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65 - Does Your Hotel Have The Right Booking Engine?

All hotels and resorts are striving to make the most out of their marketing dollars. Hotels will spend countless dollars and hours finding the right audience, the right marketing channels and setting the perfect bait to bring in a new guest. Many are great at setting the bait, but fail to make sure the trap will work. That’s what we’re going to discuss on episode 65 of the Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast. We are going to dive in and determine if you are using the right PMS and right booking...

Duration: 00:56:46

64 - Secrets To Becoming A Hotel Advertising Pro

Google has defined 4 stages of travel, which encompasses everything from the initial spark in which someone decided they might want to take a trip all the way through the process of a guest sharing their vacation photos and experiences online with friends and family. “I want to get away moments” - dreaming moments “Time to make a plan moments” - planning moments “Let’s book it moments” - booking moments “Can’t wait to explore moments” - experiencing moments In our new guide (available at...

Duration: 01:05:21

63 - How To Make Your Hotel Website More Effective By Answering Questions

Why do hotels need a website? Essentially, your website’s job is to close the uncertainty gap, which results in the casual shopper becoming a customer. In order to close the uncertainty gap, your website must anticipate and answer questions that the shopper is likely to have during the research and purchase process. So, why do the vast majority of shoppers not convert to bookers? Conversion rate on a leisure hotel’s website can be 1-5%. Meaning between 95-99% of website visitors are not...

Duration: 01:02:31

62 - 5 Unbelievable Hotel Marketing Facts You Need To Know And Act Upon

Fueligans tend to be nerdy about data and we’re always looking to find new insights that can help shape the marketing strategy for our hotel clients. In this episode of the Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast, we take a look at 5 recent facts that we’ve stumbled upon and that are influencing our decision making. We look at the data, discuss what it means, and tell you how you can apply this new found knowledge to help drive more direct bookings for your hotel. SHOW NOTES AT:

Duration: 00:57:51

61 - Breaking Bad-vertising: Top Hotel Marketing Myths Debunked

As marketers, it’s far too easy for us to rest on our past successes and for us to believe that what worked yesterday will work tomorrow. The reality is that things often change and the truths that we hold close to us may end up holding us back. In our experience, the good marketers are the ones who constantly challenge their preconceptions and seek out ways to disprove conventional wisdom. This episode focuses on 5 myths that we still often hear about hotel marketing. Make sure that you...

Duration: 01:18:33

60 - Easily Improve Your Guest Satisfaction by Communicating The Right Way

This week, we have special guest star, Valerie Castillo from TrustYou on the show to talk to us about an amazing study that they recently published. The study highlights the importance of communicating properly with your guest and how that can have a positive impact on guest satisfaction and online reputation. SHOW NOTES: http://www.fueltravel.com/blog/fuel-hotel-marketing-podcast-episode-60-easily-improve-guest-satisfaction-communicating-right-way/

Duration: 00:55:59

59 - Smarter Hotel Email Automation & Personalization

The marketing mix is becoming more and more complex with new opportunities and tools constantly becoming available to hoteliers. Unfortunately, the days are not getting longer so automation and smarter marketing are required to keep your hotel on cutting edge of marketing. In this episode of the Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast, we are going to dive into how you can save time and improve your ROI on email marketing. Show notes:...

Duration: 01:07:53

58 - How to Market Your Hotel on a Shoestring Budget

Marketing your hotel can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be. In this episode we discuss some free or nearly free methods and marketing tactics that any hotel can employ to drive more awareness and more bookings to their property. SHOW NOTES: http://www.fueltravel.com/blog/fuel-hotel-marketing-podcast-episode-58-market-hotel-shoestring-budget/

Duration: 01:15:02

57 - What You Missed at HITEC 2017

Stuart recently attended the HITEC 2017 show in Toronto. In this episode, we talk about the overall mood of the industry and give a shout out to some of the stand out vendors who were there. SHOW NOTES: http://www.fueltravel.com/blog/fuel-hotel-marketing-podcast-episode-57-missed-hitec-2017/

Duration: 01:10:36

56 - How Your Hotel Can Dominate the SERP In A Mobile-First World

Having a mobile-first mindset is key to a successful hotel marketing strategy. To get it right, you have to make sure that you’re paying attention to PPC, the local listings, and your organic search results. In this episode, we break down all three and provide some tips and tricks to ensure that you dominate against your hotel competition. SHOW NOTES: http://www.fueltravel.com/blog/fuel-hotel-marketing-podcast-episode-56-hotel-can-dominate-serp-mobile-first-world/

Duration: 01:11:18

55 - Set Your Hotel Apart With Unique Amenities

In a world of increased competition. Domination by the OTAs and the threat of disruption from DIY hoteliers, hotels have to learn to stand out from the crowd and offer unique value. At Fuel Travel, we believe that investing in the property is the best form of marketing you can do. A better guest experience leads to better online reputation and better word of mouth. This ultimately leads to more bookings and the ability to increase your ADR. In this episode of the Fuel Hotel Marketing...

