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The Fountain City Podcast originates from Kansas City, but it's not just about Kansas City. We discuss sports, music, food, pop culture, movies and of course cool things about Kansas City.

The Fountain City Podcast originates from Kansas City, but it's not just about Kansas City. We discuss sports, music, food, pop culture, movies and of course cool things about Kansas City.
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Kansas City, MO




The Fountain City Podcast originates from Kansas City, but it's not just about Kansas City. We discuss sports, music, food, pop culture, movies and of course cool things about Kansas City.




Moments in KC History May 2017

Moments in KC History May 2017 by KC's own Brian and Joe

Duration: 00:01:40

FCP Moments in KC History April 2017

Quick story about the historic Kirk Building in downtown KC

Duration: 00:01:34

FCP Extra Episode 24.7: Damien Gunn

Damien Gunn of Kansas City’s award winning hard country rock band, DAMIEN GUNN + THE BANG BANGS joins Brian and Joe to talk about his band, new music and some other great topics. Band website:

Duration: 00:40:14

FCP Moments in Kansas City History Jan 24 2017

Joe and Brian bring the history of Kansas City to you about the One Kansas City building and the blizzard of 1958.

Duration: 00:02:20

FCP Extra Episode 23.5: The Invisible World Band Interview

Bryce Veazey and Brandon Woodall from The Invisible World stop by to talk with Joe and Brian about their current album "Color/Echo" and how the band got started. Hear tracks "Color'Echo" and "Ought to know".

Duration: 00:38:33

FCP Episode 23: "So, long story short..."

Brian and Joe talk about WinterFest coming to Worlds of Fun, Werner’s Fine Sausages in Mission hits the food truck circuit and Torn Label Brewery honors local fallen military heroes with a new beer. Plus local music from Captiva and The Invisible World! Show notes: Wof WinterFest Info: Werner's on Wheels: Torn Label Brewery: Captiva :...

Duration: 00:41:06

FCP Moment In KC History Sept 28

FCP Moment In KC History Sept 28 by KC's own Brian and Joe

Duration: 00:00:56

FCP Episode 22: "Talk Time Manager"

Joe and Brian discuss some feedback they received regarding the amount of time Brian spends talking on the show as compared to “Uncle Joe” from our unbiased, unofficial “Talk Time Manager”, Isaac (Joe's nephew). Facebook Poll coming soon. Congrats to our first “Find the Fountain” contest winner: Caleb! Caleb posted a picture of himself in from the “Muse of the Missouri” fountain at the corner of 9th and Main downtown. There’s another fountain to find in this episode! The MLB Hall of Fame...

Duration: 01:25:40

FCP Episode 18: "Sweet Roll In Fountain Paradise"

It's that time of year again: FOUNTAIN DAY! Brian and Joe discuss why KC hasn't hosted a Superbowl. The Mavs are fighting for the Kelly trophy, Royals inspired creativity, the best cinnamon rolls in KC and more! We also share our FCP recommendations and one requires tissues. Local music from Junkyard Genius and Making Movies!

Duration: 01:21:42

FCP Extra Episode 16.5: "KC BBQ Brackets, Round 2"

Brian and Joe chat with Steve and Fred from about the results from Round 1 of the 2016 KC BBQ Bracket in this FCP Extra.

Duration: 00:18:40

FCP Episode 13: "A cornucopia of KC goodness. With butter!"

On this episode Joe and Brian talk about the minuteman silo being excavated near Holden. Shatto Milk is bringing home delivery and the milkman back! Dining out for Thanksgiving? We'll check on who is hosting. Cheifs, Royals and Sporting KC updates, plus local music from The Grisly Hand and Hembree.

Duration: 01:31:08

FCP Episode 11: The Land Of Royal Blue Milk & Hostess Treats

It's Royal Blue October! Brian and Joe talk about the Royals run through the ACLS, Back to the Future is NOW! We go into food overdrive drinking blue milk, $5 burgers, Royals themed everything and Joe quizzes Brian on his Hostess Character knowledge, Local music from My Oh My ( The PedalJets ( more!

Duration: 01:18:53

FCP Episode 10: "Pumpkin Scented Fart Clouds"

Brian and Joe catch you up on Royals Baseball, Royal's Super Fan Sung Woo Lee, Commuter rail coming to Jackson County. Also, we are all officially "PigPen" from Charlie Brown. Its fall and that means pumpkin in everything. Cold beverages from Kerig. Plus local music from The Blackbird Revue and The Lucky.

Duration: 01:31:24

FCP Episode 9: Technically - We're Still Noobs.

Technical glitches won't deter another episode of FCP! Brian and Joe talk Royals, Chiefs, cutting the cable, green changes and more. The "Geek of Justice" Gary Elsbernd get us up to speed on all the comic book TV shows in development and we have local music from The Elders and The Beautiful Bodies.

Duration: 01:16:35

FCP Episode 8: Extra Special Special

Brian and Joe talk about the last cassette tape manufacturer in the world, National TV Dinner day, Captain Kirk stands up for the K-State marching band, new Apple products on the market, Photo Math helps Brian with his math deficiencies and more. Local music from Bad Wheels and Amanda Fish Band.

Duration: 01:07:19

FCP Episode 6: Reunited (and if feels pretty good)

Brian talks about his 30 year high school reunion, Joe talks about his new job. John McDonald Boulevard Brewing founder has a new project in the East Bottoms, we visit (kind of) Chicago's Ed Debevic's restaurant where insulting you is on the menu. Local music from Alex Abramovitz and His Swing'n Kansas City Jazz Band and more!

Duration: 00:53:19

FCP Episode 5: Cutting Room Floor

Brian and Joe discuss Royals All Star Game, Royals and WSU Shockers comparison, Justin Houston signing, KC is becoming a huge sports town, what is "Click bait", Comicon and the taprooms open in the crossroads district Music from the call - Walls come down

Duration: 00:45:51