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17 Structure of Doctor Who - GBS - A Doctor Who Podcast

As the Christmas Special nears, Shawn and Jace talk about the new changes to the production of the Whoniverse. With a new cast, a new showrunner, and all kinds of new ways the show is being presented, the guys have a lot on their mind and go in-depth about how they feel.

Duration: 01:56:02

16 Chicago TARDIS - GBS - A Doctor Who Podcast

Jace and Shawn share their experience from the convention, Chicago TARDIS! They also talk to fans to give their own Jodie Comments! We also get a surprise from The Doctor, right at the beginning of the show!

Duration: 02:34:54

15 The Thanksgiving Episode - GBS - A Doctor Who Podcast

Gobble Gobble! GBS celebrates American Thanksgiving with some Doctor News, fan given Jodie Comments, and talks about the new Christmas Special Preview that released during the Children in Need Special!

Duration: 00:24:13

14 The Outfit of the 13th Doctor - GBS - A Doctor Who Podcast

Geronimo! Jace and Shawn talk this week about the reveal of the New Doctor’s outfit, as well as the changes to the exterior of the TARDIS. They also give their take on the reaction to Jodie’s casting!

Duration: 01:06:19

13 City of Death - GBS - A Doctor Who Podcast

It’s a classic era episode, as Jace and Shawn give their review of the 1979 serial, “City of Death!” They also talk about the recent firing and controversy of Nicholas Pegg.

Duration: 00:54:52

12 Scary Elements of the Whoniverse - GBS - A Doctor Who Podcast

Exterminate! This week, Jace and Shawn talk about the spooky and terrifying aspects of Doctor Who, and the scariest episodes! They also talk about the latest DW news, like new audio adventures! –Top 10 Scariest Doctor Who Episodes –RedLetterMedia’s Youtube Channel

Duration: 01:48:24

11 Diversity in Doctor Who - GBS - A Doctor Who Podcast

Jace and Shawn talk about the controversy and online reaction to the Series 11 castings. They also give their feelings about the new companions!

Duration: 01:41:28

10 Christmas Special Predictions - GBS - A Doctor Who Podcast

Fantastic! It’s the longest episode of GBS ever as Jace and Shawn give their predictions for the last episode of Peter Capaldi’s run as the Doctor, and this year’s Christmas Special, “Twice Upon a Time.” They also talk about the latest DW news, and talk about their experiences at conventions!

Duration: 01:15:07

GBS Episode 9-Interview with Doctor Squee(Part 2) - GBS - A Doctor Who Podcast

We finish our interview with Doctor Squee from the Gallifrey Stands Podcast! Jace and Shawn also talk about all the latest Doctor Who news! This week’s Fan Theory

Duration: 01:05:27

GBS Episode 8- Interview with Doctor Squee(Part 1) - GBS - A Doctor Who Podcast

Two Doctor Who Podcasts Unite!!!! This week, Jace interviews Doctor Squee from the “Gallifrey Stands” Podcast! Part 1

Duration: 00:56:53

GBS Episode 7-Welcome Shawn! - GBS - A Doctor Who Podcast

Snap! The show regenerates as Jace brings on a new co-host, Shawn Rowland! We find out what kind of Whovian Shawn is, as Jace asks him questions about Doctor Who Preferences!

Duration: 00:54:41

GBS Episode 6-Smile - GBS - A Doctor Who Podcast

Jace is solo again this week, as he does a commentary/episode companion for Series 10, Episode 2 “Smile”. A new segment is also introduced, The DW Fan Theory of the Week!

Duration: 01:07:17

GBS Episode 5 - Vince Wilson and Who North America - GBS - A Doctor Who Podcast

Jace has a chat with Vince Wilson, the man behind Omni Fringe Radio! Jace and Vince talk about their love for Doctor Who! Vince also shares his interview with the owner of Who North America, a Who-related store located in Indianapolis, IN! The Video of the impressions we talked about in this episode!

Duration: 01:24:56

GBS Episode #4- Comic Relief with Q and A - GBS - A Doctor Who Podcast

Jace flies solo this week, as he answers questions that all Whovians ask each other sooner or later. Also, Jace will provide commentary for the classic Comic Relief Special starring Rowan Atkinson as "The Doctor!"

Duration: 01:14:32

GBS Episode 3 - Discussing the "Pilot" - GBS - A Doctor Who Podcast

Jace and Shawn give their commentary for the first episode of Series 10, The Pilot!

Duration: 01:09:32

GBS Episode 2 - GBS - A Doctor Who Podcast

Jace and his guest for the second week in a row, Shawn Rowland, give their review of the Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi!"

Duration: 00:57:33

1 Still not a ginger… - GBS - A Doctor Who Podcast

The hosts discuss the thirteenth incarnation of the greatest of all Time Lords!

Duration: 01:09:30