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Podcast: Opportunities For Geothermal In Latin America

The Geothermal Development Facility for Latin America (“GDF” or the “Fund”) is privately managed, Mauritius-based foundation with an initial capitalization of €50 million from the German government (KfW) and the European Union (EU). Other investment in a similar collective amount from multilateral development financial institutions (CAF, IDB, World Bank, CABEI, Norfund, AFB, DFID etc.) is under consideration. GDF's purpose is to provide early stage grant funding for geothermal development...

Duration: 00:46:27

Interview with Spero Mensah

Interview with Spero Mensah by Frontera

Duration: 00:14:52

JLL Vietnam

JLL Vietnam by Frontera

Duration: 00:51:10

Myanmar: Perspectives On The Ground With Kim Chawsu

Myanmar: Perspectives On The Ground With Kim Chawsu by Frontera

Duration: 00:44:13

Gavin Serkin, Part 2 - Frontera

Gavin Serkin, Part 2 - Frontera by Frontera

Duration: 00:29:28

Gavin Serkin, Part 1 - Frontera

Gavin Serkin, Part 1 - Frontera by Frontera

Duration: 00:59:30

An Insider’s Guided Tour of the Iranian Stock Market - Frontera

An Insider’s Guided Tour of the Iranian Stock Market - Frontera by Frontera

Duration: 00:20:14

Guyanese Native Returns Home To Launch Investment Fund

Guyanese Native Returns Home To Launch Investment Fund by Frontera

Duration: 00:21:10

Christopher de Gruben on Mongolia - Frontera

Mongolia is a nation of superlatives -- it has one of the world's fastest-growing economies, and one of the world's coldest and most polluted capital cities. Rising incomes in Ulaanbaatar have resulted in a rapid influx of automobiles, far beyond what the city's Soviet-era infrastructure can currently support. The city's legendary frigid winters, coupled with inadequate government and private-sector focus on parking facilities, have created extremely difficult conditions for commuters. The...

Duration: 00:40:41

Harris Kupperman On Mongolia - Frontera

Mongolia is a land of stark contrasts. It has the lowest population density of any country on earth, yet its population is fewer than three million – and over half of them live in the capital of Ulaanbaatar. For context, note that the country is three times the size of France, but its total population only slightly outnumbers that of the city of Lyon. Mongolia’s frozen steppes bring long, lonely winters (the worst are called “zud”), and can prove devastating to animal herds that the nomads...

Duration: 00:46:01

India: Tales From the E-Commerce Revolution

To learn more about the Asian e-commerce revolution, Emerging Frontiers spoke with Gurpreet Singh, the CEO and Founder of BrownTape, a Goa-based company that assists retailers with listings and inventory related to their e-commerce businesses.

Duration: 00:21:00

How an App is Saving Lives During the Ebola Crisis in West Africa - Frontera

The Ebola Crisis is a pandemic that has captured the world’s attention, and rightfully so. America’s Centers For Disease Control (CDC) is estimating that about 15,000 cases of Ebola have occurred resulting in over 5000 deaths. And the images coming out of West Africa are heart wrenching, bodies being dumped in the streets, children being orphaned with no one willing to care for them because of social stigmas associated with Ebola. Half a world away, two South African brothers recently...

Duration: 00:19:24

Bangladesh: A Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Comes Home

Years ago, Waseem Alim left his native Dhaka to study at Wharton and launch a successful career in Silicon Valley. What made him return home to launch Chaldal, the country's first online grocery delivery business? Emerging Frontiers's Baldwin Berges speaks with Waseem Alim, whose company is making shopping for essential products more convenient for consumers in the chaotic mega-city of Dhaka.

Duration: 00:32:42

Introducing Endaga - Frontera

Endaga is an innovative US startup that empowers anyone to build their own independent, profitable cellular networks, even in the most remote, sparsely populated places on Earth. We like this company and its mission so much that we selected them as the inaugural project on our private nvestor platform. We sat down with Endaga's CEO, Kurtis Heimerl, to learn more about how they can profitably install rural telecommunications networks to connect the remaining unconnected billion.

Duration: 00:14:29

Rebounding Iraq - Frontera

Iraq. Each day brings news of another atrocity, each worse than the one before. At first glance the market appears off limits to even the most risk-tolerant investors. Yet for all the bad news and headlines, some are saying that this might be an ideal time to invest in the country. Governance is improving and even amidst falling oil prices the country is gearing up to make significant investments in infrastructure. In the North, Kurdistan is making remarkable progress, and about to open a...

Duration: 00:21:10

Coming Into Its Own Nepal - Frontera

With a more stable political system, enhanced investor protections, and a new power trade agreement with India, Nepal's vast hydropower resources are about to be unlocked - and its economic potential unleashed. Emerging Frontiers's Daniel Workman sits down with Shikhar Bhattarai of the Udaya Group to discover why the Nepali market should now be on every investor's radar. Read here as well:

Duration: 00:12:08

South African Entrepreneurs Helping The Ebola Crisis In Liberia - Frontera

The Ebola Crisis is a pandemic that has captured the world’s attention, and rightfully so. America’s Center For Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 15,000 cases of Ebola have already occurred resulting in over 5,000 deaths throughout West Africa. The images are heart wrenching. Half a world away, two South African brothers recently relocated to Palo Alto, California with their company, Journey Apps, and decided that they had seen enough. It was time to help save lives. Listen to this...

Duration: 00:19:18

African Tech And Bitcoins Against Ebola - Frontera

Bitcoin. That crypto-currency so often in the news yet so complicated to understand. Emerging Frontiers introduces you to two Ghana-based entrepreneurs, Falk Benke and Nikunj Handa who created and BeamRemit. With the ongoing Ebola crisis in West Africa, every dollar that arrives is crucial, and the speed with which it arrives can transfer into lives saved. Learn more about this nascent digital technology, and how African tech entrepreneurs like Falk and Nikunj...

Duration: 00:18:15

Amazing Mongolia - Frontera

In this episode of the Emerging Frontiers Podcast, Kevin Virgil and Mark Moline take us on a virtual trip to Mongolia, one of Asia's recent success stories. This landlocked country south of Russia and North of China was once the cradle of history’s most far-reaching empire. The regions under Chinggis Khan’s rule stretched all the way from the Pacific to the Mediterranean back in the 13th century. It is home to just under 3 million people and with thirty percent of the population under the...

Duration: 00:35:05

Dubai, Anything Is Possible - Frontera

Dubai makes you believe that anything is possibe. What was once a well-located trading node on a creek in the middle of the world took less than three decades to become one of the globe's hotspots. Join us to discover what it took for Dubai to become what it is today. Make sure to wear your best headphones becuase this is a truly a sensory voyage!

Duration: 00:35:32