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Shame-Based Families Versus Grace-Based Families

When raised in a shame-based family one can easily find life to be fraught with emotional landmines. Relationships can be difficult because of shame-based thinking. Shame can lock you into cognitive distortions that cause difficulties in marriage, parenting, work relationships and friendships. Shame itself can make it way into your soul, warping how you see everything in life. Grace, on the other hand, frees one to be in relationships with others and to enjoy those relationships even when...

Duration: 00:32:42

Dealing With Grief, Sadness And/Or Depression During Christmastime

This is a special Christmas edition of Fresh Hope for Mental Health. In this edition, Pastor Brad talks with Perry Root, Sr. about experiencing grief or depression during Christmastime. Perry is an M.S.W. student doing his practicum with Fresh Hope and is also a fulltime member of the Community of Grace staff. He shares some insights as to experiencing grief or depression at this time of the year. We encourage you to share this podcast with those that you believe might benefit from it....

Duration: 00:24:53

Hope for the Hurting, Homeless and Hopeless

In this edition of Fresh Hope for Mental Health, Pastor Brad interviews Ms. Candace Hoyt-Gregory, C.E.O. of the Open Door Mission in Omaha, Nebraska. Candice gives helpful insight into mental health issues that the homeless face as well as just the compassion and mercy that is needed when ministering to hurting, hopeless and homeless people. This interview is very insightful for the Church at large and caregivers regarding hopelessness. But, there’s a LOT of encouragement also for those...

Duration: 00:35:48

Mental Health Insights from a Psychiatrist Who Is Also a Theologian

with guest Dr. Warren Kinghorn You won’t want to miss this is an excellent podcast! Pastor Brad interviews Dr. Warren Kinghorn, who is both a psychiatrist and a theologian. He presents a unique perspective on mental health, both as a Christian and as a professional in psychiatry. Dr. Kinghorn also addresses how we can help people in the church with a mental health diagnosis, both for pastors and laypersons. He shares a lot of insights for pastors regarding their own mental health. Dr....

Duration: 00:43:52

Music for Your Should As You Go Through Difficulties

This edition of Fresh Hope for Mental Health is for anyone who is going through a difficult time in their life whether they have a mental health issue or not. So, this is one podcast that you are going to want to share with any of your friends or family who are in a valley of challenges right now. In this edition of Fresh Hope for Mental Health Pastor Brad shares four songs that have been extremely helpful to him as he has faced some of his darkest difficulties. After listening to this...

Duration: 00:32:57

An Incredible Story of Rescue from the Bering Sea: A Testimony of Hope!

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves in desperate situations. Situations where if the Lord does not rescue us we won’t survive. There are those times where we feel as though the arm of the Lord just isn’t long enough to reach us to pluck us out of the sear of troubles that we are drowning in. Then you will not want to miss this podcast! In this edition of Fresh Hope for Mental Health, Pastor Brad interviews Dave Anderson who is one of only seven known survivors from a plane crash in the...

Duration: 00:29:33

Blessed Are the Unsatisfied: Finding Spiritual Freedom in an Imperfect World by Amy Simpson

Are you unsatisfied? If so, then you are blessed! In this edition of Fresh Hope for Mental Health Pastor Brad interviews author, Amy Simpson regarding her new book entitled Blessed Are the Unsatisfied: Finding Spiritual Freedom in an Imperfect World "We know that our material comforts and temporal accomplishments are not enough to fully satisfy us. Momentary pleasures, whether of pure or darker motivations, are fleeting at best. But Christians often hear the idea that following Jesus...

Duration: 00:16:56

A Safe Place for Pastors and Their Spouses Who Are Experiencing Weariness, Burnout and/or Crisis in Ministry

We offer this special podcast as a point of hope and healing for pastors and those who serve in full-time ministry. Serving the Lord full-time in ministry can be challenging. In this special edition of Fresh Hope for Mental Health for October, Pastor Appreciation Month, Pastor Brad interviews Mr. David Anderson who is the Founder and President of Shepherd's Canyon Retreat. Shepherd's Canyon Retreat offers week-long counseling retreats for men and women in full-time ministry who are...

Duration: 00:24:56

Part II: Fixing Your Cognitive Distortions

In this edition of Fresh Hope for Mental Health Pastor Brad looks at eight different ways to "fix" your cognitive distortions (which were covered in Part 1: 15 Cognitive Distortions). These are eight different ways to change your "thinking default settings" in order to get rid of your stikin' thinkin'. Aaron Beck first purposed the theory behind cognitive distortions, and it was David Burns who was responsible for popularizing them with common names and examples of these...

Duration: 00:16:31

Part I: 15 Cognitive Distortions

This podcast for everyone and anyone! Why? Because everyone needs to be able to identify the 15 common cognitive distortions that they may be struggling with or others are struggling with in their lives. The topic of cognitive distortions is for everyone. Pastor Brad identifies 15 common cogitative distortions. These distortions are widespread. These distortions are not necessarily connected to mental illness or mental disorders, but certainly, these distortions can easily exasperate a...

