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LBC presenter Iain Dale and former Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith untangle the world of politics and media. Expect plenty of jokey banter and informed speculation.

LBC presenter Iain Dale and former Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith untangle the world of politics and media. Expect plenty of jokey banter and informed speculation.
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London, United Kingdom


LBC presenter Iain Dale and former Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith untangle the world of politics and media. Expect plenty of jokey banter and informed speculation.




Defcon 3, Terror & Telford

Jacqui Smith & Iain Dale review the latest events in politics including a detailed discussion of the week’s developments on the Russian spy scandal and grooming in Telford. They take the authorities to task for failures over the Parsons Green bomber and talk about the deaths of Stephen Hawking, Brenda Dean, Ken Dodd and Jim Bowen. They them discuss Iain’s five years presenting LBC Drive and Iain gets more than he bargained for when Jacqui talks about the menopause. Much more…


Trump & the Kim Jong Con Trick

Iain and Jacqui wonder whether the Trump/Kim Jong Un summit will ever happen and they discuss whether the propaganda channel Russia Today should be shut down in the UK given its disgraceful reporting of the Salisbury poisoning. Jacqui fulminates about London-centric Channel 4, while Iain makes clear he isn’t a fan of a particular regional accent. They also fall out over whether NHS workers should lose a day’s holiday entitlement.


Brexit Unity, Council Corruption & the Monroe Doctrine

Iain & Jacqui dissect the week’s Brexit speeches, Jacqui defends “His Toniness” while Iain launches into an attack on corrupt councils and incompetent councillors. They question the appointment of Monroe Bergdorf as equalities adviser to Dawn Butler, while Iain explains how you can be both gay and Tory. Iain tells of the moment he was spooked by Peter Mandelson and reveals he’s joining a gym!


Justin Trudeau, Emily Thornberry & Banning Male Circumcision

Iain and Jacqui talk about the latest on Brexit, Stephen Fry’s prostate cancer, organ donation, whether male circumcision and religious slaughterhouses should exist and Justin Trudeau’s trip to India. Somehow they manage to talk about Jacqui’s boobs and Iain’s nether regions, but don’t let that put you off downloading the podcast. Just don’t listen to it while having your tea…


Banning Sex & Guns & Was Corbyn an Informer?

Iain & Jacqui trawl through the big political stories of the week. They have a right go at Oxfam Chief Executive Mark Goldring, take Donald Trump to task for his attitude to gun control and analyse Theresa May and Boris Johnson for their speeches on security and the opportunities after Brexit. Jacqui doesn’t think Jeremy Corbyn was a Communist spy … or does she? And they speculate about whether Theresa May might follow Australia’s lead and ban sex between ministers and their staff....


Barnier’s bullying, Snow in Seoul & Becoming Adam Rickitt

Jacqui and Iain cast their eyes over the Brexit news of the week and wonder whether politics is casting a shadow over the Winter Olympics. Jacqui tells how she survived her 10km charity run, while Iain imagines being reincarnated in Adam Rickitt’s body. Really. They discuss Trinity Mirror’s takeover of the Daily Express and Jacqui talks of her years playing Kelly Garrett in Charlie’s Angels. Sort of. They discuss the Oxfam scandal and end on an unfortunate note while discussing Pancake Day...


The ‘Mancock’ App, May in China & Leaving Parliament

Iain and Jacqui chew over the big news stories of the week including a highly intellectual analysis of Ann Widdecombe coming second on Big Brother. They look at the new Mat Hancock App, speculate on where Parliament should move to and whether Jacqui would ever leave the Labour Party. Spoiler: She won’t. They answer the question of how they would spend a £50 million lottery win and Jacqui fails lamentably in Name That Tune. And Iain reveals whether he will apologise to Kay Burley.Iain and...


Davos, May’s Muddles & Pervy Charity Dinners

Iain and Jacqui tootle through the big events of the week including the fallout from the Presidents’ dinner, Trump’s triumph in Davos and Iain explains why he got a bit emosh on the radio about Tessa Jowell. They assess Theresa May’s prospects of survival and Iain tips Michael Gove as a possibility to replace her. They answer your questions from Facebook and Twitter, including Jacqui being asked if she’s had a facelift. (Spoiler alert: She hasn’t). They also play Name That Theme Tune and...


