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The Cricket On Your Plate

Some entrepreneurs are driven by quick fixes. They see financial gain all around. Others are holistic thinkers, looking to solve a problem that might persist beyond their lifetime. The cricket farmers you’ll meet in this episode are trying to solve a deep problem that is likely to persist. We need to create a lot of protein. Making edible protein consumes resources. Not only is the world population growing — the United Nations predicts there will be nine billion people on Earth by 2050 —...


Big Green Learning Gardens with Tighe Hutchins and Kyle Kuusisto

A learning garden, as envisioned by Kimbal Musk’s Big Green initiative, is where kids can learn about their connection to real food. While Kimbal’s brother Elon is tunneling under LA to reinvent high-speed transportation, sending rockets into orbit to reboot commercial space travel for our time, and mass-marketing electric cars, Kimbal Musk is working with food. Over the last six years he’s started restaurants, designed vertical gardens, and developed an ambitious plan to put a thousand...


Farm Like an Art Form with Valerie Dantoin

Valerie Dantoin is a farmer, environmentalist, and teacher. She wants us to think of farming more like an art form, less as an industrial activity. “Technology keeps fixing problems that we create,” she notes. Her goal is to farm in concert with the environment, rather than in a controlling way. As an instructor in sustainable food and agricultural systems as Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, she is helping create career paths for students who want to become farmers, or become closer...


How to Recover Millions of Dollars Worth of Food with Luis Yepis and Eva Goulbourne

Here’s a big, scary number for you. $218 billion worth of food grown, processed, and distributed is thrown away every year. That’s one percent of our Gross Domestic Product. Break it down, and it means that each American family is throwing away about $1600 worth of food every year. What is going on? One in six people in Los Angeles copes with food insecurity, the state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. Why is the food they need...


Making Jackson Grow in Winter with Nona Yehia

Nona Yehia is an architect, visionary, and vertical farmer in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Together with her co-founder, Penny McBride, she founded Vertical Harvest. This is a farm that has transformed the growing season in Jackson - which is usually just four months long. They took a plot of land downtown — and went vertical. The site is only a tenth of an acre, but the goals are large. The project employs people with different abilities year round. Go to futurefood.fm for show notes,...


Saving the Future One Seed at a Time with Jere Gettle

Saving seeds might seem like a quaint pastime, but seeds carry culture and history. Civilizations live or starve depending on whether they have access to seeds. At age 17, Jere printed his first Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Catalogue. Now his company offers about 2000 varieties of vegetables and herbs, the largest selection in the US. Jere is our guest today on the podcast. Get show notes and more at futurefood.fm. We post transcripts of all shows, articles that build on what we talk about...


A Vision for Micro-Farms With Krystine McInnes

Krystine McInnes is the director, farmer, and CEO at Grown Here Farms. She’s bringing a fresh perspective to farming by creating a model for micro-farms. The usual model here in the US creates a big divide between commodity farming and smaller, organic farms. There is a “middle” and another way, and Krystine is here to tell us about it.


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