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Functioning Drunks Podcast – Episode 26 “Hey, we’ll get back to a regular schedule sometime”.

We’re back! Show starts off with the first “20 minute quickie with Tom” Patreon Jen joins the show. She bought us CIDER! Good shit too. AJ and Jen are mad at me because I lost some scratch off tickets. We talk about stuff. and more stuff. Jen is in her car! I think dreams are […]

Duration: 01:44:54

Functioning Drunks Podcast – Episode 25 “Mind if I masturbate?”

Nikki from COLOR ME DEAD joins us. With her appearance, we’ve had the whole podcast on the show. HAVE YOU ??? Whose worse? Charlie Sheen or Louis CK. AJ was to poor for tv. Jen, our only Patreon, is BETTER THAN ALL YOUR PATREONS. I can’t stop coughing. AJ teaches us how to “borrow” a […]

Duration: 01:01:39

Functioning Drunks Podcast – SUPERSIZED EDITION 22&23 “WE GOT THE MEATS”.

So, I’ve been going through some real life stuff that’s made it difficult to podcast, but we return to your podcast player to bring you more beer stool banter. Warning: If you are on a diet, this convo isn’t for you. We talk about food. A LOT.

Duration: 01:46:49

Functioning Drunks Podcast – #21 – We review six more beers.

It’s another beer review show. You wanna know which beers we reviewed? LISTEN TO THE FUCKING SHOW.

Duration: 01:11:29

Functioning Drunks Podcast #20 – COLOR ME DRUNK!!!

The Gory Gals of Color Me Dead made a big mistake. They jumped upon the Drunken MotherShip and podcasted with the worst podcast on Itunes. Nearly an hour of witty banter, ass rape jokes and cereal crunching. Enjoy.

Duration: 00:58:49

Functioning Drunks Podcast #18 – WE RETURN IN A BIG WAY.

The boys return in a big way. Talking about nothing and everything just like you love. AJ has returned from a week on the sea, Dennis had a heart attack, and no one really even noticed that we were gone for a month. THAT AND MUCH MORE!

Duration: 01:12:32

Functioning Drunks – Episode 16 “For the first time … you can hear us BOTH!”

We hired a producer and he helped us utilize sound from BOTH mics. Now it’s double the bullshit for the same low price. We talked about our social media … we talked about Scully .. we talked about suicide and how that shouldn’t be a thing. We talked about how we all need to strive […]

Duration: 01:08:56

Functioning Drunks – Episode 15 “Maybe we shouldn’t pregame anymore”.

What a debacle! AJ bought a new mic. We thought it was working. IT WASNT! We played “What’s Dummer” with Ember from Color Me Dead. We drank beer brought to us from a friend. We got really drunk. AJ drank 4Loco and bought a shit ton of stuff. I may have burned McDonald french fries […]

Duration: 01:05:16

Functioning Drunks Podcast – Episode 14 “Mountain Ale and 8Ter OUT”.

For the first time in a few weeks, it’s just AJ and Dennis. We have a really cool new opening, done by the gals from Color Me Dead podcast. We talk about our parents and alcoholism. We talk about Michael Jackson and we talk about politics. We also talk about funny things. Patreon: Twitter: […]

Duration: 01:13:45

Functioning Drunks Podcast – Episode 13 … TOM

God damn. Lots of hilarity. Tom was in the house. Zima too. We drank, got drunk and said LOTS OF OFFENSIVE SHIT

Duration: 01:11:38

Functioning Drunks Podcast – Episode 12 “Dennis drunk dials Joe Rogan”.

Show starts off with a change of hosts, as Dennis is tired of AJ’s shit. We welcome John in as new co-host. Unfortunately, AJ didn’t get the text and showed up anyways. After some tense discussion, AJ rejoined the show. AJ then told us about the 55,000 mile bike ride, John told us about being […]

Duration: 01:23:03

Functioning Drunks Podcast – Episode 11 “AJ started drinking early”.

AJ was at another wedding reception and began drinking way before the show started. Dennis was a little hungover from the night before. The guys talked about bar fights, crack whores you’re related to, sampled a few new beers, one of which tasted like dandelion dirt. Social media links: Twitter: FDPodcast69 Facebook: @FDPodcast69 Patreon:

Duration: 00:50:24

Functioning Drunks Podcast – Episode X “BEER REVIEW SHOW …. DONG!”

This show is sponsored by Jen, Deb and DONG! A classic beer review show …. We drink six different beers of different taste and such. The beers: Producer: New Holland Brewing Beer: Dragons Milk Reserve ALC: 11% Producer: Kirin Beer: Kirin Ichiban %: 5 Producer: Weyerbacher Beer: Cinnsanity % 13 Producer: New Belgium Beer: Watermelon […]

Duration: 01:18:49

Functioning Drunks – Episode 9 “AJ Sings”

A special saturday night taping. We streamed live on Facebook for this weeks show. Dennis is 23 days into his ALL VEGETARIAN diet. No donations have been made. He’s a fat loser. We talked about: “The bet”. BBQ GWAR AJ reads his poetry and SINGS A SONG Words we misspell Kathy Griffin – why do […]

Duration: 01:11:10

Functioning Drunks – Episode 8 “The Bet”

Show Notes: The gents thank our veterans, past and present. Studio “Upgrade” talk. Yacht talk. Dennis’s health is discussed. And his driving “Skills” We talk about video games. And porn. And the “Bet” And so much more. ShoutOuts: Juice in the Morning The Unwritable Rant The Concession Stand SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook Twitter IG Patreon YouTube […]

Duration: 01:03:18

Functioning Drunks – Episode 7

Episode 7 “PoonToon” Show Notes: Just a sit and shit kind of night. No real subject as AJ and Dennis talked a little bit about everything, mostly our day to day lives and food and beer. AJ’s wife, Melissa will be celebrating her 40th, and they’ll be going on a 200 mile bike ride. Idiots. […]

Duration: 01:15:14

Functioning Drunks – Episode 6

Today, we dove into the history of AJ’s musical career. We promised to end the show with a song, but they never sent me the MP3, so fuckem’. It was an interesting discussion about the inner workings of a cult like local band. We also discuss art, and how it’s created while we eat fancy […]

Duration: 01:20:43

Functioning Drunks – Episode 5

Where do we begin. The show started with a story of betrayal and identity theft, into a discussion on the confederate flag. But than, the show spirals into an abyss of confusion, so raunchy that Itunes asked us not to release the episode on the Lords day. AJ poses a question that will forever change […]

Duration: 01:17:22

Functioning Drunks – Episode 4

We must have been hungry, during the taping of this show, as we covered a bunch of food topics. AJ also made me watch this video. I threatened people with bodily harm. And AJ bullied me over vegetables … again. This and so much more on today’s episode.

Duration: 01:09:46

Functioning Drunks – Episode Three

Show Notes: We talk about dicks turning into vaginas, how bad Budweiser is, we burp a lot. We also talk about important things like self diagnosis and shotgunning beers. We also make a fantastic phone prank. This show is currently without sponsorship. Won’t you end that?

Duration: 01:10:47

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