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Game Audio Podcast – Episode #58 – Mentorship

Guests: Becky Allen, Ariel Gross, Gijs Driesenaar On this episode we discuss mentorship and we dive into the project. Together with our guests we explore how we differentiate between mentorship and formal education. Our experience as mentee’s and mentors.

Duration: 00:52:41

Game Audio Podcast – Episode #57 – London Calling

Game Audio Podcast – Episode #57 – London Calling Guests: Michael Kelly, Sam Hughes, Graham Gatheral. Audio for Games 2015: Generalities, Highlights, Future Procedural Audio Now: History, Recent Happenings, Future Community Meetups: London Game Audio, Vibe, Future BAFTA Awards: Coverage, Generalities Develop:

Duration: 01:05:42

Game Audio Podcast – Episode #55 – Metamorphabet

Game Audio Podcast – Episode #55 –Metamorphabet The simple pleasures of ‘play’ as evidenced by Vectorpark‘s Metamorphabet come into focus as we discuss the process of creating this delightful experience with the development team. A rare deep-dive for the podcast, we talk through: the genesis of the design strategy, the involvement & role of audio, [...]

Duration: 00:55:04

Game Audio Podcast – Episode #54 – Beep Education

Game Audio Podcast – Episode #54 – Beep Education We are joined by Dr. Karen Collins to talk about Education, the Beep Documentary, and the continuing saga of world-traveling after a successful Kickstarter. Beep composer Leonard Paul talks about his role in the documentary, his roots in Procedural Audio and The School of Video Game [...]

Duration: 01:37:50

Game Audio Podcast – Episode #53 – GDC15 – VI – ZingClap

Saturday mornings are beautiful, but not in Anton’s case. He gets a rough wakeup call. many people are waiting for him, and have been waiting for him for awhile.But not to worry we got things going and here is the final roundtable for GDC2015. We talk about creativity, women in gameaudio. What a year. See [...]

Duration: 01:02:44

Game Audio Podcast – Episode #52 – GDC15 – V – Scro…poef

Catching up on the last day of GDC15 with friends of gameaudio. Celebrating the gang award winners, gong over the talks of the day before. Certainly the vibe was still excited. Pretty impressive after such a full on week.

Duration: 00:50:12

Game Audio Podcast – Episode #51 – GDC15 – IV – Boem

At today’s standup the highlights were a review of yesterday, talking to steinberg about Nuendo 7, and lots and lots more good stuff.

Duration: 00:46:31

Game Audio Podcast – Episode #50 – GDC15 – III – Campfire Celebrations

Wauw, we had 50 guests for our 50th episode. How appropriate. (ok I didnt count at the end but it sure must have been close to that). So humbling to have so many talented folks come out and discuss with us. Main subjects where eduction, unity 5 announcements and ofcourse boot camp.

Duration: 00:47:37

Game Audio Podcast – Episode #49 – GDC15 – II – Vroem

Second round of the morning standup/roundtable sitdowns, so impressed by 30?! people showing up. Main topics are VR/3d spatialization and asset store (following the announcement of

Duration: 00:39:01

Game Audio Podcast #47 – On our way to #GameAudioGDC

In this episode we discuss toilet sounds and QA with Kari. We look ahead for the week the come! Its #GAMEAUDIOGDC time!! Pinar and Anton review 2 offerings from boom library. Alright, have fun on the commute to san francisco or enjoy the week from wherever you are. News Beep funded! Special Guest [...]

Duration: 01:31:19

Game Audio Podcast #46 – Are We There Yet?

Something is happening and you don’t know what it is…do you, Mr. Jones. 0:00 intro 03:00 NASA/ESA 05:15 Heavy/Procedural 14:00 Designing Sound Patch a Day, Anton’s patches. 17:52 Montreal Independent Game Summit 31:00 Bryan Higa getting in GDC2013 33:00 Games we’ve been playing, Sailors Dream, Peggle 2 37:15 Favorite Sound 40:00 contact microphones

Duration: 00:42:51

Game Audio Podcast #45 – A Cornucopia

What a year! This episode finds us pulling together the threads of different conversations and experiences that we’ve been having: a midnight round table on side-projects, another stunning VO vignette from DB Cooper, follow-up emails from the Game Audio Podcast Inbox related to Able Gamers, Inclusive Game Design, and more. News [...]

Duration: 01:18:49

Game Audio Podcast – Episode #43 – GDC14 – V – Grand Theft Glass

Oh Friday mornings, you are so beautifully cruel. An epic turn out for the last Sight Glass morning scrum of 2014. Ofcourse we look at the day before. We dive straight into Alastair Macgregor’s talk on GTA V and continue on with the 2 Last of Us Talks. This leads Anton and Ben into a [...]

Duration: 01:02:24

Game Audio Podcast – Episode #42 – GDC14 – IV – The Glass is half full

Anton & Damian are joined by a ton of people, including Andreas Varga, who together with Anton toke the stage at GDC official day 1 to do their talk about the next gen dynamic audio system of Killzone Shadow Fall. Of course the other talks are also dissected, Killer Instinct, Tomb Raider, etc etc. A [...]

Duration: 01:06:55

Game Audio Podcast – Episode #41 – GDC14 – III – Jittery Glass

The daily scrum at sightglass. Its getting busy! We discuss the excellent bootcamp day and look ahead. Anton previews some bits of his talk and Damian gets excited about the GANG demo derby.

Duration: 03:49:57

Game Audio Podcast – Episode #40 – GDC14 – II – The Glass is Right Infront

And we are 40! An early rise again for the guys and girls but so much excitement for the audio bootcamp day of GDC. Damian has some responsibilities there this year and Anton has his own thing going too. We talk about Oculus Rift and jam on what we expect from sound there. We also [...]

Duration: 00:26:39

Game Audio Podcast – Episode #39 – GDC14 – I – The Glass is Full

GDC14 coverage is on! Damian and Anton meetup with lots of friends. A bit of speedskating and a lot of “what have you been up to this yea” while we get things in order. Sound quality note: trying out an experiment with a setup with sanken cub-1s on the 722 and a sony m1. Now [...]

Duration: 00:45:15

Game Audio Podcast – Episode #38 – Technical Sound Design & the Inbox

This episode highlights the Game Audio Podcast Inbox and digs deep into a correspondence from a linear audio professional interested in making the right moves to transition over to the game industry. Anton and Damian discuss questions like: “What is Technical Sound Design” ,”What can a person do as they begin their journey into game [...]

Duration: 00:55:04

GameAudio Podcast – Episode #36 – Game, Audio, Young & Bridgett

In this episode of the game audio podcast our regular guests Kenny Young (Tearaway, LittleBigPlanet) and Rob Bridgett(Prototype2, Game Audio Culture) join our powwow to discuss what they have been up to. We talk about Damian’s new job and premier of his new job title. We also go into crunching, the endless middleware vs custom [...]

Duration: 01:10:22