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I'm on a mission to demystify creativity.

I'm on a mission to demystify creativity.
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I'm on a mission to demystify creativity.






My Life My Music with Dave Birss

An interview with Dave Birss about creativity, education and music on the Slovenian Radio show 'My Life My Music'.

Duration: 00:38:56

Future Of Advertising Podcast - BONUS EPISODE

The first few episodes were a bit scrappy and I couldn't fit in everything that I wanted. So I put the leftovers all together in this bonus podcast. It features Rory Sutherland, Mike Nutley and Billy Mawhinney. It's a delicious nugget to stick in your ears.

Duration: 00:32:22

Future of Advertising Podcast - Ep19 - Patrick Collister gets Googled

Patrick Collister has had an incredible journey through the industry. From Creative Director of Ogilvy through the world of Direct Marketing to being the creative head of Google Zoo. He's amazingly knowledgeable, has lots of great advice and occasionally treats me to slap-up breakfasts in the Google canteen. Talking of which, I think I need to drop him an email to arrange another one of those!

Duration: 00:39:46

Future of Advertising Podcast - Ep18 - Rosie Arnold for president

Rosie was president of D&AD when I interviewed her. She's incredibly inspiring. The only place she's ever worked is BBH, where she rose to the top of the creative department. But she's about so much more than just advertising.

Duration: 00:35:53

Future of Advertising Podcast - Ep16 - Two for the price of one

Julian Vizard and Al Young are the Creative Directors of St Lukes. It was a revolutionary agency when it started out and has retained a real maverick spirit of not working the way the rest of the industry does. And they do it without being a**holes. Which is a bonus.

Duration: 00:45:25

Future Of Advertising Podcast - Ep2 - Rory Sutherland's big brain

Rory knows how to talk. We spoke for so long that his PA had to come and break us up. But it's all good stuff. If you can forgive my distorting mic. (After the first episode, I invested in new equipment and wasn't familiar with it yet!)