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Brighton, United Kingdom


The Freshly Squeezed radio show features 2 hours of the very best new and recent Electro Swing and vintage sounds remixed, rediscovered or rewound.




Freshly Squeezed Brighton’s Juice 107.2 170 North Street Brighton BN1 1EA


Freshly Squeezed // 15 Sept 2017

This months radio show is a special listening to the sounds (and a little of the history) behind Burlesque. It features an eclectic selection of music chosen by stars including Dita Von Teese, Empress Stah, Bille Rae, Rodney & Alexandra and Missy Fatale with a theatrical nod to Film Noir, Bump & Grind, Dark Cabaret, Henry Mancini and The Tiger Lillies among many others.

Duration: 01:05:53

Freshly Squeezed // 17 Aug 2017

August’s FRESHLY SQUEEZED show is an extended DJ mix created on the fly by resident DJ and label-boss Nick Hollywood and features a continuous (wordless) mix of every track from the newly released Complete ‘Blue Cover’ album, in the correct order…. The series began in 2012 and has evolved over 5 years and 12 EP's into a highly respected platform to launch new signings and one-off singles by emerging and developing artists. Mixing Electro Swing and Blues, the Blue Cover release's have...

Duration: 01:12:30

Freshly Squeezed // 02 Jun 2017

June’s Freshly Squeezed includes a hand-picked selection of new or very recent singles from Caravan Palace, Caro Emerald, Alice Francis, Odjbox and Parov Stelar. Plus world-exclusive up-coming releases from Grinny Grandad and PiSk on our own Freshly Squeezed label; a UK summer festival round-up and news of how to get an entirely free collaborative compilation from a variety of superb labels including Agogo, Jalapeno, Record Kicks and Lovemonk.

Duration: 00:55:28

Freshly Squeezed // 12 May 2017

Although host Nick Hollywood may not always know one month from the next (listen carefully at the beginning!) he does know his music… May’s show means business with kick ass new releases from Parov Stelar, Grinny Grandad (ft Kymberley Kennedy), BarBeat, Lola Blanc and Feel Good Productions, plus some Brighton Festival news and a vintage classic from Etta James...

Duration: 00:58:26

Freshly Squeezed // 12 April 2017

April’s episode of Freshly Squeezed takes a springtime sidetrack into the reggae and ska influenced sounds coming out of Island Records and Freshly Squeezed’s new Vintage Remix imprint ahead of their Love Supreme Festival stage later this summer… plus new electro swing and blues releases from Parov Stelar and Swingrowers, and a classic Grace Jones track from the Sly and Robbie produced Nightclubbing album.

Duration: 01:00:22

Freshly Squeezed // 10 Mar 2017

March’s Freshly Squeezed show celebrates the beginning of our second year in the monthly one-hour format with a look back at some of Nick Hollywood’s personal musical highs from the last 12 months. Plus new releases from Parov Stelar and the Swingrowers with a surprise vintage nugget from mid 70’s California...

Duration: 01:01:01

Freshly Squeezed // 10 Feb

Slipping into February already and Freshly Squeezed hunkers down in mellow mood. Brand new and forthcoming releases share air time with classic vintage swing. Includes music from Tom Waits, Gene Harris, The Swing Ninjas, 12 Stone Toddler and even Thelonious Monk.

Duration: 00:58:00

Freshly Squeezed // 03 Feb

Slipping into February already and Freshly Squeezed hunkers down in mellow mood. Brand new and forthcoming releases share air time with classic vintage swing. Includes music from Tom Waits, Gene Harris, The Swing Ninjas, 12 Stone Toddler and even Thelonious Monk.

Duration: 00:59:31

Freshly Squeezed // 13 Jan 2017

Kicking off the new year in style, this months show features a host of new or forthcoming releases. Meanwhile we tip a wink to Bob Marley’s up-coming birthday and discover what happens when you mix Swing with Metal. Includes music from the new album by Electric Swing Circus, a preview of both the Swingrowers, Vintage Remix, and 11 Acorn Lane's next singles and more.