Duration: 00:21:19

Healing and Hope for Trauma

In this edition of Fresh Hope for Mental Health, Pastor Brad interviews Chaplain Joy Stevens. Joy is a Master Facilitator for the Trauma Healing Institute of the American Bible Society. Joy and Brad discuss what trauma is and the trauma healing classes that the Trauma Healing institute is sponsoring in both churches and jails. They also talk about the healing and hope that is coming from the classes and what is necessary in order for trauma, which is a wound of the heart, to heal. Please...

Duration: 00:30:12

One Pastor's Journey to Mental Health

In this edition of Fresh Hope for Mental Health Brad interviews Pastor and Author, Rick Qualls. Rick suffered for many years with anxiety and depression until being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Since taking a mood stabilizer Rick has been living well and has experienced episode free living for the last 9 years! Rick Qualls is the author of Bright Spots in the Darkness and a Fresh Hope blogger. His book is available on his website: Rick is retired after 40...

Duration: 00:27:59

Groundbreaking Work in Changing Children's Severe Behavioral Issues

We need your vote! Our Fresh Hope podcast has been nominated for Wego Health's Best in Show Podcast award! We encourage you to endorse the nomination by going to: In this edition, Pastor Brad interviews the owner of Daybreak Behavior, Mark Housman and the Clinical Director of Daybreak Behavior, Robin Houser. The work that Daybreak Behavior is doing is groundbreaking in so many ways. They specialize in helping kids who have behavioral...

Duration: 00:34:21

Courage, Encouragement, Transparent and Filled with Hope!

Our Fresh Hope podcast has been nominated for Wego Health's Best in Show Podcast award!We encourage you to endorse the nomination by going to: In this edition of Fresh Hope for Mental Health Pastor Brad interviews Colleen Swindoll-Thompson. Colleen is the daughter of Chuck Swindoll with Insight for Living. Colleen says, “I’m a recovering idealist; a witty, creative investigator of faith; a compassionate caregiver; a writer and speaker; and...

Duration: 00:44:15

Author Katie Dale from Shares Her Story

In this edition Pastor Brad interviews author Katie Dale. Katie talks about her faith and recovery. She stresses how important having purpose has been in staying stable for the last 5 years. is where you'll find Katie's blog. She is open, transparent and willing shares her faith and spiritual insights. You'll want to sign up for following her blog! Plus, you'll want to be sure and check out her book which will hopefully be published in the near future. After listening to...

Duration: 00:32:13

How to Empower Yourself in Living Well in Spite of Your Mental Health Diagnosis

When Thomas “melted-down” in the small town of only 600 people he felt as though everyone was talking about him and that he had become the town “monster.” So, following his move back to his parents’ home in a metro area, he began a remarkable journey of healing that led him to find hope through Fresh Hope. In this edition of Fresh Hope for Mental Health, Thomas talks about his various diagnoses which include schizoaffective disorder and borderline personality disorder. He discloses the...

Duration: 00:27:19

The Power of Hope: Hearing a Peer's Story Brought Hope to Lee

In this edition of Fresh Hope for Mental Health, a son and mother share their compelling joining of finding hope in the midst of the hopelessness that followed a manic episode. Lee shares his story of the first glimmer of hope that he had in the midst of severe depression. It was when he heard Pastor Brad's story that Lee for the first time had hope. Lee's mom, Penny, shares her desperate journey of finding help and hope for her son, Lee. Penny shares that she has learned a lot through...

Duration: 00:35:46

Teenagers and Mental Health

Are you parenting an adolescent or soon to be one? Then you are going to want to be sure and listen to this edition of Fresh Hope for Mental Health. In this edition, Pastor Brad Hoefs interviews Dr. Brian Lubberstedt who is a board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist. They discuss how mental health issues manifest in a teens life. After listening to this podcast we encourage you to email us at with a comment or question that we will share on our next...

Duration: 00:44:52

You Are Not Alone

On this episode Pastor Brad interviews best-selling author and international speaker, Sheila Walsh. Sheila is a powerful Bible teacher and best-selling author from Scotland with over 5 million books sold. Her ministry has reached more than 5.5 million people by combining honesty, vulnerability, and humor with the transforming power of God's Word. Sheila herself has a mental health diagnosis and is living well in spite of it. After listening to this podcast, we encourage you to email us...

Duration: 00:14:38

Overcoming My Anxiety Disorder: Carol's Story

While working as a crime scene investigator, Carol’s anxiety disorder began to manifest itself. And after being attacked by a dog, the anxiety became debilitating. Through her struggle she ended up attending a Fresh Hope group which has played an important part of her oncoming the anxiety disorder and living well in spite of it! She shares her story as hope and encouragement for those who suffer from anxiety. This podcast is 18 minutes long. After listening to this podcast we encourage...

Duration: 00:18:08

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