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Detroit (Season 2, Episode 8)

In “Detroit,” the finale of the second season of our Futurismo podcast, we take a look at how civic leaders view the promise of new mobility solutions. We’ll hear from Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto on what Uber gets wrong on self-driving cars, look at what cities want from car-sharing and examine what mobility means for the city that birthed the auto industry a century ago.

Duration: 00:14:30

A Hydrogen World (Season 2, Episode 7)

In our latest episode, we go to a country that's set on eliminating its reliance on fossil fuels in a big way.

Duration: 00:13:57

A Matter of Life and Death (Season 2, Episode 6)

In this episode of 'Futurismo,' we investigate how self-driving cars can be both life-saving technology and out-of-control robot cars. We'll peek in on a self-driving shuttle road-trip across America, find out how the public reacts to autonomous fatalities, and pose an infamous thought experiment to experts in the field.

Duration: 00:17:21

Light & Sound (Season 2, Episode 4)

In the latest episode of 'Futurismo,' we investigate how car designers are developing the language self-driving cars will use to exchange information with people in and around them. "Light and color," the fourth episode of our second season, features engineers, designers and researchers tackling some of the thorniest autonomous design problems.

Duration: 00:21:06

Up in the air (Season 2, Episode 3)

For the airline industry, autonomous technology is an old story. In "Up in the air," we find out how pilots manage automation at 200 mph, and see what lessons we can learn for self-driving cars.

Duration: 00:18:02

Will you love the car of tomorrow? (Season 2, Episode 1)

The future is filled with unknowns. Will the industry’s bet on green powertrains pay off? Is it enough to assume the public will love self-driving cars? In the debut of Season 2 of ‘Futurismo,’ we get comfortable with uncertainty and frame the tough questions the industry must address.

Duration: 00:17:21

Byte #5 - EVs 'R Us

In our last (for now) Byte, we talk about how to start children on the path to becoming the next great automotive inventor -- with advice from Tony Fadell, a co-creator of some of Apple's biggest products.

Duration: 00:07:18

Futurismo Byte #4 - Grab the barf bag

Blegh! Will the autonomous era turn the self-driving car into a vomit rocket? In our latest Byte, car designers tackle a gross, unexpected side-effect of more free-time in the car.

Duration: 00:07:02

Byte #2 - This is how we (will) jam

In this weeks Futurismo Byte, "This is how we (will) jam," we host a competition between staff members to gauge the difficulty of matching two random individuals' music tastes. Meanwhile, Brian Hamilton of GraceNote, a music classification and discovery company, describes his idea to solve the challenge of picking the perfect tune while car-pooling.

Duration: 00:12:36

Byte #1 - What Grand Theft Auto teaches us about self-driving cars

In Futurismo Byte #1, our snap-shots of the quirky in the road to tomorrow, we look at how violent video game "Grand Theft Auto" is helping self-driving car engineers.

Duration: 00:09:14

The Ownerless Car (Season 1, Episode 6)

In the Season 1 finale of “Futurismo,” Automotive News’ podcast series about the future of the auto industry, we take a look at how vehicles will change in the age of ride-hailing — how they will work, their level of technology, their very nature. “Futurismo” sat down with experts from Lyft and the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, Calif., to learn about the challenges of designing and engineering this new breed of car, one that will play a vastly different role in society. We also...

Duration: 00:35:17

Will mobility be truly transformational? (Season 1, Episode 5)

Season 1 of “Futurismo,” Automotive News’ podcast series about the future of the auto industry, has focused on how the rise of the car-sharing culture threatens to turn the vehicle manufacturing industry upside down. But does everyone agree that a revolution in mobility is predestined? In Episode 5 of Season 1 of “Futurismo” we talk to some of the skeptics.

Duration: 00:17:05

Visions Of Mobility (Season 1, Episode 4)

Episode 4 of Season 1 of “Futurismo,” envisions the transportation market as it looks a quarter-century from today. Automotive News staff reporter Hannah Lutz is our future forecaster, chatting with experts in the car ownership and sales realm to examine the potential of mobility. We talk to the self-described Doom Angel of Disruption, meet a car dealer anxious about his business and profile one start-up that trying to make mobility "so easy that it's free."

Duration: 00:28:32