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Forever Farms Radio is a weekly podcast which gives farmers in Maine the opportunity to share challenges, stories and successes of striving to feed New England. The show advocates for farm protection and is produced by the Maine Farmland Trust, which is a non-profit who strives to protect farms and farmers in Maine. Forever Farms Radio is hosted by Jamie Wood.




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Forever Farms 6/23/14

Producer/Host: Jamie Wood Episode 32 is the second half of our two part series at the Chewonki Foundation. We talk with two 17 year old students to see how a semester on the farm has shaped their world views, and their relationship to food.

Duration: 00:05:03

Forever Farms 6/16/14

Producer/Host: Jamie Wood Episode 31 is the first half of our mini-series at Chewonki Foundation in Wiscassett. We meet with students and teachers to learn about how experiential education is changing these kids (and teachers lives)

Duration: 00:05:00

Forever Farms 6/2/14

Producer/Host: Jamie Wood In episode 29 we use the story of Tom Gyger to explain why farmland protection is so important, and yet why it is really damn hard to do. Tom has been farming apples his whole life, and now he has saved his land for another generation of farmers.

Duration: 00:04:59

Forever Farms 5/19/14

Producer/Host: Jamie Wood Episode 27 is the second half of our mini-series at Flanagan Farm in Buxton. I get to go down to a unique dinner experience at Flanagan’s Table and meet with the future farmers of this beautiful farm.

Duration: 00:05:14

Forever Farms 5/12/14

Producer/Host: Jamie Wood Episode 26 is the first half of our two part mini-series at Flanagan Farm in Buxton. We look at the evolution of a farm gone into a fallow state, nearly being sold, being rebuilt as an agritourism venture, and now finally going back into farming production. In part 1 we see where […]

Duration: 00:04:46

Forever Farms 5/5/14

Producer/Host: Jamie Wood Description: Episode 25 takes place at Chick Farm in the always sunny Wells. Marilyn Stanley has a long history at Chick Farm, where her grandparents joined the Chick family in the 1940’s. She has been there her whole life and continues the small scale poultry and egg operation that has been running […]

Duration: 00:04:36

Forever Farms 4/28/14

Producer/Host: Jamie Wood Description: In Episode 24 we visit with Jeanne Johnson at Juniper Edge Farm in Brunswick. She is a single woman, completely organic vegetable operation. She has made a conscious decision not to buy into the hype of organic certification, and instead wants to go it on her own. She feels that certification […]

Duration: 00:05:11

Forever Farms 4/14/14

Producer/Host: Jamie Wood Description: Episode 22 is with Daniel Mays from Frith Farm in Scarborough, Maine. After graduating with a Masters in Engineering from Stanford University he turned down the fast track to a big 401K to join the growing number of young people who are trying to get back to the land.

Duration: 00:04:30

Forever Farms 3/24/14

Producer/Host: Jamie Wood Episode 19 takes place in rural Maine at the Sheepscot General Store in Whitefield. Before Sheepscot General opened there wasn’t even a place to get a cup of coffee. Now they are the library, grocery, music venue, yoga studio, and so much more. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:05:00

Forever Farms 3/17/14

Producer/Host: Jamie Wood In Episode 18 we meet with Penny Jordan at Jordan’s Farm. May this show be a ray of sunshine on your cold day, and here’s to spring being just around the corner!

Duration: 00:04:55

Forever Farms 3/3/14

Producer/Host: Jamie Wood Episode 16 begins a two part series focused on farm apprentices and their teachers. We begin by visiting with two young farmers Sarah Hodges and John Wright. The couple runs Sparkplug Farm out in the middle of Penobscot bay on the island of Vinalhaven.

Duration: 00:04:59

Podcast Episode #015 Oyster River Winegrowers

In Episode 15 features Oyster River Winegrowers, a Horse Powered Farm in Warren. The owner Brian Smith runs a horse drawn carriage CSA delivery service throughout the winter for the local community known as the "Farm Express". Led by his trusty steed Don, he travels up and down the streets of Rockland delivering wine, cheese, bread, and vegetables to his CSA members. Its a pretty sweet meals on wheels. In this episode we jump in the Farm Express and find out why Brian does what he does.

Duration: 00:04:58

Podcast Episode #014 Keewaydin Farm

The Jewell Family have been on Keewaydin Farm since the 1800's. Today, Andrew Fiori manages the farm and is looking ahead to the future. He explains why dynamics of farming and landscapes makes a term like "Forever" much more complex then one might think. He is taking a fresh approach to land that has been farmed for nearly 140 years; one that may prove to be crucial in a changing climate.

Duration: 00:05:09

Podcast Episode #013

.Welcome to the first Forever Farms Valentine's Day Special! If you are a farmer, then you will appreciate how insane of an idea it is to get married in mid-summer. The peak of haying and cropping season. Long, hot days. Stressful nights spent wishing you were asleep. But as you will here in Episode 13, this is exactly what two young farmers decided to do. Hear how Steve Sinisi and his new wife Seren Huus overcame all the odds to have a perfect wedding in the busiest time for any farmer,...

Duration: 00:05:07

Podcast Episode #012 Beginning Farmers Top Ten Tips

Do you know someone who is looking for the perfect piece of land to start their farm? In Episode 12 Erica Buswell of the Beginning Farmers Resource Network and Maine Farmland Trust offers her top ten tips for successfully finding farmland. Don't miss your chance for some valuable advice from an expert in land acquisition.

Duration: 00:05:00

Podcast Episode #011 Erickson Fields Preserve

In Episode 11 we meet with Heather Halsey, the former head of the Teen Agricultural Crew in Rockport at Erickson Fields Preserve. The team of dedicated teens provide food for the Camden-Rockport School System and local food pantries. If you are interested in school food systems then this show will be particularly inspiring!

Duration: 00:05:05

Podcast Episode #010 Cultivating Community Pt. 2

Episode 10 is part two of our mini series at Packard-Littlefield Farm in Lisbon, home of Cultivating Community. When Somalian refugees began coming to Maine the Mayor of Lewiston made national headlines with his culturally indicting comments towards the newcomers, such as “You come and you accept our culture, and you leave your culture at the door.” This feature looks at how the local residents of the Lewiston area have reacted to the influx of refugees over the last 10 years, and how some...

Duration: 00:04:59

Podcast Episode #009 Cultivating Community Pt. 1

This episode is the first of a two part series at the Packard-Littlefield Farm in Lisbon. The farm plays host to the New American Sustainable Agricultural Project, a project of Cultivating Communities. The project gives refugees from countries torn apart by poverty and war the opportunity to rebuild their lives in Maine as farmers. Part 1 looks at the contrast between Somalian and American sustainable farming techniques, and how refugees are adapting to their new climate...

Duration: 00:05:06

Podcast Episode #007 Work Songs

Episode 7 is not our average show. Instead of being about farmers, its all about music that farmers sing. Its called work songing, and is led by husband and wife Bennett Konesni and Edith Gawler. This pair is engrained in the folk music scene of Maine, each with their own rich background in farming and music. Enjoy hearing some great songs we learned while thinning beets on a roasting August afternoon!

Duration: 00:05:04

Forever Farms Podcast 001: Old Ackley Farm

In Episode 1 we visit Old Ackley Farm on the Bluehill Peninsula. Old Ackley Farm is a family run operation which raises MOFGA certified organic grass fed beef. Farm owner and operator Colleen Prentiss tells us about the real world challenges of obtaining organically certified land to raise her cows on pasture. […]The post Forever Farms Podcast 001: Old Ackley Farm appeared first on - Partnerships for Farmland Conservation.

Duration: 00:03:59

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