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Conceived by Rape, Saved by Love

“My grandma had enough faith to make that decision that abortion was not going to be an option for her and her 15-year-old daughter.” Listen as Christian artist Jason Lovins shares his story of coming into this world, despite being a product of rape, and how a mother’s decision not to have an abortion can lead to much more than one could ever imagine.

Duration: 00:13:29

An Affair, a Pregnancy and – Forgiveness

Audrey Meisner felt like she had “blown up” her whole family after she had an affair and became pregnant. Her husband Bob, a pastor, knew he had to forgive her. Together, they hoped God would rescue their family.

Duration: 00:13:34

Giving a Voice to Persecuted Christians

Kristin Wright works as an advocate for persecuted Christians, traveling to places like Iraq and Nigeria to hear and share their stories. “It’s just so important for Christians around the world to be remembering those who face persecution, to be praying for them, to be advocating for them and speaking up for them.”

Duration: 00:14:47

Rend Collective’s Chris Llewellyn: 'God … Kind of Got Tossed to the Side'

Chris Llewellyn was on his way to being a professional rugby player, but an injury helped him discover his true identity in Christ. Today Chris sings lead vocals for the Christian band Rend Collective. Listen as he shares his journey of faith.

Duration: 00:09:54

How a ‘Drugged-Out Jewish Hippie’ Came to Know Jesus

In 1970, Mitch Glaser was doing drugs and living the hippie lifestyle in San Francisco. Today, he lives to tell Jewish people around the world about a saving faith in Jesus Christ. How did Mitch go from one extreme to the other? Find out as he shares his story on this Christmas episode of GPS.

Duration: 00:21:51

Dave Ramsey: From Financial Ruin to Financial Counselor

He was a millionaire by 25 but he was bankrupt before he turned 30. Today Dave Ramsey uses the lessons God’s taught him to help others successfully manage their finances.

Duration: 00:17:47

A Dream Convinced Eric Metaxas to Follow Jesus

Eric Metaxas thought it was impossible to truly know God, until God spoke to him in a dream. “It just changed everything … it’s a strange, amazing, true story.”

Duration: 00:14:55

Singer Michael Tait on His Humble Beginnings, DC Talk, and Newsboys

Michael Tait recalls how God has used his musical talent to share the message of Christ. “To join the two biggest bands of our industry and be successful in them? Total God thing … thank you, Jesus!”

Duration: 00:13:19

After Poverty and Persecution in Ukraine, Immigrants Thankful for Life in USA

Brother and sister Vladimir and Nadia were children when their family moved from Ukraine to the United States. “It’s just like a Promise Land for us.”

Duration: 00:14:50

Comedian Chonda Pierce’s Deep Heartache and Joyful Laughter

Comedian Chonda Pierce embraces God’s gift of joyful laughter as she works through a life of heartache and loss. “When the Christian bookstore world … says, ‘We’d like you to do a Bible Study about your life based on the book of Job,’ what’s that tell you about life?”

Duration: 00:17:36

‘God, If You Save My Boys, I’ll Tell It Everywhere I Go’

Roger Gouge and his family know it’s a miracle they were safely rescued after spending 20 hours adrift in the ocean. Since the rescue, Roger has taken every opportunity possible to share his story and give the glory to Jesus Christ.

Duration: 00:18:28

‘Granddaddy, Are We Gonna Die?’

Roger Gouge and his family relied on their faith in God to survive more than 20 hours adrift in the Atlantic.

Duration: 00:17:16

Jesus Takes Former Bartender from ‘Misery’ to ‘Awesomely Wonderful’ in an Instant

Tom went to church with a “massive hangover”. What happened during that service changed his life forever.

Duration: 00:14:44

Singer Christy Nockels Finds the Glorious in the Mundane

Singer-songwriter Christy Nockels was hesitant when she felt God calling her away from a life of touring in the Christian band Watermark. But when Christy followed that call, she discovered something: “There can be just as much contentment and joy right here taking care of your home… and at that time, honestly, that was more joy than I had experienced in years of being on the road.”

Duration: 00:17:42

Murderer: God’s Grace Goes to the ‘Guttermost’

Tim Terry killed his wife, abused drugs, and was extremely angry at God. While in prison, though, Tim discovered that no one is beyond the forgiveness offered by Jesus Christ. Now out of prison, Tim has dedicated his life to help inmates come to faith in God and learn how to live a new life when they re-enter society. Listen to Tim tell his amazing story of redemption and grace.

Duration: 00:16:06

She Was a “Mess” Before Jesus, Now She Ministers to Women in Strip Clubs and Prison

Jeanie Turner had been married five times when Jesus transformed her life, just like he did for a woman in the Bible. And like that woman, Jeanie’s been telling everyone she can about Jesus.

Duration: 00:12:18

NFL Player Benjamin Watson on Faith, Family, Football and Facebook

NFL player Benjamin Watson isn’t afraid to talk about his faith in Jesus Christ and its impact on every part of his life.

Duration: 00:14:07

Rejected by Family for Her Faith in Christ

“Faith in God’s sovereignty and the love of Christ is how I’m able to find joy.” God used a pair of plastic dress-up shoes to help Alina Aisina understand how much He loves her.

Duration: 00:14:37

Son’s Birth Defect Takes Woman on Journey from Anger to Joy

“I don’t have to know why it happened to us, I just want to be thankful that I get to be Christian’s mom.” - Christian Buchanan’s mom, Lacey.

Duration: 00:18:39

Firefighter Sees Power of God’s Love After Devastating Hurricane

As a firefighter living in the Gulf Coast, Craig Peyton saw the damage of Hurricane Katrina firsthand. His faith in Christ was shaken—but not destroyed. “Even though a lot of bad happened, God was still there in the midst of it.” Craig shares his story on this episode of our weekly podcast.

Duration: 00:17:10

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