration: 01:24:49

Just One Schmuck in Florida ~ FWIW Episode 5

I’m joined by Ivan Peña; father of twin 5 year old girls, musician, marketer, and avid podcast listener. We sit back, and in a spirit of gratitude ponder the task of raising children (especially girls), the awesomeness of women, the importance of family, Ivan’s musical projects, media/technology vis-a-vis parenting, and much more. You can find Ivan’s music at and Recorded on Veterans/Remembrance Day, 2015. Music:...

Duration: 01:38:58