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Episode 20 :: Angus Gaped

Nerdy Show's Tony and Cap us team up with us to read some truly outrageously bad fanfic. Jem and the Holograms is a property that should have been ripe for the plucking when it comes to weird erotica, but author Tira Ravenwing shows us that no - the sexual adventures of The Holograms and The Misfits are off-key and boring. Submitted for your disapproval: "Island Interlude" and "Tangled Web Flattery". But don't worry fam, we've got some toxic fic to wash it all down with: "Ghost Riding...

Duration: 02:01:16

Episode 19 :: 'a'he'er U'i'ed

Mmm, British sexiness. In this episode it's not just our upper lips we're keeping stiff. We finally get the chance to touch The Doctor in "Dirty Laundry" by emeraldeyedirishdaughter. For many, David Tennant is sexy. For us... this was pretty freaking unsexy. Behold as rookie readers get riotous and try to pick apart plot and logic which isn't there. The alcohol will teach them, and teach them well. We chase the Whovian smut with a My Little Pony story, because this year Friday Night...

Duration: 01:25:46

Episode 18 :: Charlie Browm

Dust off your best-worn Vans, friends! In this episode we read the pro-skateboarder slashfic you never knew you wanted: "Tony, Cindy and Bam make a Porno" by "Mann Rice" and Nodachie. Yup. Wax your boards, folks. And by "boards" we mean both your skateboard as well as whatever phallic object you're sporting... because Tony Hawk and Bam Margera are about to "grind". Next we read "A Charlie Brown Christmas" by Author Obscure. We thought it was going to be whimsical. Well, it's only really...

Duration: 01:42:27

Episode 17 :: Time and Lube Heal All Wounds

Start your Friday off right with some breakfast. How about some toast? But... "by start "right" we mean start very, very wrong. This is Friday Night Fanfiction after all. In "Toaster Face" by Eerosama Lady Gaga gets fresh with a cooking toaster. Yeah. It was pretty awful. Then we move on to indie game sensation, Undertale. It's a first for us here on the show and in "THE WORST FUCKING UNDERTALE FANFICTION" by TerribleWriterWithTerribleStories we get quite the introduction. Join us on a...

Duration: 01:51:42

Episode 16 :: Woo

It's always the darkest before the dawn. We continue our sordid trek through "Big Bang Theory Gang Bang Orgy" by Baranbrat - Presidents were impersonated, Die's were Harded, Woo's were woo'd, and many intricate discussions about internal bodily functions happened. The smiles hurt on top of the pain of reading... Even when we're having fun it's almost unbearable. Readers: Stevo, David, Logan, Val, Shawn, Sony, Tia For links and more info, head to the main episode page:...

Duration: 01:47:52

Episode 15 :: Dark Chocolate Beef Stick

Sample forbidden and horrible delicacies and profusely inappropriate renditions of already cringe-worthy TV in Baranbrat's "Big Bang Theory Gang Bang Orgy". This... this is gonna suck. And it did. There was LOTS of sucking involved, along with some of the funniest most terrible sexual writing we've read this season. Lumps were identified, Tiduses were laughed, and panties were eaten. For links and more info, head to the main episode page:...

Duration: 01:50:57

Episode 14 :: The Great Chicken War

Ohhhhhh boy. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Oh god, oh man, oh god, oh man, oh god. We return to the works of beloved author, Mr. Comicsnix, and the pain, anguish, and laughter that all his writing bestows upon us. In this episode we tackle some old classics involving Batman, Robocop, Superman, and Inspector Gadget in two wonderful tales. First, "Batman and Robocop: The Day the Men found Love", in which David's chickens fight and we discuss how phone sex with Robocop would work. Not to be...

Duration: 01:38:32

Episode 13 :: Sir Unicocktapus of Bum Diddles

Time to celebrate! We don't have to read any more of that awful Saved by the Bell fanfiction! ...Oh. Great, now we have to read fanfiction about Brushfire and his Melon friend. Yup. We've stooped this low, folks. If there were a bottom to this barrel, we would surely have passed it by a few miles by now. Introducing: "Brushmelon". We romp through the 90's with a Disney crossover fic that really knows how to work character appeal: "69 hues of Disney the ballad of Gaston and the Kid from...

Duration: 01:43:28

Friday Night Fanfiction :: Episode 12 :: The Creamy GooGoo

Cuzintiny's wretched Saved By the Bell slashfic, “Bangin’ at Bayside” continues! Seriously, this writer only has the capability of writing preteen-vocabulary level sex scenes. There is literally no character development, or plot, or even bagels. If you take meds, take 'em now (unless you shouldn't mix them with alcohol). Oh wait - you can't take your meds, because this story already gulped 'em down! Readers: Stevo, David, Logan, Val, Shawn. D-LUCKS, Asterol For links and more info, head to...

Duration: 01:40:37

Episode 11 :: Bangin' at Bayside

We're kicking this episode off with something highly unusual, visual and fan-submitted! Loyal listener tehmsu commissioned an artist to draw Lucca from Chrono Trigger - hyper plump and sporting a proportionately engorged member. Doomington, the artist in question, liked it so much he penned a short story to go along with it. Presenting "Lucca Futa" (caution: link contains NSFW image) - we couldn't not read it. There's much moisture and grossness involved. Following that, we started reading...

