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Episode 11: Don’t Forget You’ll Forget – How To Improve Prospective Memory

What do a sponge, a needle, or a drill bit fragment have in common? Well these are the most common but harmful things that a surgeon can leave inside you that don't belong there. Remembering to retrieve things out of patient’s cavity before suturing the patient up requires prospective memory – remembering to remember. It's the most critical Executive Function process essential in managing life’s goals. Today, our guest Professor Mark McDaniel, will be talking about ways to help carry out our...

Episode 10: Prospective Memory – Your Memory For The Future

Elephants never forget! But I guess we do. Forgetting to drop off dry cleaning, book a hotel or register for a class on time can cause disruption if not devastation. Everyday we make plans to do things in the future. We have great intentions and a confident mental state that makes us believe that all … Read More Read More

Duration: 00:37:34

Episode 9: Befriend Your Estranged Future-Self

However creative we might be, the human blind spot disallows us from imagining ourselves vividly in the distant future. Neuroscience says we are far better at constructing our past from memory as compared to projecting ourselves as a distant future-self. For example, in theory, posting 100,000 post-it notes all over the high school as a senior prank sounds creative and harmless, right? It was only after 29 Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk High School students got suspended that they were able to...

Episode 8: The Right Way to Write

Since I read about Jeff Bezos’ email from June 9, 2004, I have concluded that my clients need my training to survive at Amazon!” Why?” you ask. Well, Bezos is demanding that his team use their Executive Function when making a pitch for a new idea. He wants everyone to move away from the simplistic bullet-point lists in PowerPoint presentations. Rather, he wants his employees to submit a 4-6 page "narrative" that he calls memos. Executive Function lets you orchestrate ideas into a complex...

ExFiles: Client Story 1 – Lynn Seaward

We love stories because they change our perspective. They give us a window into the lives of many through which we get to witness extraordinary evidence of human resilience. Noam Chomsky once said, “It is quite possible, overwhelmingly probable, one might guess – that we will always learn more about human life and personality from … Read More Read More

Episode 7: Write to Finish!

“For sale. Baby Shoes. Never worn.” These 6 words capture your attention, hook your emotions and unleash your imagination. Apparently, legend has it that during an afternoon lunch with friends, Hemingway bet that he could write a shortest novel in six words. And he did. Whether Hemingway really wrote that or not, the hardest thing you’ll ever do- is Write! Hemingway certainly had all the support he needed from his Brain’s air-traffic controller, his Executive Function. Join me in listening...

Duration: 00:37:24

Episode 6: How to Prepare for College Success

It might be a little late in the game if you are just beginning to formulate a parenting strategy for your college-bound student so that they will communicate, collaborate, or reciprocate to parental guidance. Recently at a parent coffee meeting, a few folks came up to me to ask how ‘hands-on’ or ‘hands-free’ they should be with their high school kids. On today’s podcast, my dear friend and esteemed colleague Nancy Beane will explain how the parenting work for “college-readiness” begins in...

Duration: 00:41:55

Episode 5: The Starter Key to “Adulthood”

As parents, we pride ourselves on getting our teenagers ready to take off and succeed on their own. We have placed them into schools with a similar hope that they will leave prepared with skills to make good choices and to adjust to new challenges. But is that enough? There is no disagreement among experts that it takes more than just raw talent to succeed in school, a job, or in life. So what does it take? On today’s podcast, my dear friend, esteemed colleague, and college counseling expert...

Episode 4: Executive Function Skills Can Be Explicitly Taught

It’s hard to sympathize with a kid who never finishes his classwork on time, doesn't put away his toys without a reminder, or cannot seem to carryover that love and focus for video games into school work. Strong Executive Function skills are required to stay engaged, get organized, control impulsive actions, and rein in inappropriate emotional reactions. On today’s podcast, our guest Dr. Peg Dawson, co-author of “Smart but Scattered,” will share how these crucial ‘habits of mind’ can be...

Duration: 00:29:55

Episode 3: The Untold Story of “Failure to Launch”

In recent years, Hollywood has glorified and glamorized the stories of “epic failures to launch” with great humor and light-heartedness. The untold story behind each failure is an utter lack of discipline, no impulse control, and zero goal planning. The brain’s executive function skills interfere with all the ingredients for a launch: one’s persistence, planning, prioritizing, and execution. On today’s podcast, Dr. Peg Dawson will discuss what is Executive Function and how it helps us to...

Episode 2: Training, Learning, & the ADHD Brain

No doubt that the child who is late, disorganized and scattered needs help. But are you lecturing, punishing or giving zeros to that child in hopes that he will stop messing around and just get over it? On today’s Podcast, Dr. Russell Barkley will discuss how to train the brain’s Executive Function skills so that children can succeed in learning and life.

Episode 1: Unraveling Human Self-Regulation

Anyone struggling with inattention or distractibility, general impulsivity and poor motivation is going struggle with learning. However, conventional wisdom trivializes underachievement related to these struggles and there’s a risk that the sufferers may not get proper help they need. On today’s Podcast, Dr. Russell Barkley will discuss how the brain’s Executive Function brings behaviors under its control and directs actions towards successful learning.

Duration: 00:39:54

Episode 0: Introduction to the Full PreFrontal Podcast

I talk about my vision for the Full PreFrontal Podcast and why you should tune in.

Duration: 00:49:00