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Episode 50: Listen To This If You Are Considering Hiring A Doula - What To Expect With Monique The Doula

If you are even remotely considering hiring a doula to help you out after you've had a baby, we highly recommend listening to Monique Cowan (a.k.a. Monique The Doula) share her first-hand experiences in a typical day in her job. She talks through the practical offerings of helping families prepare for a birth and thrive after baby has arrived. Monique was inspired to become a postpartum doula after her own birth experience. She saw the potential to help women in her Southern California...


Episode 49: One Simple Move Parents Can Make To Save Money & Save Time & Make The World A Better Place - With Guest Ali El Idrissi

One of the major contributors to that feeling of overwhelm for expecting parents is the notion of having to hurry up and prepare for their little one's arrival. A major tickbox for that preparedness is BUYING TONS OF STUFF. That can be a fun part, and also a hugely EXPENSIVE and EXHAUSTING experience. So here's the simple thing you can do: buy a charming, high-quality clothing set that you can sell-back to a community of like-minded parents.


Episode 48: How To Ease The Transition Into Parenting - Momumental - Serena Saeed-Winn

Serena teaches a class to help parents ease the transition into parenting by sharing what to expect and how to prepare for the first few months of being new parents. The class covers everything from postpartum healing, infant CPR and first aid, newborn care and gear, infant feeding, relationship savers and more.


Episode 47: How To Help Your Little One Prepare For Sleeping In Their Own Room - By Dr Angelique Millette

Dr. Angelique Millette is a Family Sleep Consultant, Parent Educator, and creator of The Millette Method™. We welcomed her back on our show for a third time because she is simply that amazing. Here's what we discuss: How to prepare a baby for sleeping in their own room in a way that emphasizes safety and love for the child When to start thinking about making the transition from room-sharing to the baby being in their own room (around 12-24 months is pretty typical) What considerations to...


Episode 46: Vaginal Steaming AKA "Peristeam Hydrotherapy" Demystified By Keli Garza

Ever heard of Vaginal Steaming? Neither had we! Turns out, V-Steaming is a well-known and well-loved practice around the world. People love the practice for fertility, cycle cleanses, postpartum recovery & menopause. File it under "feels good and has potentially awesome benefits." We invited a V-Steam expert, Keli Garza, to join us on Fourth Trimester Podcast and share all the juicy - dare we say, steamy! - details. Enjoy the show! This is a fun one!


Episode 45: 'Pregnant With The Stars' Writer Renée Cramer On How Celebrity Image Plays Into The Psyche Of Modern Parents

Renée Ann Cramer is our guest on episode 45 of the Fourth Trimester Podcast. She wrote "Pregnant With The Stars: Watching And Wanting The Celebrity Baby Bump" as part of her research into the culture around pregnancy and celebrity. She shares personal stories about her experience as a mother, as well as her fascinating perspective on how celebrity image plays into the psyche of modern parents.


Episode 44: Conversation And Guided Meditation With Jane Austin

In this episode, Esther has a really fun and intimate chat with long-time pre- and post- natal yoga instructor Jane Austin about giving birth, what pregnant and new mommas need and the power of yoga. We have some laughs and Jane offers a lovely guided meditation!!


Episode 43: Learn All About Breastfeeding From Lori Isenstadt

More What to do when breastfeeding doesn’t go as imagined Typical breastfeeding issues that come up for new mothers What factors drive whether a woman can breastfeed or not Tips for breastfeeding success - what you can do in the hospital / right after giving birth The ins and outs of the initial physical pain of breastfeeding What breastfeeding accessories you actually need How you may be able to receive a free breast pumps through health insurance


Episode 42: The Ultimate Birth Plan Template You Can Customize And Use Yourself! (Part 3)

The FINAL Birth Plan Episode. We provide a Birth Plan Template you can download and customize for your own use in hospital or for a home birth. It is 1,000 times easier to edit a birth plan template compared to creating one from scratch. Listen to episodes 13 & 40 & 42 (for Parts 1 & 2 & 3 respectively) to hear Esther and Sarah explain each item on the plan. Love, Sarah & Esther


Episode 41: Why Not Home? Find Out Why Healthcare Professionals Choose Home Birth - Jessicca Moore

'Why Not Home: The Surprising Birth Choices of Doctors and Midwives' is about "changing the conversation about birth in America and spreading evidence-based information about birth across settings." The short answer to home birth or hospital birth question is that there is no right answer. "Both options carry risks", Jessicca is quick to point out. However, some of the risks of a hospital birth are introduced by the fact that most hospital births come with an increased risk of...