Duration: 01:41:22

Episode 10 :: What Even is The Radical Squadron?

It's always a treasure when we read some fanfiction by one of our own fans... And it's got ponies in it... And the ponies are peeing. And also diapers. The story is called "Twilight Tinkle" by first rate pervert GrassDragon. It was really gross and wet and kind of like the worst Super Soaker fight you could imagine possible. Then, we delve into a fanfic about the 90's CGI show ReBoot: "ReBooty Call" by De-Manged; where there's incest and it's also really gross and not fun to read. But hey,...

Duration: 01:19:27

Episode 9 :: I Can Smell the Erection

In this episode, we finish up unbeatenduck's multiversal trollfic “face the strange”. It did not turn out like we hoped, but it did turn out like we predicted. It wasn't good, but we did it and that's the bottom line. Life is all about experiences. Experiences sometimes including saying very offensive things that are written and we can't omit. Not all of us can be David, you know. But we trudged through, and there was no real ending. So we're none the better for having wasted two weeks on...

Duration: 01:55:00

Episode 8 :: David Says the P-Word

Sometimes the awfulness of a bad fanfic is rooted in a genuine love of a property and a lust that the author simply has to express. And sometimes... well, sometimes that bad fanfic might be trolling your ass. We think "face the strange" by unbeatenduck is one such fic. Naruto, Harry Potter, Twilight, Sonic, X-Men, there's a whole lot of ugh going on here. Some sentences are amazing and absolutely brilliant... Then we get into the slurs that make us cringe, but we still slogged through to...

Duration: 01:45:39

Episode 7 :: Oh Hi, Mom. Wait, You've Read Shark Porn Before?

Steel yourselves, because we're back in the vaults and reading more smut from the now-dreaded Kristen's Collection. First, we have "Saltwater" by Komsomol, which was submitted to us as "like Dolphin Sex, but with Sharks." We enter some real dream-shaping, shark-humping absurdity where things that aren't real are apparently real anyway... and learn that claspers are pretty scary stuff. After that, we read "Battle Monkeys" by CarlosRegerado, which is apparently based on a mobile game. If...

Duration: 02:12:08

Episode 6 :: So This is How They Make Bubble Tea

Oh. Oh dear. Oh, what has happened here? We read five stories and drudge through the dairy goodness that is Xalts' Tapioca trilogy; a threesome of stories based on Salamanders in the Homestuck universe. It is very gross and not anatomically or biologically accurate in any way. There's "Tapioca", "The Sequel", and who could forget the riveting finale, "Tapioca 3 The Return". Delightful. Following that, we read some fic based off what is itself fanfiction of World War II: Hetalia Axis...

Duration: 02:16:59

Episode 5 :: Just Drink For How Racist This Story Is

Indulge in a classic Hunchback of Notre-Dame fanfic. Or try to, anyway. "Back to the Frollo" by the aptly-named Frollofreak shuts us down for two reasons. One: it's ultra racist. Two: it's boring. REAAAAAAAAAAAAL boring. It does not become enjoyable. Ever. Lucky us, we're entertaining folks and we have two amazing fan readers suffering with us through the time-traveling Toyota and numerous flashbacks that do nothing to establish plot or character. Based on this, we're never going to visit...

Duration: 02:03:47

Episode 3 :: Precum Jones

Prepare to be enthralled by the sex-swapping, gender-bending wonderment of the Avengers fanfic, "Avenging Tony's Lost Manhood" by therealfroggy. Logan gets broken, David gets bored, Stevo gets angry, and Val sounds Canadian. Oh, and one of our guest readers Shawn sounds Canadian too, but differently Canadian. But yeah, long story short: Tony Stark turns into a girl and can't stop fondling himself or initiating an orgy with the other Avengers. Remember: this is probably not how female...

Duration: 02:13:00

Episode 2 :: Sombrero Crab

This is what happens when we find a stranger in the Alps, then they write a story, and we bring them on the show to read it. Longtime Nerdy Show fan Fenrirgochad has brought to us a fanfic of his own devising for us all to read. He inserted Stevo into a crossover fic between The Brave Little Toaster and *sigh* Sonic the Hedgehog. Yup. Things happen. Sexy almost happens a lot... and apparently death also happens a lot. This was hilarious, weird, and we learned a lot about echidna dicks....

Duration: 01:37:36

Episode 1 :: "Spornsored" by Pornhub

We're BAAAAAAAAAACK! Season 5 gets started off "right". Which is to say, very, very wrong. We take on a story we can't finish! Not because it is incomplete, but because it's such an awful experience and we actually can't bear continuing it. It's horrible. Awful. Disgusting. All the bad words. To quote one listener verbatim: "I expected the sexism, but the racism was a surprise." The nightmare in question is "The Most Men's Rights Activist Fanfic Ever Made" written by notoriously...

Duration: 01:47:57

Episode 33 :: Last Trip to Sister Town

This is it. The is the final installment of Niduranduran’s Pokémon fanfic,“Solaceon Daycare’s Excellent Adventures”. We've done it! We've finished the longest story we will ever attempt to read. Nothing else comes close to the epic-length nightmare we've subjected ourselves to. Never again. Never forget. This story is drek. It's awful and deplorable and we hated it. Oh sure, there was some fun to be had along the way, but this one nearly tore us apart at times. We hope you enjoyed...

Duration: 02:10:51

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