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Fragging Out Ep7: I've Sucked Dick for Less

Fragging out is joined by Blazzin Bob from Watchpoint Radio for an... interesting... discussion about hero mains vs penis size!! Show notes: Fragging Out Ep. 7 Intro - Welcome (credit Ephixa for intro music) - Name intros - guest intro - Topic Rundown Topic 1: Moira and the Meta change -Experience with Moira in live game (live in comp this thursday) -How Moira has changed the tide of war -Is there a new Meta on the rise -Changes to other characters such as Mercy (insane rez...

Duration: 01:20:45

Fragging Out Ep6: The Waifu Episode!

Kinder is joined by special guests MagicMercy and WeirdMercy for an exceptionally lewd discussion about Overwatch waifus, sex, and relationships! WARNING: NSFW SHOW NOTES Fragging Out Ep. 6 The Waifus of Overwatch Intro - Welcome (credit Ephixa for intro music) - Name intros -Read recent reviews (credit WPR for idea) - Topic Rundown - Bonus round: Worst date ever Topic 1: Who is this Magical Mercy? -(@MagicMercy) Who are you, and what do you do? - Bonus round: What...

Duration: 01:10:37

Fragging Out Ep4: Descending Slowly Into Madness

Join the Fragging Out crew, as they discuss changes in Overwatch, Summer Games, love, hate, and the slow descent into eternal oblivion!

Duration: 01:00:15

Fragging Out Ep3: Fragging Out VS Ragtagg & Jelly

Fragging Out takes on the cock and balls of Scotland, himself, Ragtagg! Joined by his game-throwing accomplice, Jelly! Show notes: Fragging Out Ep.3 ft Ragtagg Intro - Welcome (credit Ephixa for intro music) - Name intros (intro Ragtagg) - Who is Ragtagg and what does he do (allow RT to explain) *Time doing WoW content *Overwatch background and career *General info Topic 1: Triggered Beyond Belief -How have things changed for you between when you started on YouTube, to...

Duration: 00:54:36

Fragging Out Ep 2: Fragging Out VS Roflgator!

ragging Out is joined by Overwatch Pro, turned coach Roflgator and get an enlightening look into the pro Overwatch scene! Show Notes Fragging Out Ep.2 Ft Roflgator Intro - Welcome (credit Ephixa for intro music) - Name intros (intro Roflgator) - Who is Roflgator and what does he do (allow Gator to explain) *Past teams *gaming background *OW mains *General info Topic 1: Livin’ the Pro Life - (general) What’s it like being a Pro OW player? - Is it everything you...

Duration: 01:06:00