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17: 8.17 - The Rocket Men

Tales from The Vicarage is back for it's 6h Volume, this time focusing on 4 men - The Rocket Men. Ian Bolton, Steve Sherwood, Ross Jenkins and Luther Blissett. The four men who played for the Hornets in Division 4,3,2 and 1. Jon and Mike talked to Ross Jenkins, Steve Sherwood and, the host of the night, Adam Leventhal.

Duration: 00:28:48

16: 8.16 - Not so Cleverley done - a greek tragedy

EVERTON 3-2 WATFORD How did we not win that game? Jon, Mike, DCW and Jordi talk through the game and well fell more than deflated. The Hornets were cruising at 2-0, but some how lost the game and missed a last minute penalty!!

Duration: 00:27:32

15: 8.15 - They Stoked Us

WATFORD 0-1 STOKE Jon, Mike and Jason are joined by old friend Curtis from Denver, who's not been at Vicarage Road for a few years. We didn't get to see the Watford we've fallen in love with, and they boys do their best to talk through the game and get past how Stoke Stoke were.

Duration: 00:35:15

8.14 - Swings and Roundabouts

CHELSEA 4-2 WATFORD With a result that didn't reflect the performance, the Hornets may have left Stanford Bridge frustrated, but, on the morning after, Jon calls Mike, Colin Mace and Olly Wicken to talk through the positives of the game. Did Deeney have the impact we all hoped, will Ricky from Rio recover from the results and what can we expect from the latest series of Hornet Heaven?

Duration: 00:36:49

8.13 - Audentior

WATFORD 2-1 ARSENAL A familiar score line when Watford take on Arsenal, but this one felt even sweeter with a last minute winner on a day that started with the Biggest Flag in the UK. Jon, Jason, Mike and Andy talk about the game, whether have made it or jumped the shark and Jon gets involved with the 1881 and talks to 1881 leader Roy Moore.

Duration: 00:42:12