Soapy Themes Edition

Iain & Jacqui disagree on President Macron and Boris’s bridge but are united on Donald Trump’s first year in office. They take Justice Secretary David Gauke to task over the failure to seek a judicial review over the release of John Worboys and slam the directors of Carillion. They reveal their favourite soaps, to musical accompaniment, and analyse Ann Widdecombe’s latest antics in #cbb.


Jacqui Goes a Wassailing

Iain & Jacqui discuss ‘s***hole’ countries and Trump cancelling his London visit, Iain explains why he blindfolds himself on cross channel ferries, Jacqui explains her love of wassailing and they wonder what lay behind Nigel Farage’s rather surprising call for a second EU referendum. And Iain reveals the date of his own death. Really.


Stable & Genius Edition

In their first podcast of 2018 Iain & Jacqui discuss the NHS crisis, the release of serial sex offender John Worboys, how Iain became a victim of moped crime this week and ask if Toby Young is fit for purpose. And right at the end Iain asks if we have reached ‘peak’ Jacqui Smith. As if.


Iain & Jacqui’s End of Year Awards

Politician of the year, sexiest male and female politicians of the year, political journalist of the year - they’re all here, as Jacqui Smith and Iain Dale bring their unique brand of insight and humour to the best and the worst of 2017.


Jacqui & Iain’s Review Of 2017

Iain Dale & Jacqui Smith look back on some of the events that shaped our world in 2017. Trump’s year, Kim Jong Un’s threats, Grenfell, the general election, terror attacks, the defeat of ISIS, Brexit, the fall of Mugabe and the Harvey Weinstein scandal. They give their own personal and professional highlights and end up paying tribute to some famous people who we lost this year.


Lonely Theresa, Ghastly Brussels & Iain Kisses A *******

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith review three of the big stories of the week and have some fun along the way. They explain they’re not great fans of the city of Brussels, how Donald Trump will live to rue Alabama and reveal the times in their lives when they have experienced loneliness. Find out if Iain would like to run for mayor of London and why he once kissed a tractor.


Trump, Brexit & Michael Gove’s Beaver

Iain Dale & Jacqui Smith meander through the week’s political and media headlines, dishing it out to all and sundry and having quite a few laughs along the way. They discuss Trump & Jerusalem, which Jacqui can see from her hotel room in Jordan, as well as cast their beady eyes over Theresa May’s Brexit deal. Iain reveals who his top lunch companion is while Jacqui can’t quite get used to the thought of sharing a bed with Nigel Farage on a desert island. They play their weekly game of...


Jacqui & Damian Green: The Truth

Iain & Jacqui discuss the impact of Alan Milburn’s resignation as Social Mobility Tsar, and Jacqui reveals the truth about her role in the Damian Green arrest in 2008. Iain bemoans the media coverage of the engagement of Harry and Meghan. They ask if GQ were unfair on Jeremy Corbyn and Iain reveals his own fashion shoot problems. Jacqui and Iain play Truth or Dare, and reveal which politicians they take a fancy to. Sickbags may be passed at this point. And they end with a bit of footie...


Egypt, Being English & Jacqui’s yoga

Iain & Jacqui fall out of Fiscal Phil’s health spending, contemplate a Brexit stalemate and try to identify what it means to be English, with little success. They also identify the Person(s) of the Year and talk about their favourite foreign correspondents. Jacqui reveals her yoga habits and Iain bemoans his lack of exercise. And find out what Jacqui bought on Black Friday…


Brexit 'mutineering' & Fiscal Phil's budget

Iain & Jacqui agree on the Brexit 'mutineers', try to predict what's in Wednesday's budget and find out why they don't like Question Time


Priti, Penny, Boris & Damian

Iain and Jacqui chew over the week’s events in politics and the media and wonder whether they are tax avoiders! They speculate over the future of Boris Johnson, talk about a night with Ann Widdecombe and debate the merits of Gordon Brown’s memoirs.


Trailer: For the Many with Iain Dale & Jacqui Smith

LBC presenter Iain Dale and former Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith untangle the world of politics and media. Expect plenty of jokey banter and informed speculation.


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