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Episode #71: Night Argent

The Washington State-based Alternative Rock band Night Argent is this week’s guest on Fresh is the Word. Band members Chase Manhattan (lead vocals, guitar), Shane Santanna (keys, guitar, drums), and Evan Taylor (bass) join K-Fresh to talk about their new EP The Fear, out now via Outerloop Records along with the history of the band. Afterward, Vstylez joins the podcast as we recap the big Mayweather vs McGregor fight. Note that Fresh is the Word will be going on a hiatus for a month or two...

Duration: 01:18:38

Episode #70: The Return of Carley Coma (Candiria)

Its the return of Carley Coma, lead singer of Candiria, to the Fresh is the Word podcast. Recorded at the Auburn Hills, Michigan stop of the Van's Warped Tour, K-Fresh and Carley Coma talk more about music and MMA. We discuss being on this year's Van's Warped Tour, the Mayweather vs MacGregor fight, the changes in both UFC and Bellator, and meeting MMA fighter Matt Browne. Afterward, Vstylez joins in as recap NXT Takeover Brooklyn III, WWE SummerSlam, Jon Jones flagged by USADA, and our...

Duration: 01:10:48

Episode #69: Laila K (Sonic Boom Six)

Laila K, the vocalist for the Manchester, England-based band Sonic Boom Six, is this week’s guest on Fresh is the Word. Recorded at the Auburn Hills, Michigan stop on the Van’s Warped Tour, K-Fresh and Laila K talk their life-changing experience being on Warped this year along with the history of Sonic Boom Six. It was a very real conversation! Afterward, Vstylez and K-Fresh preview WWE NXT Takeover Brooklyn III and SummerSlam going down this weekend. Subscribe: iTunes:...

Duration: 01:19:17

Episode #68: Emily Lazar aka September (September Mourning)

Emily Lazar of the band and art project September Mourning is this week’s guest on Fresh is the Word. Lazar, who goes by September in the whole September Mourning universe, created a project that cultivates the joys and struggles of everyday life and results in a sense of upliftment even through some of its dark and murky images. Recently, the first volume of the September Mourning comic book hit shelves through Top Cow Productions/Image Comics along with the new ballet-inspired September...

Duration: 00:51:21

Episode #67: Davey Muise (Vanna)

This week's guest is Davey Muise, lead singer of the metalcore band Vanna. They recently announced that their current tour is their farewell tour and they will be ending the band after this year. We talk about why the band is ending and also go into other things Muise has been working on. Afterward, Vstylez joins in for the discussion segment of the show where we talk about what's going on in the world of music, pro wrestling, and MMA. Topics include: - Paul Rosenberg Def Jam - UFC 214...

Duration: 01:41:34

Episode #66: Van's Warped Tour Special

This is a very special bonus episode of Fresh is the Word with K-Fresh's day at the Van's Warped Tour when it hit The Palace in Auburn Hills, Michigan on July 21, 2017. It was an amazing time and was able to interview a lot of great bands. Below is a break down of the interviews on this episode along with the timestamp. Additional interviews with Carley Coma of Candiria and Laila K of Sonic Boom Six from the Warped Tour will be featured separately on upcoming episodes. Stacey Dee from Bad...

Duration: 02:06:35

Episode #65: Schuylar Croom (He Is Legend)

Schuylar Croom, front man of the North Carolina-based rock band He Is Legend is the special guest week for Fresh Is The Word. He Is Legend has a new album out now called few, a project that they were able to make via a successful crowdfunding. We talk about everything that went into crowdfunding the album and also about the early years of the band. Afterward, Vstylez joins in for the discussion segment of the show where we talk about what's going on in the world of music, pro wrestling,...

Duration: 01:39:52

Episode #64: Sean Harmanis (Make Them Suffer)

Sean Harmanis of the Perth, Australia-based deathcore band Make Them Suffer joins in on the podcast this week. We talk about their new album Worlds Apart, dropping on July 28th via Rise Records. We also get into the member changes in the band and what's different on this new album, along with their upcoming tour with Enterprise Earth and Spite. Aftward, Vstylez joins in for the discussion segment of the show where we talk about what's going on in the world of music, pro wrestling, and MMA....

Duration: 01:37:23

Episode #63: Young Wicked (Majik Ninja Entertainment)

Denver-based rap artist Young Wicked is this week’s guest on Fresh is the Word. Young Wicked got his start as one-half of the Axe Murder Boyz on Psychopathic Records, but he has since left the label and has linked up with Twiztid’s Majik Ninja Entertainment. Young Wicked has a new album out The Return of the Prodigal Son out now, so we talk about the new album and being a part of the MNE family along with his childhood and how he got into music. Afterward, Vstylez joins the podcast for the...

Duration: 01:56:17

Episode #62: The R.O.C. (Majik Ninja Entertainment)

Detroit hip-hop artist The R.O.C. is the guest for this episode of Fresh is the Word. As an original member of the rap group House of Krazees in the 1990s, we run through his whole rap career, including how things ended with his House of Krazees group members Hectic and Mr. Bones (who would go on to form Twiztid as Monoxide Child and Jamie Madrox) and all the projects he's done since then. The R.O.C. has reunited with his old House Of Krazees friends as he is signed to Twiztid's Majik...

