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FrequencyCast UK Show 125: Alexa, the Birth of Broadcasting, Canine Calories and BT

FrequencyCast returns after a short break - thanks for bearing with us. In Show 125, we look at Amazon Alexa, the birth of British broadcasting with 2MT, fitness tracking for pets and contactless payment jewelery. In the news, revival of a Nokia classic, Nintendo Switch and the MakeAirFair campaign, plus your comments on 4G interference, and Sky boxes. Details at

Duration: 00:30:04

FrequencyCast Update - 95 Years of Two Emma Toc

The 14th of February 2017 marks the 95th anniversary of a piece of radio history. In the county of Essex, the first "radio station" took to the air. It was on-air for 30 minutes a week, and was the birth of British broadcasting. This update discusses the launch of an online radio station to cover the historic anniversary. More details at

Duration: 00:04:32

FrequencyCast UK Show 124: Google Cardboard, Radio Caroline, Pokemon Go, exploding Galaxies and HDMI

FrequencyCast returns after a short break - thanks for bearing with us. In Show 124, we look at Pokemon Go, Google Cardboard, Virtual Reality, Radio Caroline, and the BBC Microbit. In the news, exploding Galaxies, phone roaming and the new Amazon Alexa virtual assistant, plus your comments on HDMI, Ofcom and TV licensing. Details at

Duration: 00:30:18

FrequencyCast UK Show 123: End of the first social network, smart dog security and a smart watchstrap

FrequencyCast Show 123 is here, after a short break. In this show, Pete and Kelly look at a new smart watchstrap, monitoring your home with a smart dog, sweat tracking and a high-tech way not to lose your keys. We also talk about the end of the first social network, and help with questions on Sky Q, Discovery and SCART sockets. Details at

Duration: 00:30:04

FrequencyCast UK Show 122: Wearable Tech in London and the future of the sociable network

For FrequencyCast Show 122, Pete and Kelly trek boldly to the 2016 Wearable Technology Show in London, where they try out a fitness tracking ring, a kids wearable mobile and the future of the sociable mobile network. Plus the latest tech news and answers to listeners questions. Details at

Duration: 00:30:52

FrequencyCast UK Show 121: Facebook changes, girls in tech, eyewear and more DAB

In FrequencyCast Show 121, Pete and Kelly discuss the changes to Facebook, talk about girls in tech and spend some time at an electronics fair. We also look at paper-thin lenses and some tech reading glasses, plus talk about snapchat. In the news, new DAB stations, a new Raspberry Pi and the end of Nook in the UK. Details at

Duration: 00:30:12

FrequencyCast UK Show 120: Tim Peake Radio Contact, De-stressing and a 10 hour movie

For FrequencyCast Show 120, Pete and Kelly take a look behind the scenes as Tim Peake makes radio contact with a UK school. Also, news of a 10 hour crowd-funded film, an update on the Riut backpack and details of the upcoming Sci-fi Ball. Plus your questions on the demise of TVPlayer on Freeview, and rights issues for BBC radio sport. Details at

Duration: 00:30:13

FrequencyCast UK Show 119: Review of 2015, weather prediction and power cuts

For FrequencyCast Show 119, Pete and Kelly take a look back at the last year of tech news headlines, review some of what they got up to, and make some predictions. We also talk to weatherman Jim Bacon about 2016 and hyper-local weather tech. In the news, the BBC hack, AVG issues and old TVs, plus your questions on power cuts and Raspberry Pi VPNs. Details at

Duration: 00:30:30

FrequencyCast UK Show 117: Samsung Gear S2, Philips Hue, Y-Cam Security and USB-C Connectors

In FrequencyCast Show 117, Pete visits a London gadget show with Kelly and the pair try to work out if Instagram has a point. We talk to Samsung about the Gear S2 watch and contactless payment, look at Philips Hue lighting and discover Y-Cam home security. Also talk of USB-C connectors, BBC Store and Windows 10 upgrades. Details at

Duration: 00:30:32

FrequencyCast UK Show 116: Facebook hoax, National Hamfest, Instant Ink and Kodak Moments

In FrequencyCast Show 116, Kelly and Pete look at the latest problems with Facebook, support air ambulance week and visit a national radio rally. We also look at contactless coffee payments, HP Instant Ink, and Nikki Moore talks about the Kodak Moments App. Plus, your comments on cloud storage, pair stealing and Sealand.. Details at

