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Futures Radio is a weekly talk show where host Anthony Crudele shares his extensive experience as a futures trader, and provides insights into what's happening in the markets. Each week, Anthony invites the top industry professionals, from leading investment firms to engage in discussion of current market trends, and using futures to manage risk. Topics will range from technical analysis, fundamentals, regulation, industry advice or events, and other key topics in today's markets. Whether you are a retail, beginner, or professional trader, Futures Radio gives listeners the chance to learn more about the industry. It also gives traders the opportunity to engage with the experts during, and after the show.






EP: 152 Chat With Elite Gold Traders

Guest: Jin Chang, George Gero, Kevin Grady, Bill Purpura CME Group Global Head of Metals Products, Managing Director RBC Wealth Management, President Phoenix Futures & Options LLC., Chairman of the Comex Governors Committee Record Date: 9/13/17 Topics: Main Drivers behind the rally in Gold 4th Quarter Outlook on Gold Gold as a Tool to Hedge […]

Duration: 00:55:20

EP: 151 Trading Using Technicals & Fundamentals

Guest: Anna Kogan Nasser Portfolio Manager at Devet Capital Record Date: 9/12/17 Topics: Trade Using 90% Technicals with 10% Fundamentals Anna’s Preferred Method of Technical Analysis Trade Examples in Bonds & Euro Transitioning from Bank Trader to Independent Trader Rapid Fire: How has your trading evolved? Starting at home at 18, I learned the emotions, […]

Duration: 00:44:58

EP: 150 Staying Ahead of the Curve

Guest: Chris Hehmeyer CEO Hehmeyer Trading + Investments Record Date: 8/17/17 Topics: Keeping an open mind as Markets change Current Focus at Hehmeyer Trading & Investments Kottke Integration Why Crypto is the next frontier New! #FuturesRadio eBook 2nd Edition >>Sign up today

Duration: 00:32:06

MS: 18 Trade Within Your Character

Guest: Larry Tentarelli Private Trader Record Date: 8/28/17 Topics: Investor vs Trader How Day Traders can utilize Trend Following Trade Example Using 200 Day Moving Average Thoughts on Trading Crypto Currencies Larry’s Current Positions Resources: Twitter: https://twitter.com/lmt978 Website: http://trendtradingsignals.com/

Duration: 00:31:03

EP: 149 The Best Moments in August

Topics: Evolution of Algorithmic Trading Examining the Federal Reserve Using Data for an Edge Gamer, Poker Player, Trader Inside Look at FTSE Russell Market May Have 60-70% Correction Renaissance of Discretionary Trading Understanding Interest Rate Products Guests (8): Jared Broad CEO of QuantConnect Record Date: 8/1/17 EP: 142 Evolution of Algorithmic Trading ————————————————- Danielle DiMartino […]

Duration: 00:27:06

EP: 148 Reasons Market May Have 60-70% Correction

Guest: Dave Collum Professor of Chemistry & Chemical Biology at Cornell University Record Date: 8/22/17 Topics: Investors vs Traders Why he Rolled his Equity Portfolio into Gold Reasons Market is headed for 60-70% Correction Real Estate Market Bubble College Politics & Corporate America

Duration: 00:39:27

EP: 147 Renaissance of Discretionary Trading

Guest: Darren Reed Co-Founder & Director at Cygnet Proprietary Trading Record Date: 8/14/17 Topics: Trading is becoming more human again Adapting to changing markets Hybrid approach to day trading Importance of Legacy & History

Duration: 00:50:07

EP: 146 Inside Look at FTSE Russell

Guest: Ron Bundy CEO Benchmarks North America FTSE Russell Record Date: 8/15/17 Topics: Behind the scenes at FTSE Russell FTSE Russell as Largest Global Index Provider How Companies get listed on Russell 3000 E-mini Russell Transition from ICE to CME Why FTSE Russell Excluded Snap from Indexes

Duration: 00:23:30

EP 145: Gamer, Poker Player, Trader

Guest: Moritz Czubatinski Co-Founder & Managing Director at Quantam Trade Solutions Record Date: 8/8/17 Topics: Gamer & Poker Player Skills Transferrable to Trading Importance of Multiple Income Streams for Traders Discipline Over Motivation Balancing Trading Life vs Personal Life

