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If you have ever wondered what an out of body experience might feel like, wait no longer. Not for the faint of heart. Fun, current, and weird in the best possible sense of that word!




Charlottesville- A Turning Point?

The Right unites to fight to protect a statue of Robert E. Lee that he wouldn’t have wanted. Antifascists use violence to resist those promoting violence. Sure punching Nazis seems like fun, it is not very creative. Absurdism and satire may be a better approach. Robert E. Lee on Civil War monuments. Trump and the White-Nationalist code. Sean Patrick Nielsen (WVTF/Radio IQ). David Duke, Ronald Reagan. Blood and soil. No Nazis. False equivalency. We are Alt-Right. Justice...

Duration: 00:19:41

Welcome to the Trumgle.

He’s broken me. Space. Trump Repealcare. Death. I sold the universe to a wealthy Russian once. Putin likes Trump. Ready to lie. Sell the lie. Pin Hands. Give Trump a chance. Pre-existing conditions. Welcome to the Trumgle.

Duration: 00:13:00

The Firing of History

It is disturbing to feel the pull of the impending political crisis on one’s attention. Every attempt to turn one’s attention away for any length of time fails. It seems like we’ve entered a transitional time and the outcome(s) could be dire. Looking away feels like complicity. Russian interference: not just smoke. Comey’s firing. Putin’s disinformation technique. Trump and Russians. Trump’s attraction to powerful men. The Big Story. Russian relations. No Fuzz. They’re laughing at us....

Duration: 00:16:40

Serious Charges

Foundscape #8. IRS Scammers, wrong numbers, marketers, soundboard girls and confused women provided the grist for the Foundscape mill. Get arrested on serious charges. Call from Mom: my bowels. I’m not sorry. Don’t be a statistic. Don’t get arrested. Press 9. Siri: the Third Density. I am a real live person. Hang up.

Duration: 00:16:32

Bad Connection

One of the greatest benefits of doing this podcast is I get to take potentially annoying data from ordinary life, be it political phone calls or -as in this case- a need for some technical support, and play with it. It goes from being an irritation to a source of inspiration. Report a problem. Support. Need a new battery. Verify. Fredericks Inc.. Hear the crackling? Blame me. Aw right, all right. Blah blah. I wanna mislead you. You’re being recorded. Fantastic. Goodbye.

Duration: 00:14:46

I’m Afraid To Understand

Everytime I post an episode, I feel like I’m abandoning it rather than finishing it. This one in particular. Trumpian intrigue seems unending. Sure, he’s president and we should be paying attention to what he says, but what he is saying is mostly absurd. What are the tweets and Sean Spicer distracting us from. Today, Spicer labeled Propublica, one of the best investigative groups working in the English language, “a left-wing blog.” What is the administration attempting to hide? I’ll give...

Duration: 00:17:12

Trump Sessions

Take disinformation, distractions and falsehoods run them through the Mind Thing and something resembling truth emerges. Do your job. Gotta work it. Ranting and raving. Good at sucking up people’s money. The leaks are real. FOX and Friends: Good drug-dealers. Incredible racist. The “Fake People.” Gout. Horrible agenda. Nuclear weapons. Chaos. Bad dudes. Sessions, Franken and the Russians. Mike Flynn. Wrestle the truth. Nothing to love. The leaks are real. The wall. Fighting...

Duration: 00:16:43

Presdent Carnage

Not as jaded as I feared, because when confronted by the introduction of a blatant authoritarian kleptocracy, I do feel quite disappointed in many of my fellow Americans. More than likely we’ll survive this final kick from the dying horse of amoral capitalism. President Carnage. The hypnotist’s spinning wheel. What the hell is going on? Alternative facts and fake news. The Bully (thanks Masha Geseen). A warning has been issued. Ay. Narcissistic personality disorder. The use of...

Duration: 00:19:11

Making a Better Zero

I am a registered Republican and, this being primary season, I’ve been inundated by political phone calls. I decided to take stuff that could have been annoying and turned it into a podcast. Scandal/Lie/Scandal. Gary Democrat. Help. How stupid. Rachel the Republican. Didn’t leave the right number. Sorry I’m not Nokia. Tatyana. Making a better zero. Republicans For Property. Vote for me. Stay Republican and cause difficulties voting. Congressman Grayson: What America needs right now....

