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Abigail Meller is an aspiring activist, feminist, and a couple of other –ists, with a passion for health policy, advocacy work, and equal access to essential health services for all. Join her as she discusses current public health, healthcare policy, and social justice issues.




No, I'm A Gentleman

Donald Trump has said some pretty horrific things about women during the course of his campaign. But it all came to a head when a 2005 recording of Trump and Billy Bush was released. On the audio clip, Trump discusses sexually assaulting women in part due to his celebrity status, all the while with Bush egging him on. Today's episode, "No, I'm A Gentleman," explores the implications of this kind of behavior from a presidential candidate, and the dangers today surrounding sexual assault and...

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We're Turning Green

Guess who's back, back again... Thanks for bearing with us as we took a break - but your patience has been rewarded! Generation Invincible is returning with an interview with Erin Schrode. Schrode is a 25 year old environmental advocate and social entrepreneur who recently tried to mix up the stereotype of politicians by running for Congress in California's 2nd Congressional District. Listen to today's episode where we discuss the environment, bigotry, her campaign, the nonprofit she...

A Quick Announcement

Generation Invincible will be taking a break for a few weeks. We will return on Monday, September 12, with amazing new episodes for the fall including some very exciting interviews! In the meantime, please email questions, comments or potential topics to Please subscribe, rate, and review on iTunes! And don't forget to keep up with Generation Invincible on tumblr: Music: "Mine" by Phoebe Ryan Credits: Generation Invincible is...

Anti-Vax Or Anti-Facts?

This week, Generation Invincible takes on vaccines! Specifically, the myth that vaccines cause autism. On the agenda: a discussion of the background of the notorious vaccines and autism study from 1998, the negative ramifications of this study, why vaccines today are actually very safe, and why you should trust the CDC's guidelines for vaccination. To submit feedback for Generation Invincible, email Please subscribe, rate, and review on iTunes! And don't...

The Olympic Sh*tstorm

Welcome back to yet another episode of Generation Invincible! In this episode, Generation Invincible focuses on the health problems facing the 2016 Olympic and Paralympics Games starting this week in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Will we talk about Zika? Probably. But what are the real health issues that both athletes and tourists are likely to face? Listen and find out (the title is a hint!). To submit feedback for Generation Invincible, email Please subscribe,...

Serial Painkillers

Happy 15th Anniversary Episode! Today marks the 15th episode since Generation Invincible's beginning. This week, we're exploring the prescription opioid and heroin epidemic in the United States. But first, an update on the status of the rights of 200,000 citizens of Virginia. On the agenda: the history of opioid and heroin use in the US, statistics on its use and fatality rate today, how prescription opioids and heroin affect communities differently depending on race, and why we still need...

Woman, Uninterrupted

For today's episode, Generation Invincible sat down with Caitlin Abber, Senior Online Editor at Women's Health Magazine, and producer and host of the podcast Uninterrupted. Caitlin talks about her career, feminism, the 2016 election, women's health, and more. To submit feedback for Generation Invincible, email Please subscribe, rate, and review on iTunes! And follow on tumblr: Find Caitlin on Twitter: @everydaycaitlin...

Facing The Truth

This week, in the environment of animosity and violence towards African Americans from police in the United States, Generation Invincible is taking on... INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM! In this episode, I face the truth (get it?) and criminalizing the hustle and informal employment, police shootings of blacks vs whites, the history of institutionalized racism and segregation, how both of those things still exist, and broken window policing. Most importantly, today's episode honors the memory of...


Today's episode of Generation Invincible is dedicated to those whose lives were lost or who were injured in the horrific massacre in Orlando, Florida. Anger. That's what we're feeling, so that's what today's episode is about. Anger towards what happened, anger about Hillary Clinton's historic nomination, and anger about the Brock Turner case. How you should handle that anger and channel it for the greater good, rather than further contributing to hate and violence. Here's the article I...

Food, Drugs, and Administration

On this week's episode of Generation Invincible: An update on sodium in your food, the regulation of drugs and dietary supplements, a joke where a natural erectile dysfunction supplement meets the Bachelorette, and where the FDA falls short on its responsibility to protect the health and well-being of American citizens, despite its work for the better. Of course ending with a lovely FLOTUS quote, because after all, Michelle Obama is like the queen. To submit feedback for Generation...

The Big Bad B Word

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! Generation Invincible is taking on the Big Bad B Word: bigotry. This episode talks about Representative Zoe Lofgren of California, Obama’s transgender guidelines for schools, LGBTQ non-discrimination laws, the arguments against them, and what all this means for social equality and progress. To submit feedback for Generation Invincible, email Please subscribe, rate, and review on iTunes! Music: "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga "Cool Kids" by...

~children are our future~

On the agenda for today's episode of Generation Invincible: A listener question about healthcare in a third world country and infant mortality rates are discussed. Don't judge a book by its cover, this is important stuff! To submit feedback for Generation Invincible, email Please subscribe, rate, and review on iTunes! Music: "Ain't No Rest For The Wicked" by Cage the Elephant "Tonight" by Magic Man "Mine" by Phoebe Ryan

If You Wannabe My Doctor

On the agenda for the one-month anniversary episode of Generation Invincible: Our first ever interview! Generation Invincible brought in Collin Schenk, a rising 4th year medical student at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. The future Dr. Schenk studied Health and Societies with a concentration in International Health in undergrad, and has worked all over the world to create health equity within different communities. Collin talks to us today about his work and experiences...

We Could Use A Little Female Common Sense

On this week's episode of Generation Invincible: Just a taste of women's health issues including but not limited to: unequal pay, abortion rights, rape, misrepresentation in healthcare… Today's episode discusses a woman’s right to do whatever she wants with her body and some of the health disparities between men and women. And I end with a shoutout to my favorite podcast (besides this one), Call Your Girlfriend, and a quote from the Notorious RBG, which in my opinion always makes for a...

The Jim Crow Health Woe

On this week's episode of Generation Invincible: Why Jim Crow laws haven't really gone away, what are the social determinants of health, health disparities for African Americans, and why the War on Drugs targeted African Americans. Also, I discuss a question from a listener and make a Beyonce reference. To submit feedback for Generation Invincible, email Please subscribe, rate, and review on iTunes! Music: "Formation" by Beyonce "The Times They Are...

Why Millennials Should Care About Obamacare

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Generation Invincible: a brand-new podcast on public health, healthcare policy, and social justice issues by a millennial, for millennials – and anyone else that cares about the health problems facing our nation. This podcast covers why millennials should care about Obamacare and which parts are failing to live up to our hopes and expectations.