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Episode 10 - Nightmare on Elly’s Street: Dee-tox Janaury

In the first Frigays episode of 2018, Daniel and Ben are spat out of the ‘Erinsborough Christmas Time Vortex’ to discuss Toadie and Sonya’s ‘Carry On Cruising’ sexploits, baby Gabe’s bid for freedom and Amy’s next big mistake. Also, the Frigays answerphone receives its first message, Ben tries to stalk Mark Brennan and the Frigays spirit animal is back with a bang! However, the podcast takes a shocking turn when…stop the presses, hold the front page, alert the world’s media…Daniel pays...

Duration: 00:46:53


In this bonus episode of Frigays, Daniel surprises Ben with a trip to Turkey to watch ‘Komşular’ - the Turkish version of ‘Neighbours’. In the first episode of this Turkish delight, Fake Sheila is brought to her knees by hungry children wanting bread, Fake Lou is on the prowl and Fake Mark has a spider down his pants! But whilst everyone might look different, some things never change - the whole world revolves around Fake Paige.

Duration: 00:22:06

Episode 9 - Deelirium in Erinsborough

It’s the ‘Dee-lightful’ 2017 Neighbours season finale and Daniel and Ben gatecrash the vow renewal (try saying that quickly!) of the year to celebrate the final two episodes of the year that saw a miraculous recovery, a giant baby steal a car and the return of everyone’s favourite doppelgänger; or is she the real ‘Dee-al’ this time? Also, Daniel and Ben launch their Christmas appeal, Ben meets Ben at the Backlane Bar and Frigays ends 2017 with a bang…(our apologies to those of a sensitive...

Duration: 00:57:48

Episode 8 - You’re like the full roast, crackling and all!

It’s nearing season finale time on Neighbours and Frigays’s Daniel and Ben jump into the ‘Erinsborough Christmas Time Vortex’ to discuss the first three action-packed episodes of the week that saw royalty grace the street, the Willis and Cannings go on a fun family outing to court and Sheila reveal the time she encountered an unwanted wiener. Also, Daniel asks, “Is a disgraced ex-priest the right form of treatment for agoraphobia and aquaphobia?” and Ben warms up his vocal chords for...

Duration: 00:53:18

Episode 7 - Mongays is the new Frigays

In the latest episode of ‘Frigays’ Christmas has officially arrived and whilst Ben prepares to deck the halls with holly, Daniel is doing his best impression of the Grinch whilst his body is ravaged by man-flu - but it’s only 70% man-flu, so just like Terese’s cancer it’ll be forgotten by the end of the podcast. Also, Daniel sentences half of Ramsay Street to a life behind bars in his crime spree report, Ben announces who’s climbing onto Mark’s high horse and the ‘Predictability Project’...

Duration: 00:36:24

Episode 6 - Exposition Week (Explained)

In this episode of Frigays, Daniel and Ben continue to discuss the best whodunnit on Neighbours since someone knocked over the bookshelf at the backpackers - ‘Who killed Hamish?’ As the list of suspects continues to grow, Ben does his best Hercule Poirot impression and points the finger at a rabid dog and a party girl with a bad habit. Meanwhile, Daniel’s been busy checking out hotel rooms in Paris and has a shocking accusation to make…

Duration: 00:29:22

Episode 4B - Back to Sonya on the Floor

As the wine gum sugar rush reaches its peak, Daniel and Ben debate which Neighbours wedding is their most memorable, before saying their goodbyes to a much loved and most underrated character (get those tissues at the ready!). Also, Ben explains why he can no longer listen to Adele and Daniel’s overactive eagle eyes have been at it again - just what has he spotted this time?!

Duration: 01:19:01

Episode 4A - What is the quinoa of 2018?

In this episode of Frigays, sponsored by a packet of wine gums, Daniel and Ben gatecrash the Neighbours non-wedding of the year as cheating ferret Terese finally confesses to Gary what she did with one-legged lover Paul on the ’sex couch’. Also, find out which of Sheila’s lines this week has hit the top spot, quite literally, and Daniel surprises Ben with a hidden talent.

Duration: 00:38:36

Episode 3 - That’s not what a party girl would do

In the latest instalment of Frigays, highly caffeinated and loaded with sugar, Daniel and Ben pick apart the week that saw Elly tell a whooper of a lie, Amy turn into a tiny horse and Mrs Mangel makes a shocking comeback. Also, Ben faces his worst nightmare in another high-stakes quiz and has Daniel rumbled Clancy the dog’s secret? Is Clancy an evil time-travelling mutt, responsible for the death of a Ramsay Street legend?

Duration: 00:34:52

Episode 2B - This tops sausage-gate!

In part B of the second episode of Frigays, the conversation heads for the gutter as Daniel and Ben discuss the infamous sex sofa of Erinsborough, Susan’s sexy Swedish alter ego and Courtney’s special brand of massage that has Karl and Shane queuing up at the spa. Also, Ben puts his ‘Inside Soap’s Neighbours Superfan 1995′ title to the test in a nail-biting quiz and Daniel’s eagle-eyes have noticed something quite strange about Terese’s desk…

Duration: 00:43:10

Episode 2A - This tops sausage-gate!

In part A of the second episode of Frigays, hosts Daniel and Ben reflect on a week of Neighbours that saw the residents foolishly hang their secret wishes on a tree, Elly suffer with the mother of all hangovers and ‘liveability’ become the hot topic on everyone’s lips, much to Daniel’s dismay. Also, as a treat for listeners, Ben reads from the secret diary of the icon that is Kim Tanaka and Daniel’s parish news calls for action to be taken on a certain noisy neighbour… Credit to...

Duration: 00:17:12

Episode 1 - Erinsborough is rocked

In the debut episode of Frigays, hosts Daniel and Ben pick apart the week on ‘Neighbours’ that saw Terese hop into bed with Paul after being declared 30% free of cancer; a crazed Dr Karl threaten to unleash his giant exotic fruit on Erinsborough; and Yashvi go all night long with Ben’s guitar. But what will be the scene of the week and just what has Dipi done now at Harold’s?

Duration: 00:39:35

Episode 0 - The one you should listen to if you haven’t watched Neighbours in years

Not watched ‘Neighbours’ for a while but fancy jumping back into Lassiters Lake and rejoining the residents of Ramsay Street for all the drama Down Under? This handy mini-episode fills in all the gaps and answers all those burning questions you might have like: Who’s still in it from the 80s? What channel is it on? And is Bouncer still in it? (Just how long do you think is the life expectancy of a dog?!)

Duration: 00:12:23