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Triple Reel Podcast #5 - Top 5 Favorite Films and Film Series

After a four month hiatus, Triple Reel is back with guest Euphoric Fever covering our personal top five favorite films and film series. Does your favorite make the panel's list? How geeky and goofy will we turn out to be with our picks? Will somebody include Rocky Horror Picture Show!? Tune in and find out! Castors: Jehtman7 (Host) southernsongbird Euphoric_Fever

Duration: 00:55:02

Core Cast #32 - Pokemon Gen 7 Sun and Moon

Pokemon Month comes to a close with Pokemon Sun and Moon. Join us as we go over the new features and many of the new Pokemon appearing in Gen 7. It was a lot of fun having a featured month and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. So a big THANK YOU to all the listeners out there and the casters that helped me with this. - The Utility Man Castors: The Utility Man (Host) HiddenSpikeTrap RainCheck Unholy Kanye

Duration: 01:22:50

Core Cast #31 - Pokemon Gen 5 and 6

As Pokemon Month starts winding down, we talk about the end of the 2D era and the beginning of the 3D era. How well did Pokemon transition into 3D, and is there anything the 2D era did better? Castors: The Utility Man (Host) LargoAtDibbz RainCheck Unholy Kanye

Duration: 01:51:48

Triple Reel Podcast #3 - Star Trek 50th Anniversary

Recorded on August, 28th, 2016 Celebrating 50 years of Space Exploration! Castors: Jehtman7 (Host) RainCheck southernsongbird

Duration: 00:53:07

Core Cast #21 - Turn Based Battle Systems Part 2

Some fight with cards, some fight with guns, some fight with their arms and swords at the SAME TIME! Whatever way you choose to battle, we've probably got it here. From training others to do your bidding, to even using your allies as a weapon! Castors: The Utility Man (Host) Frosthaven Cravy Ables Euphoric_Fever

Duration: 01:27:36

Core Cast #20 - Turn Based Battle Systems Part 1

There's nothing like a good RPG to make you wonder why we even give the enemy a turn in the first place. Especially when there are some enemies that are ok with not giving you one. Castors: The Utility Man (Host) Cravy Ables Euphoric_Fever Unholy Kanye

Duration: 01:21:34

Core Cast #19 - The Competitive Nature

When is it ok to mess around in team games without trying? When should you try your hardest? When are fun and having to win separate and when are they the same thing? Castors: The Utility Man (Host) Frosthaven ChickenWrap LargoAtDibbz

Duration: 02:06:36

Core Cast #16 - Evolution of the Gaming Controller

Disclaimer: This podcast was recorded just a few days before the NX controller was proven to be fake. Here are the pictures that were posted in our chat so viewers can follow along... Xbox - Kinnect Raft - SuperPad64 - Original PS3 - N64 Boomerang - Fake NX Controller - NX Patent -...

Duration: 01:39:35

Core Cast #15 - History of MMOs Part 2

Do you ever get the feeling we talk about WoW too much? Casters: TheUtilityMan (Host) Frosthaven LargoAtDibbz Poptrix

Duration: 01:47:14

Core Cast #13 - Frustration Things in Gaming Part 2

Things heat up as we discuss more frustrating gaming aspects such as respawning enemies, bad controls, and teammates you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy! Host: TheUtilityMan Casters: Frosthaven LargoatDibbz Yugosalkins

Duration: 01:41:42

Core Cast #7 - Castlevania Series

What is a podcast? A miserable pile of Castlevania games! Halloween is almost upon us, and it’s time to tackle the classic platforming horror series, Castlevania! From 2D to 3D, from linear to maze-like, from platformer to fighting game we’ve been through a lot with this series. Tonight, it’s time to whip Dracula back into shape…...ha ha ha... Host: TheUtilityMan Casters: Euphoric_Fever Yugosalkins

Duration: 01:34:30

Core Cast #6 - Simulation Games

**Mature Content Warning** Simulation Games - Why we’ll pay money to watch grass grow…..again. What does the term “simulation game” make you think of? For some they think of dating sims, some think of farming sims, and others think of games like The Sims. Yet the term “simulation game” can mean so much more. We’re going to determine what classifies as a simulation game, and how repetition can be fun. Are simulation games just watching grass grow, or is there so much more to them? Host:...

Duration: 01:03:29

Core Cast #5 - Metal Gear Series

This game series has quite the legacy, and we’re going to pay it it’s well deserved respect. Who would have imagined that that one game made way back in the late 80’s would have spawned a series with such a beloved story and beloved characters. With the recent happenings with Kojima though, where is the series headed? Is it going to be over, and if so what did we gain from it? Is the latest release in the series even up to par? Bosses, boxes, and big shells await! Host: TheUtilityMan...

Duration: 01:16:49

Core Cast #4 - Super Smash Bros Series

**Mature Content Warning** The character vote in ballot is big news at the moment. We could see almost any video game character appear in Smash Bros, of course within Nintendo’s ability and willingness to add them. We’re going to discuss some of the potential additions to the latest games and overall just give our rundown about what Smash Bros has been like for us. Host: TheUtilityMan Our Castors: Euphoric Fever Arcana MayorofSlamTown Kurosen

Duration: 02:18:04

Core Cast #2 - First Video Game Crush

Our very first video game crushes, and who we liked otherwise.

Duration: 01:06:33