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Every week from 9-11pm, Friday Night Cranks makes hilarious prank calls LIVE from their website. After the show each week FNC will post the funniest pranks onto this podcast. Subscribe and watch the newest calls, and exclusive videos as soon as they are posted.




Dead Pussycat In Washer - Prank Call

REQUEST A PRANK CALL!http://request.fridaynightcranks.comVISIT OUR ONLINE STOREhttp://store.fridaynightcranks.comDOWNLOAD OUR APPhttp://app.fridaynightcranks.comFACEBOOK prank calls Sears as Barney Stimpleton asking why his cat died when it went into the washer and dryer. The ladies day is ruined by this prank!

Late For A Date - Prank Call

REQUEST A PRANK CALL FOR FREEhttp://request.fridaynightcranks.comOUR STOREhttp://store.fridaynightcranks.comDOWNLOAD OUR APP made by and Kristin prank call an Applebees saying they will be late for their date. They ask Hayden to deliver some messages for them. This guy is a champ!

Blissful Act of Kindness Prank Call

**READ DESCRIPTION** The original prank call was over 20 minutes long with me asking her a ton of questions about her getting thrown off a bus a few days ago. I kept just the beginning and the end since the middle was pretty slow!STORE:http://store.fridaynightcranks.comREQUEST A PRANKhttp://request.fridaynightcranks.comFACEBOOK APP made by...

Barney Bake Sale - Prank

REQUEST A PRANK CALL!http://request.fridaynightcranks.comDOWNLOAD OUR APP! prank calls a couple that has Barrels for sale. He first wakes the lady up then explains why he needs them!


Watch our entire 6 year show that was recorded live on February 15th 2013.First hour was Q&A'sSecond and Third hour was prank callsLast hour was calling viewers!REQUEST A PRANK!http://request.fridaynightcranks.comCHECK OUT OUR STORE

Refurbished Hamster - Prank Call

STORE:http://store.fridaynightcranks.comREQUEST A PRANKhttp://request.fridaynightcrnaks.comFACEBOOK APP and Kristin prank call a Petco saying Michelle's hamster died from her throwing it at the wall. This lady gets so mad when Jared subjects that it was a "defective product". Easily the best prank call we have made since Snuggle Buddies!

Reckless Driving (These Things Happen) - Prank Call

NEW BEANIES AND SHIRTS AVAILABLE!http://store.fridaynightcranks.comREQUEST A PRANK CALLhttp://request.frdaynightcranks.comLIKE US ON FACEBOOK and @KristinRoseFNCJared prank calls Geico customer support as Mitch trying to get a quote because all the other insurance agencies won't take him. This guy is hilarious!

Greatest Prank Call Moments of 2012 (Friday Night Cranks)

REQUEST A PRANK CALL!http://request.fridaynightcranks.comVisit our storehttp://store.fridaynightcranks.comThese moments were picked by Jared and Kristin as the greatest prank call moments of 2012. Comment below what your favorite prank call moment was!

$1,400 Drunken Home Security - Prank Call

LIKE US ON FACEBOOK! us a prank call idea..or two..http://request.fridaynightcranks.comMERCH IS ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIMEhttp://store.fridaynightcranks.comJared prank calls XFINITY home security saying he needs a system in to prevent his drunken self from breaking into his own house. This lady is a pretty good sport about the whole situation..

Tickle By The Fryer - Prank Call

Request pranks herehttp://request.fridaynightcranks.comLIKE US ON FACEBOOK prank calls a McDonalds trying to return extra money the cashier gave him. The call somehow turns into a sexual discussion. The lady is hilarious!

Dead People in Hotel - Prank Call

Jared prank calls a hotel as Mitch asking to book a room that has had a dead person in it recently. What happens at the end creeps this lady out! Her reaction is hilarious!Request a prank call for us to do!http://request.fridaynightcranks.comLIKE US ON FACEBOOK @KristinRoseFNC

Bunny in the Oven Prank Call

Jared and Kristin make a hilarious prank call to Petco. They ask what temperature they should hear their oven too for their pet bunny. Their reactions is amazing!If you want to request ideas for us to prank call. Simply go tohttp://request.fridaynightcranks.comNeed an FNC shirt?http://store.fridaynightcranks.comGet our app! Facebook: Twitter:

Jeopardy Prank Call

Jared and Kristin prank call a fans teacher. He tried out for Jeopardy a few times but never made it onto the actual show. So we call him pretending to be auditioning him on the phone. He has to compete against Candiiey.Have us do a prank call for you! request ideas http://request.fridaynightcranks.comBuy FNC Merch!

Disney Haunted Mansion - Prank Call

Jared and Kristin prank call Disney World complaining that Michelle thinks a ghost from their ride "Haunted Mansion" has followed her home. He is a great sport about it. I love when people help out during the prank!TO REQUEST IDEAS GO TOhttp://request.fridaynightcranks.comLIKE US ON FACBOOK

Friday Night Cranks: Disconnected - Moving Truck Prank

SHARE ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTERFacebook: and Kristin fly down to Orlando Florida to meet up with 2 close friends, and Friday Night Cranks fans to pull off the craziest prank yet! We rent a moving truck and move all of their new roommates stuff out of her house.The best is when the prankie becomes a pranker and helps us prank her friend!To request...

Creeper Wants a Treehouse

Jared prank calls a Home Depot as "Daddy" wanting to build a Treehouse for some kids. This guy is decently helpful!Request a prank call with our new form!http://request.fridaynightcranks.comGet exclusive video and pranks! US ON FACEBOOK! by

Personal Trainer - Prank Call

Did this video make you laugh? share it on Facebook and twitter!Facebook: prank calls a personal trainer as Mitch. He needs a personal trainer to get buff!LIVE PRANK CALLS EVERY WEEK! You can request your ideas by filling out the form athttp://request.fridaynightcranks.comCheck out our new merch! Free Shipping in the US!http://store.fridaynightcranks.comDownload our app...

Friday Night Cranks: Disconnected - Dance Studio Prank (Episode 2)

Jared and Kristin prank a dance studio in New Jersey with hidden cameras. Jared tries to take a ballet lesson as Branden! Watch us bring the prank to life, and find out what happens when we try and pull it off!If you have an in person prank idea you can create a 60 second video with your name, location, and idea. Send it (only hidden camera ideas)Watch our last episode when we prank a babysitter! to our...

Papa John's Pineapple Prank Call

Jared calls a Papa John's trying to get them to say the word "pineapple" as many times as possible.How many did you count?LIVE PRANK CALLS EVERY WEEK! You can request your ideas by filling out the form athttp://request.fridaynightcranks.comCheck out our new merch! Free Shipping in the US!http://store.fridaynightcranks.comDownload our app for $0.99 and get exclusive pranks and music.

Hooker Prank Call

Jared calls a hooker and just wants to hang out.. The lady gets pissed after a while!Thanks to Kelly for sending this hilarious idea in!You can request ideas here!http://request.fridaynightcranks.comOur store!http://store.fridaynightcranks.comDownload our podcast, Unreleased pranks, and our app on iTunes! Just search the iTunes store for Friday Night Cranks!spoof your number when you prank call by
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