Duration: 00:34:25

EP 144: Using Data For An Edge

Guest: David Bergstrom Quantitative Analyst & Trader Record Date: 8/9/17 Topics: Data Mining for an Edge Systematic Trading How Sports betting helped his Trading Correctly back testing your Strategy

Duration: 00:40:48

EP 143: Examining the Federal Reserve

Guest: Danielle DiMartino Booth President of Money Strong, LLC & Former Advisor at The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Record Date: 8/8/17 Topics: The need for the Fed to find a New Mousetrap POTUS Nomination of Randal Quarles Fed Transparency gone too far? Should Yellen stay or go Resources: Website: http://dimartinobooth.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/DiMartinoBooth

Duration: 00:28:20

MS: 17 Understanding Interest Rate Products

Guest: Agha Mirza Managing Director and Global Head of Interest Rate Products Record Date: 8/1/17 Topics: Explains Bond Issuance Gap Classic Bonds & Treasuries vs Ultra’s CME’s Process When Adding New Products New Alternative Rate Products

Duration: 00:22:37

EP: 142 Evolution of Algorithmic Trading

Guest: Jared Broad CEO of QuantConnect Record Date: 8/1/17 Topics: Evolution of Algo-Trading Quant Community Crowd Sourcing Quant Traders Artificial Intelligence

Duration: 00:36:23

EP 141: Best Moments in July

Take-a-Ways: Stage of Bull Market Simple Process Hedgers v. Speculators Forecasting Oil & Gas Trading Cryptocurrencies Macro Look in Euro, Bonds, Dollar Guests (6): Chris Bertelsen @Chris_Bertelsen President & Chief Investment Officer at Aviance Capital Management Record Date: 6/27/17 EP 138: What Stage Of The Bull Market Are We In? ————————————————- Anne-Marie Baiynd @AnneMarieTrades Senior Trader […]

Duration: 00:16:44

MS16: A Macro Look Into Euro, Bonds, & Dollar

Guest: Kevin Muir The Macro Tourist Record Date: 7/25/17 Takeaways: Chart lesson in Bond Market Bund & 10yr Trade Insight on Euro/USD Using Options on Futures

Duration: 00:34:23

Minisode 15: Trading CryptoCurrencies

Guest: Nicola Duke & Brad Jelinek Independent Traders Record Date: 7/20/17 Takeaways: Trading Bitcoin and Ethereum. What tools and indicators they’re using to trade. Forecasting the future of cryptocurrency. Take-a-Look: Nic Website: https://www.forexanalytix.com/ Nic Twitter: https://twitter.com/NicTrades Brad Website: https://medium.com/@jelinbra Brad Twitter: https://twitter.com/jelinbra

Duration: 00:25:37

EP 140: Forecasting Oil & Gas Markets

Guest: Anas Alhajji Managing Partner at Energy Outlook Advisers Record Date: 7/19/17 Traders, Today I spoke to a man that studied economics and law in Saudi Arabia, then went to the University of Oklahoma to study petroleum. He earned his phD and did his research focused around OPEC’s influence in the oil industry. Today he conducts […]

Duration: 00:35:43

EP 139: True Hedgers vs. Speculators

Guest: Craig VanDyke Senior Risk Manager at TopThird Ag Marketing Record Date: 7/11/17 Traders, Today I spoke with a man who learned the business through the fundamentals. He grew up in rural Indiana and instead of getting into farming, he decided to help farmers & ranchers hedge their crops & livestock. His name is Craig […]

Duration: 00:34:23

MS 14: Keeping Your Process Simple

Guest: Anne-Marie Baiynd Senior Trader & CEO, TheTradingBook.com Record Date: 7/12/17 Takeaways: Preparing and how she focuses on her process. What time frames she looks at. Keeping it simple. Walks us through a typical trade. Thoughts on Nasdaq breaking down. Crude Oil; she is seeing range bound trading. Tells us where it breaks the range. […]

Duration: 00:33:38

EP 138: What Stage Of The Bull Market Are We In?

Guest: Chris Bertelsen President & Chief Investment Officer at Aviance Capital Management Record Date: 6/27/17 Traders, Today I spoke with a man that regularly gives his insight on CNBC about financial markets. He has been an analyst and a portfolio manager. He’s currently the president and Chief Investment Officer of Aviance Capital Management. His name […]

Duration: 00:29:04

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