Duration: 00:14:26

The Third Density

Fredericks Foundscape #6 is composed (primarily) of unsolicited messages combined with captured ephemera, a skipping Miles Davis record and some stuff from Negativland via the Free Music Archive. Hello. Trump has proven nothing. County sheriffs are in the area. Ooww over Let Me Die In Your Footsteps (thanks FMA and Negativland). Thank You God. I have Trouble, I am a real person. Siri cheese talk. Oh. Invalid entry. You’ll never hear from me again.

Sonic Verses

Foundscape #5 I know it’s a day late but what can done? Listen to your neighbors. I know two people. A.P. Mike re: internet. Listen! Tomorrow’s your day. Rhythmic breathing.

Duration: 00:18:14

We Could Be Stupid

February caught me up short. So, this episode got a little rushed. I’ve tried not to pay too much attention to the competitive interviewing process currently going on. But, I’ve not been having too much success, as you will hear. Attention. An inattentive driver reminds me of Donald Trump. Marco Rubio removes his gloves. Drunk Reagan. Someone attack me please. Magical thinking. Competitive interviewing. Ted Cruz: Basket Case. Stupid. Donald doesn’t know. Marco does stand up. Thanks go to...

Fear Itself

Fear, terror, phobia however you describe it seems like many people are caught up in its grip. Thanks to Trump’s tongue and ISIS’ actions, I haven’t been able stop thinking about the effects of fear. I almost used parts of a previous podcast, but there was no need. I found fear nearly everywhere I turned. Should we be afraid of….? War on terror: they’re doing it on purpose. New America statistics with updates. “Do You Understand?” featuring Alex Jones. A new party? Misinformation on Parade...

Duration: 00:17:53

Sand Spurs

This episode I discuss sand-spurs a perennial and proverbial thorn is my side. The way they respond to my actions gives the impression that they are intelligent and actively working to subvert my efforts to eradicate them from my yard.

Duration: 00:16:11


Recorded during the tail end of around three weeks of powerful rainstorms. Climate change talk over excerpt ofSteve Reich’sIt’s Gonna Rain fromReich: Early Works - Come Out / Piano Phase / Clapping Music / It’s Gonna Rain.

Mackro Makes The Scene

Another last minute gathering. We do welcome newcomer Mackro who shares his plans for a project focusing on the music of 1970. We talk weather, politics and A.P. Mike’s creative output along with a bunch of other things. Mackro and me. A critical discussion of A.P. Mike’s latest creative projects. Brian has tech issues. Talking weather and daylight. Seattle. Pike’s Place. The presidential election featuring Donald Trump. Where is the Rock and Roll? Dance To This...

Stupid and Violent

This is my take on the shooting in Charleston South Carolina and the confederate battle flag. Also discussed are state’s rights, idiot logic and the media’s role in promoting ignorance. Dylann Roof. Charles Cotton N.R.A. board member, disingenuous or moron? South Carolina’s state’s rights flip flop. Imaginary Christian prosecution. There’s one sure way to get rich if you are an articulate black man. Idiot logic. Confounding Christ’s advice. Music break:Jump to Conclusionsby E.W. Jackson...

Duration: 00:19:11

Bird Pile

A Fredericks Foundscape Intro The bells of St. John’s Avian speculation Avian observations Slow flying objects

Touch Me, AP Mike

Touch Me, AP Mike A spur of the moment Skype gathering. We welcome some new people, reacquaint ourselves with some newer people and talk to some old people. Jeff and D.C. Pat. Mike is done eating. Randy Newman’s prescient. John Waters movies, Mike hates Robert Christgau’s memoir.

On Time

Time has been a topic I find myself coming back to frequently. I am about halfway through Douglas Rushkoff’s fascinating new book Present Shock and felt inspired to create this piece. Analog vs digital clocks. The relativity of time. Perception of time. Time on my hands. The Bicameral Mind. Consciousness changes over time. Analog vs. digital music. An inappropriate transference of hostility. Under the control of something else.
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