Duration: 00:57:28

Freshly Squeezed // 16 Dec 2016

Another helping of superb vintage and vintage-influenced music from a trio of brand new releases, to a trio of Jukebox classics, a vaguely seasonal twist, directions to the latest free downloads and much more from the Freshly Squeezed label boss Nick Hollywood.

Duration: 00:58:07

Freshly Squeezed // 11 Nov 2016

This Autumn has seen an incredible flurry of brilliant new releases; having reached the ears of the mainstream, the original Electro Swing underground are now diversifying and in the process of becoming darker and more interesting… Jazzman Records prove yet again that there are still overlooked nuggets of superb music to be unearthed on vinyl, and we hear new sounds from Klischee, Minimatic, Bahama Soul Club, Grinny Grandad, Jazzotron, JAWN, Electro Swing Elite and Island Record’s on-going...

Freshly Squeezed // 14 Oct 2016

Autumn usually brings a rush of new music in the pre-Christmas window, and this year is no exception. Spoilt for choice, Nick Hollywood guides you to the very best new releases from the Electro Swing and Vintage Remix scenes. This is classic Freshly Squeezed, and if you like, please be sure to rewind, retweet and repost...

Duration: 00:58:46

Freshly Squeezed // 09 Sep 2016

Festival season over (almost) and September's new music coming thick and fast, this months edition of Freshly Squeezed sees Nick Hollywood focusing on new or recent Electro Swing. There's exciting news of a brand new Vintage Remix record label, an original version of a Duke Ellington song recently remixed and a few World Premiere’s to boot.

Freshly Squeezed // 01 Aug 2016

The 1960’s and 70’s saw an incredible flowering of a unique and funky pop sensibility in the music of Brazil. Following the massive cross-over success of the Bossa Nova into American jazz and subsequently into an increasingly bland easy-listening mainstream, Brazil itself, rather than stagnating, found a new confidence with an outpouring of wonderfully inventive music and a string of incredible song-writers. Strong on melody and harmony but with distinct rhythmic and percussive elements...

Duration: 00:59:25

Freshly Squeezed // 08 July 2016

This month's Freshly Squeezed Radio Show is a continuous mix in tribute to Festivals everywhere; A ‘live’ 1 hour un-interrupted DJ set of the finest vintage remix and electro swing recorded on the fly at Love Supreme and featuring brand new pre-release music alongside proven club classics… tune in, turn on!

Freshly Squeezed // 13 Dec 2015

Back to our regular eclectic form after last weeks JAZZ show (returning with Part 2 soon) - this episode tries to find the perfect Autumn song and ends instead by spinning a slice of Jamaican Sunshine pop perfection! C’est la vie. Also includes several brand new releases and tracks from the latest Electro Swing compilation to hit the shelves!

Duration: 01:47:35

Freshly Squeezed // 06 Dec 2015

The JAZZ show. #1. Today’s FRESHLY SQUEEZED is the first half of a two part SPECIAL. We would love to take your requests for the second half.

Duration: 01:50:38

Freshly Squeezed // 29 Nov 2015

Today's episode takes a glance back at some of the great tracks we played on the show over the past year; Not an official 'Best Of 2015' just yet, but an informal collection of tracks you might have missed, plus new releases and a few classics...

Duration: 01:47:53

Freshly Squeezed // 15 Nov 2015

Today’s show features a seasonal selection of the freshest locally-sourced ingredients, from new releases on our own label to classic flavours from yesteryear.

Duration: 01:48:29

Freshly Squeezed // 08 Nov 2015

Autumn, Fall, call it what you will, today’s show gets in the mellow groove with a selection of music both new and old. From Mel Torme to Tom Waits, Jazz to House to Funk and beyond. Sit back, relax and enjoy…

Duration: 01:48:12

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