Duration: 00:29:26

FrequencyCast UK Show 115: Office 365, Cloud Computing, whatsonit and car security

For Show 115, Kelly takes a look around the junk shop that Pete calls home, and the two talk about Office 365 and cloud computing. A first look at the whatsonit scheduling app, plus an interview with MySmartRemote on car security. Also, Kelly is set to be a star on the next TX Factor TV show. Plus your issues with BBC iPlayer on old iOS devices, and Flash security. Details at

Duration: 00:30:19

FrequencyCast UK Show 114: Windows 10, Contactless Payment, Apple Watch and Ultra HD

For Show 114, Kelly and Pete take a first look at Windows 10, the final OS from Microsoft? Also, discussion of problems with the Fitbit Charge and the Nike Fuelband, a hands-on with the Apple Watch, contactless payment and a planned obsolescence petition. Plus your smart meters and Ultra HD TV. Details at

Duration: 00:30:55

FrequencyCast UK Show 113: Drones, Unsending emails and sun exposure monitoring

For Show 113, Kelly and Pete talk about drones: how Amazon could be using them to deliver, and when things go wrong. We also look and Undo Send, the coke bottle challenge and a device to monitor dangerous sun exposure. Plus your comments on smart meters and BBC radio. Details at

Duration: 00:30:55

FrequencyCast UK Show 112: Periscope, Smart Meters, AR cards and entrepreneurs

For Show 112, Kelly and Pete try their first radio show live on Periscope. We also talk about smart meters, play with augmented reality cards and look at tools for entrepreneurs. Plus your comments on BBC digital radio and the end of FM in Norway. Details at

Duration: 00:29:17

FrequencyCast UK Show 111: Gadget Show Live 2015, Apple Watch and Grooveshark

For Show 111, Kelly and Pete travel to Gadget Show Live in Birmingham, where we explore HP Sprout, powered paper planes and a 3D pen. Kelly also gets musical with fruit, we find a free home security app and try to end lag with a NETDUMA router. Plus your questions on voice recording and home smart meters. Details at

Duration: 00:30:48

FrequencyCast at Gadget Show Live 2015: Special Report

Here's our first report from Gadget Show Live 2015 at the NEC in Birmingham. Pete and Kelly travelled to the NEC in Birmingham, for this year's show, and here's their Day One review hot off the presses. We'll be featuring a selection of interviews from Gadget Show Live in our May 2015 show - so stay tuned.

Duration: 00:03:45

FrequencyCast UK Show 110: Wearable Technology Show, BT 4G and BBC Radio streaming

In Show 110, Alice and Pete trek to the Wearable Technology Show in London to look at sleep trackers, augmented reality and some tech innovations. We speak to athlete Ellie Stevens and some pioneers from Queen Mary College. Kelly and Pete also look at the BT 4G offering, some questionable chargers and problems with BBC radio streaming. Details at

Duration: 00:30:51

FrequencyCast UK Show 109: Voice Recognition, Dunked Smartphones, 4G Mi-Fi and TalkTalk Scammers

For FrequencyCast Show 109, Kelly and Pete look at voice recognition, the Samsung TV privacy issue and language translation. Also, a look at the new Pebble Time smartwatch, the Osprey 4G hotspot and the Windows Linx tablets. We also talk about 5G, and the Tech Rescue pack that can help revive a dunked phone, and in the news, beware of TalkTalk scammers. Links and transcripts at

Duration: 00:29:55

FrequencyCast UK Show 108: Toy Fair 2015 Tech, Going Retro, Phone Wars and Beating Spam

For FrequencyCast show 108, Kelly and Pete spend the day at Toy Fair 2015 looking for the next big tech toy. We find a personal quadcopter, a wubble bubbe, some science kits and lots more. We also retro tech you'd like to see revived, the end of Google Glass, plus your questions and feedback. Links and transcripts at

Duration: 00:30:54

FrequencyCast UK Show 107: Look back at 2014, Sony vs North Korea, BT EE and shortwave

For FrequencyCast show 107, Kelly and Pete take a look back at the news stories from 2014 and have a look at what is round the technology corner. We also discuss The Interview and the BT EE takeover. Plus your comments on shortwave, 13 amp plugs and indoor aerials. Links and transcripts at

Duration: 00:30:33

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