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A "byte-sized" podcast, twice weekly, about video games! News, new releases, and gaming impressions. Also check our video streams at

A "byte-sized" podcast, twice weekly, about video games! News, new releases, and gaming impressions. Also check our video streams at
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A "byte-sized" podcast, twice weekly, about video games! News, new releases, and gaming impressions. Also check our video streams at






Game Bytes :: December 10, 2017 :: Techno the Dolphin

The weather may be chilly, but the week in gaming is just heating up! We recap The Game Awards 2017 for award winners and game reveals, and drop in on the PlayStation Experience for trailers and announcements. Other new games are revealed this week and we mention EVERY SINGLE ONE omg. Monetization woes at EA may be impacting Anthem's development, and Steam ends support of your favorite digital currency. We illuminate you on lots of freebies and game updates, as well as a sweet sale at...

Duration: 01:00:45

Game Bytes :: December 6, 2017 :: Happenstance and Destiny Too

It's cold outside, warm up those hands on the nearest gaming system exhaust fan and tune into the GameBytes Show! On this midweek episode we're bringing you our latest adventures in Super Mario Odyssey, Skyrim on the Switch, Destiny 2's new expansion Curse of Osiris, as well as the fine Finnish fare of Frozenbyte's Nine Parchments and Housemarque's Nex Machina! Hyvää syntymäpäivää Suomi! (Happy 100th birthday Finland!) Intro: "Helltron" - Nex Machina, by Tuomas Nikkinen Outro: "Dovakhiin...

Duration: 01:07:33

Game Bytes :: December 3, 2017 :: Do I Make Compelling VR Content Baby, YEAH?

It may be the festive time of year, but the game news and releases and gaming discussion keep on rolling! Who came out on top in holiday sales? What about all the gambling? When will we hear about new Switch games? What's coming to VR? What game has an Amazon Echo tie-in? And what's the latest video game breakfast cereal news? We got it! Also, the new releases for the week AND we discuss the slowdown of PS+ and Xbox GWG, and what's our stance on aging platforms? Intro: "Negative Red" - DOOM...

Duration: 01:01:38

Game Bytes :: November 29, 2017 :: A Glass Half-Assed

We've got games to share with you, and we've been saving this one special! Jeremy starts off with the recent releases of Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny, the remake of the 1992 classic, and Sonic Mania, the remake of all the Sonics! Dale chimes in with Castlevania Symphony of the Night and some extra modes in Opus Magnum. LeGrande has been playing the Dishonored DLC, but just how chaotic are his playthroughs? Get us in your ears before this offer expires! Intro: "Lights, Camera, Action!"...

Duration: 03:21:51

Game Bytes :: November 26, 2017 :: GameBytes the Hedgehog

Has it been a long holiday weekend for you? If so TOO BAD. It's time to start the week! But we're here to help you start it right with video game news! Exhausting as it is, more loot box and microtransaction news is afoot as well as games and publishers shutting down, new capital being raised, new games announced and new bad guys discovered in old games. Can you get paid for your waifu? Also, new releases, freebies and everything is probably on sale. Finally, we discuss good times with party...

Duration: 01:05:37

Game Bytes :: November 22, 2017 :: No Thank You, Street Fighter Babies

Psst! We know you need to duck into a podcast and get away from friends and relatives for a little while. Come join us! We've got games to discuss! LeGrande tried out the new Iron Banner mode in Destiny 2! Jeremy plays new mobile games Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and Puzzle Fighter. Dale dabbles in molecular engineering in Opus Magnum (which is NOT a Transformer). Support Net Neutrality! Intro: "Moonlight Dark Castle" - Pocket Fighters (PS1), by Isao Abe Outro: "OK Motors" - Animal Crossing...

Duration: 01:04:02

Game Bytes :: November 19, 2017 :: The Whole Scorpion

Do you have confuse about the news? Well we're here in twos to reviews the news you can use! You cannot refuse. We get into the week's tumult surrounding EA, Battlefront 2, and loot boxes. There's also a famous charity drive going on, and a couple of game awards announce their nominees and winners! Rumors, announcements, and are Russian agents influencing your games? Then, we run through new releases and some free updates. Finally, we give our take on Black Friday in general, and vaguely...

Duration: 01:14:15

Game Bytes :: November 16, 2017 :: Mix Drinks and Change Lives

Let the GameBytes Show sustain you with discussion of the coolest new games! Jeremy starts us off with discussion of Star Wars Battlefront 2, and the microtransaction hubbub. Then, it's on to VA11 HALL-A, with the Vita release of the dystopian future bartending simulator. LeGrande gets into the details of the Destiny 2 Leviathan raid. Please vote for Dale Jones as Trending Gamer and Jerod Dunn for eSport of the Year! Intro: "Through the Storm We Will Find a Way" VA11 HALL-A, by Garoad Outro:...

Duration: 00:59:52

Game Bytes :: November 11, 2017 :: Dirty Sexy Video Game Money

Believe it or not, it's been a news-packed week in the world of video games! We have a little bit of "housekeeping" to get through, but RIGHT AFTER THAT, we dive in! EA buys Respawn, MS wants to buy someone, voice actors get a deal, Sony gives you "money" for trophies, Reggie on Switch and Wii U, Decksplash weekend?, Ubi, EA, Take Two on DLC, and Twitch is getting a bit more cerebral. More, more more! We discuss new releases, some free new updates, and we discuss "ecosystems" and loyaltry...

