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Called to Coach is a webcast resource for those who want to help others discover and use their strengths. We have Gallup experts and independent strengths coaches share tactics, insights and strategies to help coaches maximize the talent of individuals, teams and organizations around the world.




Coaching Q&A With Dean Jones - Called to Coach S5E26

Dean Jones is the principal architect of Gallup's global client learning strategy. Dean consults with clients on strategic solutions to address key business issues, including organizational development, performance management, learning and development, productivity and workforce effectiveness. “Ask me anything with Dean” Day Training and education at Gallup in 2018? · We spend a lot of time thinking about the future · We’re working on the set of second-level coach development opportunities ·...

Duration: 01:01:40

Executive Coaching - Called to Coach S5E25

Learn more about becoming a Certified Strengths Coach at the Gallup Strengths Center: Glenn Williams is the CEO and founder of Outward Looking International (OLI), a leadership consulting company which he launched in 2010. Glenn spent more than 25 years as a psychologist and an executive across 40 countries before starting OLI. OLI's mission is to change the ways leaders think and behave in regards to performance. Q: What are some of the top lessons from...

Duration: 00:51:55

Called to Coach Live from CliftonStrengths Summit 2017

Learn more about becoming a Certified Strengths Coach at the Gallup Strengths Center: Gallup's Called to Coach is a live Webcast that targets current and prospective coaches to interact with Gallup experts and independent strengths coaches who have found success in strengths-based development.

Duration: 00:29:21

Coaching at Compassion International - Called to Coach S5E23

Jack has worked with Compassion International for 20 years in a variety of HR functions, currently serving as the Senior Leadership and Engagement Consultant. His responsibilities include leadership training and strengths coaching, and leading the employee engagement initiatives. Founded in 1952, Compassion International is a Christian child development organization that works to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. Compassion uses strengths to live out the mission of the...

Duration: 00:54:04

How Strengths Shape How We See the World - Called to Coach S5E23

Strengths are a filter – we say this in the Accelerated Course, and do the “Stand Up” exercise. Some things get through, and some don't We don't realize that it is just our perception - we think the world is that way (Competition example). It’s not like “I have this perspective” – I think that the world is that way, and I don’t really understand why others don’t see it that way. Self-awareness is our access to transforming our view of the world I become aware of the filter and can realize...

Duration: 00:58:58

Why Use CliftonStrengths in Higher Education? - Called to Coach S2E21

Tom Matson, Gallup Senior Executive Leadership Strategist, is an executive coach, author and leadership expert. Tom works with higher education institutions to strategically plan and chart the right course for students. Before his current role, he served on Gallup’s executive leadership practice team, developing leadership programs for Fortune 500 companies. StrengthsQuest has been rebranded as CliftonStrengths. Can you explain why that transition happened? StrengthsQuest seemed to stop at...

Duration: 00:52:49

How to Apply Your Strengths in Daily Decision Making - Called to Coach S2E20

Victor Seet is a co-founder of Strengths School in Singapore. Victor also created “The Game of Life” – which helps people learn how to integrate strengths into decision-making. He is all about the application of strengths: how to bring them from the discovery stage to the development stage, and then into daily life. Learn more about becoming a Certified Strengths Coach at the Gallup Strengths Center: Gallup's Called to Coach is a live Webcast that targets...

Duration: 00:53:27

Great Questions to Help Coaching Clients "Aim" Their Strengths - Called to Coach S3E18

Ella Washington, Ph.D., is an organizational psychologist providing subject matter expertise to Gallup’s clients in leadership, diversity and inclusion. Ella’s research and client work focuses on women in the workplace, barriers to inclusion for diverse groups, and working with organizations to build inclusive cultures. Today’s the topic is coaching strategies for aiming your CliftonStrengths themes. Ella has a “secret sauce” to the “aim it” part of coaching. Two things that Ella keeps in...

Duration: 00:52:15

Accenture's Employee Development with CliftonStrengths - Called to Coach S5E17

Dhanya has been an HR professional for 17+ years and currently the Director of Talent Strategy, Human Capital, and Diversity at Accenture. Developing talent strategies for Accenture in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka by partnering with senior team management. Recognized as one of the 50 most influential HR leaders in Tech in 2016. Dhanya’s experience with StrengthsFinder: Individualization, Responsibility, Relator, Maximizer, Arranger Accelerated Coaching Session in 2015 Provided a framework to...

Duration: 00:51:42

How to Build an Engaging Culture in a Banking Company - Called to Coach S5E12

Alma Hughes is the Vice President of Organizational and Leadership Development at Regions bank. She is a passionate leader creating a strong workplace culture through the use of CliftonStrengths, Gallup’s Q12 employee engagement survey, and other leadership programs. Regions and Gallup have worked together since 2007. At first, Regions only focused on customer engagement, then they moved into employee engagement as part of a larger strategy to improve their workplace. It’s the fifth or...

Duration: 00:43:46

8 Ways to Increase Your Effectiveness as a Coach - Called to Coach S5E11

This is the second webcast of a two-part series on the practice of coaching for people who have an ongoing relationship with clients. The first webcast in this series focused on pitfalls to avoid in coaching, while this one will focus on opportunities to look for to increase your effectiveness as a strengths coach. Becoming a great coach is a voyage of discovery of yourself that only you can embark on. It’s about understanding your own talents, your own strengths, paying attention to the...

Duration: 01:01:26

Gallup Called to Coach with Dean Jones 3-3-2017

This is the first of a two-part series on the practice of coaching for people who have an ongoing relationship with clients. 7 pitfalls to avoid in ongoing coaching-client relationships. 1.Don’t blame the client 2.Don’t become the client’s manager 3.Don’t turn your client into your coach by asking how you are doing 4.Don’t take away your client’s choice 5.Don’t get into an argument with someone’s talent 6.Being empathetic is not the same thing as commiserating 7.Don’t forget about...

Duration: 01:00:03

4 Keys to Authentic Recognition -- Called to Coach S5S6

The strengths movement is accelerating worldwide. Paul gets on the coaches/strengths yammer, facebook and Gallup Exchange pages every day, and every day he see lots of people doing cool stuff. He congratulates Jim for all of his work on strengthening the coaching community through social media and the coaches blog. What’s some evidence of the strengths movement? Jim shares some milestones for the coaches community: the strengths coaches YouTube channel crossed over a million views and...

Duration: 00:50:46