Episode 40: The Ultimate Birth Plan Template You Can Customize And Use Yourself! (Part 2)

Here's a Birth Plan Template you can download and customize for your own use in hospital or for a home birth. It is 1,000 times easier to edit a birth plan template compared to creating one from scratch. Listen to episodes 13 & 40 (for Parts 1 & 2 respectively) to hear Esther and Sarah explain each item on the plan. Love, Sarah & Esther


Episode 39: An Introduction To RIE Infant Parenting By Lee Fernandez

This episode is a high-level introduction of RIE infant parenting. Some of the themes discussed are about slowing down, truly connecting with your baby by giving them your full attention, and creating some predictability for your infant as part of the day-to-day routines. Listen to learn how to apply some of these principles to your own experience as a new parent.


Episode 38: Helping Yourself Means Helping Your Baby - Real Talk With Katy Lonergan & Alexis Monnier

Parents can have a hard time doing something for themselves, but will do anything for their child. When new moms and dads take care of themselves, they are increasing the capacity they have to take care of their baby. Here's what you can do for yourself in order to give your infant a better experience.


Episode 37: Radical Doula Miriam Zoila Pérez On Birth Support Politics

The Fourth Trimester Podcast is honored to have guest Miriam Zoila Pérez on our program. She and Esther discuss issues around birth support work as it relates to racism, politics, gender roles, anthropology and yes, even chemistry.


Episode 36: Kimberly Ann Johnson -- Living Into The Parent You Are

Part of what’s difficult about becoming a parent is deciding on the kind of parent we want to be. And once we've decided, sometimes the parent we are and the parent we imagined we would be are different.


Episode 34: Wise Mama Lisa Abramson Shares Her Postpartum Psychosis Story

"Shortly after the birth of my daughter, I spent 10 days locked in the psych ward of the hospital after my postpartum depression and psychosis made me suicidal. In my altered psychotic state, I thought my house was bugged and the police were coming to arrest me for a crime for which I was wrongly accused. I thought the only way out of my crisis was to kill myself, so I told my mom and husband that I was going to go jump off the Golden Gate Bridge."


Episode 33: Jane Honikman On How To Pinpoint Where You Are On The Spectrum Of Mental Health

Jane Honikman gives us an overview and outline for finding ourselves on the spectrum of mental health. Listen to the episode to find out how to identify different parts of the continuum and better understand where you yourself might fall on that spectrum. She talks about her time studying with Dr. James Hamilton who was interested in maternal mental health at a time when it might have seemed as if no one cared or understood, much like today in many women's experience!


Episode 32: Dr Shosh Busts The Myths Of Motherhood

Our latest episode's guest is Dr Shoshana Bennett. She helps us bust up some "myths of motherhood." Often, when we acknowledge that all those myths are indeed false ideas, the pressure to be perfect is alleviated and some of the feelings of depression dissipate.


Episode 31: Writer Director Maureen Fura Asks Why Women Are Slipping Through The Cracks

The number one complication of pregnancy is a form of postpartum depression or anxiety. Despite how common it is for women to experience a degree of anxiety or depression associated during pregnancy or post-natally, there are still cases where women aren't receiving the care they need. To help crack the issue wide open, Maureen Fura and her co-producer Jennifer Silliman created a documentary film entitled, The Dark Side Of The Full Moon. The issue is dear to Marueen's heart. She was...


Episode 26: Chanti Smith Shares How Somatic Experiencing Can Help Build Attachment Between Parent And Child

Chanti Smith is an expert at human connection. She has worked with people of all ages to strengthen their parental attachment relationships. In particular, the work she does through Somatic Experiencing has helped parents develop a strong sense of connection and attachment with their babies.


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