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Golden State Media Concepts' Sci Fi Podcast dives into the world of Sci Fi and Science Fiction. From old episodes of Star Trek and Star Wars to Walking Dead and Resident Evil to Firefly and Dr. Who to all the hot, new Science Fiction movies like Captain America: Civil War or Batman vs. Superman, we cover it all. If you want to learn about new Sci Fi television shows, find out when new Science Fiction movies are coming out, or find a Science Fiction show or movie to watch on your favorite streaming site, we cover these topics and more.






GSMC Weird News Podcast Ep 43: Cemetery Flasher & Chastity Belt Replay (7-11-17)

In this replay of our 4th episode Jordan and Keith discuss a spooky cemetery flasher who keeps popping up! They also discuss a naked man exposing his sausage at a waffle house. Finally a man gets arrested wearing a chastity belt while another gets arrested with a lasso! Follow the GSMC Weird News Podcast at

Duration: 00:34:51

GSMC Weird News Podcast Episode 42: They're Stuck Where? (7-4-17)

A replay of episode 2: Keith and Jordan report in weird news about an alligator getting caught behind the wheel of an SUV. A man in China gets his head caught in his laundry machine trying to fix it and another man gets his penis bitten by a 10 foot python. Keith and Jordan also discuss a mother's frantic call to 911 once her 3 year old son fell into a gorilla exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo! Follow the GSMC Weird News Podcast at:

Duration: 00:35:47

GSMC Weird News Podcast Ep. 41: Penis Transplant & Puppy Love Replay (6-27-17)

A replay of our first episode where Jordan and Keith discuss the first successful penis transplant in America as well as a man seeking a restraining order against God in Israel. If you're tired of ordinary news take a break and enjoy some truly weird news with us! Follow the GSMC Weird News Podcast at:

Duration: 00:35:22

GSMC Weird News Podcas Episode 40: World Gurning Championship and Changing Taste Buds (11-14-16)

Another Weird News is coming at you with the World's Gurning Championship and the invention that changing taste buds! Follow the GSMC Weird News Podcast at

Duration: 00:32:04