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Food Activism In the Digital Age with Anna Lappé

What is a food activist? You need look no further than Anna Lappé. She is the founder and director of Real Food Media, a collaborative initiative that catalyzes creative storytelling and media about food, farming, and sustainability. “We work with partners across the country to really elevate the solutions that we find out there that are really transforming the food system toward greater sustainability and equity, and then we help people understand what are the real impacts that we have to...

Duration: 00:21:35

Saving the Future One Seed at a Time with Jere Gettle

Saving seeds might seem like a quaint pastime, but seeds carry culture and history. Civilizations live or starve depending on whether they have access to seeds. At age 17, Jere printed his first Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Catalogue. Now his company offers about 2000 varieties of vegetables and herbs, the largest selection in the US. Jere is our guest today on the podcast. Get show notes and more at We post transcripts of all shows, articles that build on what we talk about...

Duration: 00:16:26

A Vision for Micro-Farms With Krystine McInnes

Krystine McInnes is the director, farmer, and CEO at Grown Here Farms. She’s bringing a fresh perspective to farming by creating a model for micro-farms. The usual model here in the US creates a big divide between commodity farming and smaller, organic farms. There is a “middle” and another way, and Krystine is here to tell us about it.

Duration: 00:17:51

Food Waste Costs NYC $180M Annually - A Startup Explores Solutions

Tinia Pina is the Founder and CEO of Re-Nuble, an organics-to-energy social enterprise with the aim to redefine how waste is handled within urban communities, like New York City.

Duration: 00:31:28