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Ep 75 - Green Arrow: Quiver

The original Green Arrow, Oliver Queen, reemerges after years of being assumed dead. But many people, including Black Canary, his ex-lover, Arsenal, his ex-partner, Connor Hawke, his son and temporary successor and Batman, the Dark Knight Detective, want to know how Green Arrow survived the airplane explosion and where he has been.

Duration: 00:57:10

Ep 74 - Archie

If classic Archie is a Saturday morning cartoon, this new series is prime time!

Duration: 00:55:13

Ep 73 - Age of X

In a world where the X-Men never existed and mutantkind has been hunted to extinction, the few remaining mutants have banded together to make their last stand.

Duration: 00:55:23

Ep 72 - Miles Morales

This week Miles Morales IS the new Spider-Man! What's the secret behind his powers, and how will he master them?

Duration: 00:51:35

Ep 71 - Ultimate-Comics Spider-Man: Death of Spider-Man

Prepare yourself for the most shocking Spider-Man story you will ever read! Young Peter Parker has led a heroic life, and tried to live by the simple and powerful philosophy that with great power comes great responsibility - but will that philosophy be enough to save him from the horror that awaits him here?

Duration: 00:54:29

Ep 70 - Maximum Carnage

We continue our month of Spider-man books, with a near endless fight in Maximum Carnage.

Duration: 01:12:21

Ep 69 - Kraven's Last Hunt

Ok, so let's be clear about this. We’re a big ol mess in this episode. Forgive us, but it was the first time we were all in a room together to record. We had an amazing time, hopefully listening to us will be fun too.

Duration: 01:34:35

Episode 68 - Bitch Planet, vol 2 - President Bitch

It's a few years down the road in the wrong direction, a woman's failure to comply with her patriarchal overlords results in exile to the meanest penal planet in the galaxy. This week we're reading the continuation of Bitch Planet - President Bitch.

Duration: 01:01:11

Episode 67 - The Sandman, vol 2 - The Doll's House

Volume 2 of Neil Gaiman's transcendent series SANDMAN is often hailed as the definitive Vertigo title and one of the finest achievements in graphic storytelling.

Duration: 00:47:03

Ep 66 - The Wicked and The Divine, Vol 2 - Fandemonium

Its the second volume of the award-winning urban fantasy series where gods are the ultimate pop stars and pop stars are the ultimate gods. Following the tragic and unjust death of Lucifer, it takes a revelation from Inanna to draw Laura back into the worlds of Gods and Superstardom to try and discover the truth behind a conspiracy to subvert divinity. Join us for The Wicked + The Divine - Vol 2 - Fandemonium.

Duration: 01:02:24

Ep 65 - Saga - Vol 2

Thanks to her star-crossed parents Marko and Alana, newborn baby Hazel has already survived lethal assassins, rampaging armies, and alien monstrosities, but in the cold vastness of outer space, the little girl encounters something truly frightening: her grandparents! This week we are reading the second volume of Saga.

Duration: 00:41:56

Ep 64 - Locke and Key Vol 2, Head Games

This month we are revisiting some of our favorite books from the past year, and checking out the next chapter in a month we’re calling “Take 2” We start out with Locke and Key Vol 2 - Head Games.

Duration: 00:53:34