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Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 60 – Hawks, Mavericks, Bulls and Kings updates plus a few special guests

Important Note: This episode was recorded before the disturbing news regarding the Dallas Mavericks organization. The conversation regarding the Mavericks on the podcast are limited to Ownership, Head of Basketball Operations, Coach and players. We don’t know if as the news unfolds if it will changed the viewed expressed on this episode. We will address that if and when appropriate. The Hawks have gotten good rookie campaigns from their drafted rookies John Collins and Tyler Dorsey. What...


How did the trade deadline affect how we see next season? Updates on Sixers, Clippers, Pistons and Rockets.

The Sixers are back to a full roster with JJ Redick’s return. Also Joel Embiid is playing on back-to-backs. What did we learn about the Sixers this week? We watched the Clippers and Pistons and had a challenging time trying to keep our analysis look something like a PBJ… hopefully we did right by the analysis we provided on both teams. It had been a while since we checked in on the Rockets. What did we learn about them this week> And who got our awards this week? Listen and find out. All of...


Fixing the Portland Trailblazers - Full Court Press/Almighty Ballin Crossover

Glen Willis, host of the Full Court Press, joins Chris Axmann, host of Almighty Ballin, for another collaborative episode fixing an NBA team. This episode centers around the Portland Trailblazers, who are in need of roster overhaul due to a series of overpaid free agents. We focus on some of the rumors around Nurkic and Deandre Jordan, and then suggest some trades that could remedy the situation and help bring the team to the level of contention in the Western Conference. Learn more about...


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 57 – Who will be the buyers and the sellers at the deadline? Updates for Celtics, Knicks, Magic and Lakers

Which teams do we think will be most aggressive in the trade market this week? How seriously should we take the Celtics in terms of their postseason potential? The Knicks are struggling to win games at the pace they were last month. What is going in with them? What should they be evaluating right now? We picked a bad week to watch the Magic because Aaron Gordon did not play. What were are observations? This season in Orlando is still mostly about Aaaron Gordon, but we enjoyed watching some...


Fixing the Bucks - Full Court Press / Almighty Ballin Crossover

In the second edition of the Full Court Press and Almighty Ballin crossover series 'Fixing the Team,' Chris Axmann and Glen Willis turn their eyes to Milwaukee, a promising young team with a recently vacated head coaching position due to their chronic underperformance. Glen and Chris diagnose their flaws and discuss potential remedies - including some trade possibilities heading into the deadline. Tune in! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 55 – Are the Thunder a contender? Updates on Raptors, Cavaliers, Pacers and Jazz

The OKC Thunder have won 8 in a row and seem to have put it together on offense. Are they a threat in the Western conference? The Cavaliers are dead last in defensive rating. Are they likely to make the NBA finals? Not as constructed. What needs to happen? The Pacers are the team that if the NBA were March Madness would be called the Cinderalla team of all Cinderalla teams which seems appropriate given that Victor Oladipo is playing basketball in Indiana again. The Jazz got an impressive...


Fixing the Cavs w/ Coach Nick - Full Court Press/Almighty Ballin Crossover

Coach Nick of BballBreakdown.com joins the podcast for the first installment of Fixing the team, a collaboration between Glen Willis of the Full Court Press NBA Podcast and Chris Axmann of Almighty Ballin. . In this series, Glen and Chris will diagnose several NBA teams in need of changes, and discuss how to implement those changes. In the first episode of the series, Coach Nick gives his input on the failing Cleveland Cavaliers defense and the team's lack of...


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 53 – Who should trade for Kemba? Team Updates for Heat, Wizards, Bucks, Nets

Now that it’s widely known that the Hornets are looking for a trade partner for Kemba Walker as to dig out of some of their financial contraints we discuss which organizations should step up and make a serious effort to acquire him. Are the Miami Heat a team that is going to have to be dealt with in the Eastern Conference playoffs? What is going on with Hassan Whiteside who sat the entire 4th quarter the comeback win over the Hornets? Are the Bucks as pedestrian as their numbers indicate...


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 52 – Timberwolves Update with Dane Moore

In 2017 Glen said that January would be the right time to evaluate the Timberwolves. Well, January is here and the Timberwolves are on fire. Is there or should there be a controversy at the PG position? What did we learn when they beat the Raptors without Jimmy Butler? Is the defense permanently fixed? Who should they be looking to do at the trade deadline and in the buy out market? All of this and more. Follow us on Twitter: @willis_glen / @LawtonWillis / @presspodcast Follow Dane on...


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 51 – Are the Raptors the favorite to make the finals? Team Updates for Pelicans, Grizzlies, Nuggets, Pistons.

The Cavaliers had a rough week. Are the Raptors playing better than any team in the Eatern Conference right now? If the playoffs started today would we consider them to be the favorite to win the Eastern Conference finals and make the finals? The Pelicans had some nice results this week? Do they enough depth and diversity on the roster to moves toward the middle of the Western Conference playoff standings? The need to add to their roster. Where do they need to add? The Grizzlies season is...


