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Episode 6 - The Evolution Of A Hobo

The hobo is a superior human!! One day, when the apocalypse comes, the hobo will reign supreme and flourish in a world full of nothing. Do hobos travel in packs? How do hobos stay warm in the brutal northern winter? GUY PARTY is going to start a fund raiser to send all the hobos to Miami for the winter!!! Also, is it alright to dry hump a married broad if you don't know her husband? We discuss these things and more on another episode of, GUY PARTY!!!!

Duration: 00:34:48

Episode 5 - Year In Review

2017 was an insane year!!! It was the year of the GUY PARTY!!! Trump became president and Hillary wrote us all a book. The guys discussed diets based on trash and tacos. Apparently, penis injections became a real thing. How do the ladies and the gays like the girth of the dongs that slide inside of them? Why do chicks think Michael Benjamin is a gay? The guys discuss their personal growth in 2017 and what they want to achieve in 2018!!! That is if Disney doesn't take over the world before...

Duration: 00:45:24

Adventures In GUY PARTY!!! - Vegas Editon

How much would you spend for a hand job? Should hookers unionize? Apparently, Walgreens is the place to be in Las Vegas!!! Can't find drugs? Just call No Limit!! Would you go on a scavenger hunt that lead you to, Mike the Tranny? Vegas is a great place to collect a whole set of hooker trading cards!! How many times do we say tranny in this episode? There is only one way to find out!!! Grab a beer or hot coco and join us on....Adventures In GUY PARTY!!!

Duration: 01:20:13

The Very Special Christmas Edition of GUY PARTY!!!

Do you think Christmas is bad for the economy? Michael Benjamin does!!! Christmas anal beads? Sign us up!!! The guys and a few very special gal guests, dive into their favorite Christmas songs and foods. The Netherlands, RAGE hard with Black Pete. Should we all just become Jews to get more days of work in December? Grab a butthole brush and join us while we discuss these topics and more, on a Merry Christmas episode of.....GUY PARTY!!!

Duration: 01:07:40

Episode 4 - Robo Doom

Artificial Intelligence is becoming an issue mankind needs to start thinking more about. Should we fear artificial intelligence or embrace the changes they may bring? Saudi Arabia has granted full citizenship to a female robot. Should or would our future robot overlords destroy all humans? If you had a sex robot, would you give it a name? Come join us, as we discuss these topics and more, on a super wasted edition of, GUY PARTY!!!

Duration: 00:45:43

Episode 3 - The Rhythm Method

On Episode 3, the guys discuss whether Chester should get 2 prostitutes while in Vegas. Also, should Chyna, from WWF royalty, be part of the Marvel Universe from her role as She-Hulk? What would you do to obtain eternal life and what would you do while living it? It's a time to be thankful and come together to celebrate Trannys, the Troops, and Charlie Manson! Come join us for another episode of, GUY PARTY!!!!

Duration: 01:16:42