Duration: 02:06:15

Episode #61: Kevin Harvey (RISE & SHIMMER Wrestling)

Kevin Harvey from RISE and SHIMMER Wrestling is the guest on this Beats & Body Slams Edition of Fresh is the Word. We talk about the need for the development organization known as RISE for women’s wrestling and talk about the talent involved, especially my favorite Shotzi Blackheart. Both RISE and SHIMMER will be hosting events this weekend July 7-9 in Berwyn, IL at the Berwyn Eagles Club. Subscribe: iTunes: Stitcher...

Duration: 00:44:09

Episode #60: Lilac Lungs

The Detroit alternative pop band Lilac Lungs are the guests this week on Fresh is the Word. We sit down with vocalist Emily Torres and guitarist Johney Birrell and talk about how the band got started, their inspirations behind their music, and about their first full-length album Eventide, among other things. Afterward, Vstylez joins in for the discussion segment of the show where we recap Bellator 180/NYC, Fight Night: Lee vs Chiesa, LaVar Ball's appearance on WWE Raw, and all the women's...

Duration: 01:34:34

Episode #59: Chad Gilbert (New Found Glory)

Chad Gilbert, guitarist and founding member of the band New Found Glory, joins in on the podcast this week. Chad is a big MMA fan, so we talk about all the old school fighters that he likes. Before that, we talk about the early days of New Found Glory, their influence on the pop punk genre, and their new album Makes Me Sick. New Found Glory is currently on their North American 20 Years of Pop Punk Tour. Afterward, Vstylez joins K-Fresh on the discussion segment of the podcast to talk about...

Duration: 01:26:54

Episode #58: Nevaeh Crist (Rockstar Pro Wrestling)

On another Beats & Body Slams edition of Fresh is the Word, we are joined by the Dayton, Ohio-based wrestler Nevaeh Crist. She is currently the Rockstar Pro Wrestling World Champion, the first woman to hold that honor. Nevaeh also just claimed the Clash Wrestling Women’s Champion in Michigan recently. We talk about becoming the Rockstar Pro Champion and her life as a pro wrestler. And joining in on the Beats and Body Slams discussion segment is Detroit hip hop artist and a member of the...

Duration: 01:08:11

Episode #57: Dane Petersen & Alexa San Román (HEIRSOUND)

The Los Angeles-based alternative pop duo Dane Petersen & Alexa San Román, known as HEIRSOUND, are the guests on this week’s episode! They are in the middle of releasing their three volume Layers EP collection and we talk about the making of the EPs along with the decision of breaking it up into the volumes. Afterward, Vstylez joins K-Fresh on the discussion segment of the podcast to talk about the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight that is now official for August 26th in Las Vegas...

Duration: 01:35:42

Episode #56: Spike Slawson (Me First and the Gimme Gimmes) & Audra Angeli-Morse (ISW Wrestling)

For this week’s Fresh is the Word, K-Fresh is joined by Spike Slawson, the lead singer of the wildly fun cover band Me First and the Gimme Gimmies along with their manager and also promoter of Incredibly Strange Wrestling, Audra Angeli-Morse. Incredibly Strange Wrestling was a wrestling promotion that started in the mid 1990s in San Francisco that mixed a lucha libre style of wrestling with crazy, controversial gimmicks along with live bands along with touring on festivals like Warped...

Duration: 01:55:17

Episode #55: DJ Z aka Zema Ion (Impact Wrestling)

Impact Wrestling’s DJ Z joins us for the first Beats and Body Slams edition of Fresh is the Word. The Beats and Body Slams episodes will focus primarily on wrestling out of the main WWE roster, which would include the independent circuit, New Japan Pro Wresting, Ring of Honor, NXT, among countless other organizations. DJ Z came on board for this episode and he gave us an update on his injury scare down in Mexico City a couple months back and when he’ll be returning. We talked about his...

Duration: 01:38:07

Episode #54: Simon Thompson (Alvarez Kings)

Simon Thompson, vocalist and guitarist of the South Yorkshire, UK-based alternative rock band Alvarez Kings joins K-Fresh this week to talk about what’s been going on in the band since the last time the two talked for an article for Huff Post. We talked about how their long touring with pop star Melanie Martinez went along with the making of their debut album Somewhere Between, out now on Warner Bros/Sire. As always, Vstylez joins the podcast afterward for this week’s edition of Knuckle Up...

Duration: 01:19:37

Episode #53: Josh Smith (Northlane)

For this week’s episode, Fresh is the Word is joined by Josh Smith, guitarist of the Sydney, Australia five-piece metalcore band Northlane. We talk about their new album Mesmer along with what went into the writing and recording process working with producer David Bendeth. We also talk about how personnel changes affected the band along with how the personal experiences that inspired the songs on Mesmer. Unfortunately, there will not be a discussion part of the show this week as schedules...

Duration: 00:47:07

Episode #52: Adam De Micco (Lorna Shore)

For this episode of Fresh is the Word, Adam De Micco, guitarist of the New Jersey deathcore metal band Lorna Shore, joins us as we talk about the making of their sophomore full-length album Flesh Coffin along with how it was to come up in the New Jersey music scene. Lorna Shore is currently on their headlining The Beg for Death Tour, along with Bodysnatcher, Extortionist and Hive from May 19, 2017 through June 19, 2017. As always, Vstylez joins in after to discuss what’s going on in the...

Duration: 01:26:44

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