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 50 – Is Kyrie an MVP candidate? Team Updates for Bulls, Mavericks, Warriors, Spurs

Is Kyrie Irving a legitimate MVP candidate? We discuss. Are the Bulls as good as their 10-5 stretch might suggest? No. But we had fun watching some of the young players on the Chicago squad this week. The Mavericks have been pretty good since Maxi Kleber was inserted into the starting lineup. Do we expect that to continue? We discuss. Guess who are the two players with the worst individual net rating in the league averaging 30 minutes or more per game? Hint: They both start for the...


Episode #49 - Team Updates for Kings, Suns, Clippers, Hornets

We continue our in-season analysis. Is there anything we enjoyed about watching the Kings? Yes, his name is Garrett Temple. What are our views on Willie Cauley-Stein, Buddy Hield and Malachi Richardson? We discuss. We had way more fun watching the Suns. Who would have thought that the first week of this season? Why is it critical for Tyson Chandler to be on this roster? We discuss. How have the Clippers remain in contact with the rest of the playoff contenders in the Western Conference? We...


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 48 – Team Updates for Blazers, Nuggets, Pacers, Hawks

We continue our in-season analysis. How have the Blazers made themselves into a top 5 defense? We explain that it comes down to who is playing at the power forward and center positions and what they are asking their perimeter defenders to do. Have they sacrificed too much on offense to achieve what they are doing on defense? We discuss. The Nuggets are 29th in defensive rating but held the Warriors to 81 points in their matchup this week. What should we make of that? The Pacers might have...


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 47 – Team Updates for Raptors, Knicks, Nets, Lakers

Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 47 – Team Updates for Raptors, Knicks, Nets, Lakers We continue our in-season analysis. This week we had to watch the Raptors. They are playing at such a high level we had to see if they are doing things that are sustainable. Are they? Yes! We had to see if they are doing things that if they keep doing them in the postseason will they present a different challenge. Are they? Yes! The Knicks look like a playoff team whether Kristaps Porzingis is playing...


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 46 – Timberwolves deep dive with Dane Moore

Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 46 – Timberwolves deep dive with Dane Moore This is a special episode where we do a deep dive on the Minnesota Timberwolves with guest Dane Moore. We hope to be able to do a deep dive once a month on the Timberwolves for the rest of the season. Follow us on Twitter: @willis_glen / @LawtonWillis / @presspodcast Follow our guest on Twitter: @DaneMooreNBA Follow us on FaceBook: @fullcourtpressnba Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 45 – Team Updates for Jazz, Thunder, Rockets, Bucks

We continue our in-season analysis. This week we wanted to see why the Jazz were playing so well, especially on offense. Well Utah did not get many wins this week but we came away impressed anyway. Why? Did you know they have the 4th best offensive rating in the NBA since November 15? Now you do. Listen to hear more about that. Are the Thunder as dysfunctional as the look? Yes? Is there hope? For sure. Might they need to make a coaching change? We discussed this. Are the Rockets doing...


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 44 – Team Updates for 76ers Cavaliers Wizards Celtics

Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 44 – Team Updates for 76ers Cavaliers Wizards Celtics We continue our in-season analysis. This week we tried to assess whether the 76ers are a viable 50-win team. They had played an interesting schedule and come out largely successful. They are an incredibly productive team but one that still makes a lot of mistakes. What are those mistakes? Are they correctable this season? Might they look to add another veteran player or two to make themselves a more...


Episode 43 Team Updates for Timberwolves Pistons Magic Heat

Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 43 – Team Updates for Timberwolves Pistons Magic Heat We continue our in-season analysis. We are adjusting to providing updates on four teams per episode as opposed to eight teams as to get back to providing as much depth as we did in the season previews. We saw the Timberwolves play live four times this week so we go in depth on where they are as a team. Why do we feel they are not currently playing as well as their record would suggest? What is going...


Full Court Press NBA Podcast Episode 42 – Western Conference Updates Pelicans Spurs Jazz Thunder Blazers Rockets Kings Mavericks

We continue our in-season analysis. The Pelicans bigs are dominating the competitions. But the lack of wing players on the roster are holding them back. Can they find a way to get and stay better than .500? The Spurs have gone back to Patty Mills to start at point guard, how does that affect the rotation? How does that help Kyle Anderson and Rudy Gay? The Jazz believe in themselves while most of the rest of us are writing them off after the Gobert injury. Are the Thunder what their record...


FCP Ep. 41: Eastern Conference Updates and guest Nat Kitaw: Bucks Pistons Knicks Hawks Bulls Celtics Wizards Heat

We continue our in-season analysis. We share thoughts on the Eric Bledsoe trade and what might happen with Greg Monroe. We hand out our weekly awards and then get into team by team analysis. Why are the Bucks just a .500 team even though they have the most efficient offensive player in the league so far this season? What are the Pistons doing that is so fundamentally different from what they were doing last season? Are the Knicks doing sustainable things? Are the Hawks this bad? Are the...


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