Duration: 00:56:57

54 -5 Reasons Why People Are Unsubscribing From Hotel Emails

The email database of any hotel is typically the #1 performing marketing asset available to drive revenue. While email is slightly less effective as it has been due to the growth of other mediums, it does remain one of the sure fire ways of driving bookings when you need them. SHOW NOTES: http://www.fueltravel.com/blog/fuel-hotel-marketing-podcast-episode-54-why-are-people-unsubscribing-from-your-hotel-emails/

Duration: 00:48:16

53 - Everything Your Hotel Needs To Know About Attribution Modelling

There’s a lot of talk in the industry right now about attribution modelling and that scare the daylights out of a lot of people because it’s super-complicated. Well, your friends at Fuel are here to help shine a light on the ins and outs of attribution modelling and all of the considerations you should be making. SHOW NOTES: http://www.fueltravel.com/blog/fuel-hotel-marketing-podcast-episode-53-everything-hotel-needs-know-attribution-modelling/

Duration: 01:04:49

52 - The 17 Biggest Booking Engine Mistakes That You Should Avoid

We recently published an article that highlighted the tremendous potential of using a mobile-friendly booking engine. In it, we discussed the fact that many hoteliers focus so much attention on their desktop booking experience and they overlook the mobile engine all together. This got us thinking about the mistakes that are often made when it comes to the booking engine on a hotel’s website. In this episode, we discuss some of the common mistakes and offer advice on how to avoid them. FULL...

Duration: 01:17:32

51 - How Storytelling Can Get You More Bookings

Storytelling is all the rage right now, but it's not a fad. In fact, storytelling has been used as a method of communication for thousands of years. It's also a great way for your hotel to create an emotional connection with your guests, increase bookings and increase positive word of mouth exposure. In this episode, we chat with Richard Dunbar from Flip.to about the art and science of storytelling and give practical advice about how hotels can insert compelling stories within their...

Duration: 01:14:36

50 - Special LIVE Ask Me Anything Edition

To celebrate one year and 50 episodes of the Fuel Hotel Marketing podcast, we are broadcasting live on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. This episode is all about our loyal listeners, so we are encouraging everyone who has a burning question related to marketing to submit questions either before or during the show to @fuel travel on Twitter with the hashtag #FuelAMA. That's right, it's an 'Ask Me Anything' episode. WATCH THE VIDEO AT:...

Duration: 01:52:16

48 - Stop Blaming Millennials For Increasing Guest Expectations

Let's be honest, Millennials get the blame for so many things. The truth is that those of us who were born before 1980 are simply jealous that the younger generation has it way easier than we do. One of the common criticisms of Millennials is that they are spoiled and they have a send of entitlement. While this may be true, we at the Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast don't believe that they are to blame for the increasing demands of today's traveler. We believe that technology is the primary...

Duration: 00:56:16

47 - Is Google Becoming An OTA?

2016 was a year full of fun new surprises for our favorite search engine. Travel, in particular, seems to be a special area of interest for Google as the search engine continued to revamp existing products and roll out brand new travel experiences. In this episode, we discuss the likelihood that Google will bite the hand that feeds it and become a full fledged OTA. Download the Fuel Travel Trends whitepaper from http://www.fueltravel.com/2017-travel-trends/

Duration: 01:13:20

45 - How To Hire A SEO Consultant For Your Hotel

45 - How To Hire A SEO Consultant For Your Hotel by Fuel Hotel Marketing

Duration: 01:01:15

44 - What OTAs Are Doing Right And Your Hotel Is Doing Wrong

In this episode, we take some of the elements from Stuart Butler’s discussion on Direct Booking Strategies for Hotels form the HSMAI Resort Best Practices Initiative Annual Roundtable Meeting. The event was held at the New York Marriott Marquis on Feb 21st, 2017. The topics being discussed were confidential, but Stuart cleared it with the attendees that he could share a small part of the conversation with our lucky podcast listeners. Download the presentation here:...

Duration: 00:56:59

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