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#5 French's Perverted Parlour

Episode 5 is finally here. After a (some would argue worthless) lengthy salvage job on the audio this month we can, at last, hear Chris Lumb, Tom King and their special guests Rivka Uttley and Daniel Triscott. As always Stuart Simper is on sound and scoring and Eddie French is in his seat as the chair. Just as well though, Proper funny, this one.

Duration: 01:12:20

#4 French's Perverted Parlour

Episode 4 of FPP brings us wonderful company in the form of Dotty Winters and Jacob Rawcliffe. Eddie French, Chris Lumb and Tom King are up to their usual nonsense and Stuart Simper gets cheered up by biscuits. @PerveParlour @DottyWinters @RawcliffeJacobs @lolshevismleeds @_Chris_Lumb @ItsTomKing @EddieTheFrench @ComedyCheckout Our Partner Podcasts this month are Which Is The Best and Sort Your Life Out with Rob Mulholland. Find them both on iTunes.

Duration: 01:04:14

#3 French's Perverted Parlour

In episode 3 Eddie French and the team captains (Chris Lumb and Tom King) are joined by Jack Evans and Jayne Edwards in another set of nonense parlour games to see who can enter the filth and depravity of French's (Snr) Perverted Parlour. More info about all involved at: @comedycheckout @_Chris_Lumb @ItsTomKing @JackleWiseVans @tfw_youre_jayne This episode's partner podcasts are Sort Your Life Out With Rob Mulholland...

Duration: 01:02:04

#2 French's Perverted Parlour

In episode 2 we discover the origin of FPP as wel as enjoy more foolishness. Recorded as a part of the Discount Comedy Festival at The Fenton In Leeds, the chair (Eddie French) tasks team captains (Chris Lumb and Tom King) along with their special guests, Paul "Silky" White and Aiden Goatley with daft games in the hope of winning a place in the Perverted Parlour. @PerveParlour @EddieTheFrench @_Chris_Lumb @ItsTomKing @PaulSilkyWhite @MrAidenGoatley

Duration: 00:45:28

#1 French's Perverted Parlour

In the Perverted Parlour this month, joining Eddie French, team captains Chris Lumb and Tom King and soundman, Stu, are Rob Mulholland and Edy Hurst. We cover audiobooks, fictional childrens' favourites, the place of Old Wives' Tales in outer space and cults as well as other nonsense as we play games above a pub in Leeds. @PerverParlour @EddieTheFrench @comedycheckout @itstomking @_Chris_Lumb @edyhurst @robmulholland This month's partner podcasts are Which Is The Best? and Sort Your Life...

Duration: 01:07:49

#0.5: Pilot recording. Unlubed!

The complete and unabridged* recording of the pilot episode of FPP. Due to the technical issue described in the episode, this mix is from several sources, but very few at the same time! Recorded at The Fenton in Leeds. *a couple of music clips were shortened so as not to lead to legal bother.

Duration: 01:28:27

#0: The Best Of The Pilot Recording

This is a selection of the best bits from the pilot recording of FPP. Recorded live at The Fenton in Leeds. The Chair is Eddie French, the captains are Chris Lumb and Tom King and th special guests are Kate McCabe and Ross Brierley.

Duration: 00:34:36