Duration: 01:17:53

Game Bytes :: November 8, 2017 :: Destiny Tsundere

We're tired and a little ill. The world keeps trying to get us down. BUT WE PERSIST, and we play video games, and we will tell you about them! And this time we have a smattering of games from "terrible but great" to "actually great" to share! Jerod returns to discuss some key moments from our Extra Life 2017 stream, including Kingdoms & Castles, Man 'o War Corsair, and more! Dale completed the Destiny 2 campaign and tells all, as well as dabbling in some good old-fashioned Symphony of the...

Duration: 00:48:42

Game Bytes :: November 6, 2017 :: Xrox Xox Xbox One X

You missed a bunch of video game news this week! But no worries! The crew of the GameBytes Show is here to help catch you up and keep you current! We break down Sony's presentation for Paris Games Week, Blizzcon announcements, changes and closures in well-known game studios, Nintendo's plans and releases teased, and what gaming treasures did Bin Laden's compound hold? Find out within! We cover the new game releases and freebies of the week, as well as discussing the complications of...

Duration: 01:10:58

Game Bytes :: November 3, 2017 :: Super Mario Odd Ennui

Hi! We're glad you could join us! The latest and greatest new games are here on the GameBytes Show! Everyone has been playing Super Mario Odyssey, but is it the GOAT? LeGrande and Dale discuss Destiny 2 on PC, and improvements to the storytelling. Jeremy played games that debuted on stage at Paris Games Week with Dead Hungry and Oure, and weighs in on feeding burgers to zombies and soaring through the clouds like a dragon! Intro: "Run, Jump, Throw!" - Super Mario Odyssey, by Naoto Kubo,...

Duration: 00:53:51

Game Bytes :: October 29, 2017 :: Too Much Doping in Mario Kart

A momentous week in video game news, and the GameBytes Show is here to help you sort through it! The best game ever? NES Classic Prophecy. Another video game gets a TV series, but this time it's live-action! Can eSports go to the Olympics? And which much-requested feature returns to Assassin's Creed? Plus, we discuss new releases, and what DOES it take to be "the best game ever"? Intro: "Aliens in my Waterfall!" - Contra, by Erik Vreven, Ivan Hakštok, Jorito, Juan Medrano (ocremix) Outro:...

Duration: 01:06:41

Game Bytes :: October 25, 2017 :: Thinky Things to Think About

We've been waiting, and you've been waiting, for the middle of the week when the GameBytes Show crew brings you their impressions of the great video games they've been playing! Wait no longer! In a two-man show, Dale and Jeremy bring the goods, and you will be delighted and entertained! Dale kicks it off with a roundup of the latest updates to the very popular and fashionable team-based competitive first person shooter Team Fortress 2, and its trans-media tie-ins. He then switches to the...

Duration: 00:46:55

Game Bytes :: October 23, 2017 :: OMG Someone Check on the Skylanders

You thought we forgot you? NEVER. We're here for you; here with the news, new releases, and our erudite and eclectic exchanges! This week in the news we discuss Activision patents, Destiny updates, Visceral games and single-player prospects, toys to life, GabeN's fortune, and more! Plus, we discuss our personal relationship with "loot box" DLC versus ala carte pricing. Intro: "Main Theme" - Daggerfall, by Eric Heberling (arrangement by Pieces of 8-Bit) Outro: "Main Theme" - Lego...

Duration: 01:15:58

Game Bytes :: October 19, 2017 :: A++ Would Mount Again

It's the time of the week when we have those video game impressions that you want. That you NEED. You need them. Jerod gets his undeadkin self out in the open with Divinity: Original Sin 2, and talks abou the mounts and special surprises in Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. Dale feels the lure of the tanks of Warhammer in World of Tanks Blitz, but has he been catfished?? Jeremy dredges up that good old Golden Axe feeling with Sacred Citadel, and wraps his brain around Psychonauts in the Rhombus...

Duration: 01:03:20

Game Bytes :: October 15, 2017 :: Stuffed Crust?!

It is, as they say "a potpourri of game news"... Well we said it anyway, and it is! We're here to help you smell that sweet potpourri of game news as only we can. Loot boxes are a hot topic, but so is Super Mario Odyssey's first review, Cuphead selling a million, Sony controllers, PSVR, Oculus, and Finland! Especially Finland. We then take you through the new releases and some sales, and we discuss our favorite harvesting/planting/farming games for the fall season! Intro: "One Hell Of A...

Duration: 01:00:17

Game Bytes :: October 11, 2017 :: Everyone's Favorite Balls Make an Appearance

The guys played a bunch of games this week, and now YOU get to hear about it! On this midweek show, Jeremy discusses the Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta (and how it differs from Battlefront), expounds on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and plays the surprise release of The Bard's Tale: Remastered and Resnarkled on PS4 and Vita. Dale jumps in with the cyborg ninja slashfest Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and LeGrande has been playing Stardew Valley on the Switch. Intro: "Collective...

Duration: 01:08:15

Game Bytes :: October 8, 2017 :: Aey Em Oh Elle Eee Dee

To start your week of right, the GameBytes Show crew is here to edify you with current events! SNES has been hacked, Unit plans to iron out its Switch issues, Andrew House leaves Sony, game announcements, VR/AR happenings and more! We hit the new releases and some interesting game updates, and then we discuss our "most social" gaming experiences! Intro: "Beanbean Fields" - Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga, by Yoko Shimomura Outro: "Wake-Up Club", PlayStation Vita #LegacyPlatform Check out our...

Duration: 01:13:12

Game Bytes :: October 4, 2017 :: It's Like Operation Except with a Stick

We're here again on our mid-week show to astound and delight you! Dale, LeGrande, and Jeremy talk about the games they played this week. LeGrande and Dale both discuss the late-game specs of their Diablo 3 characters, and LeGrande plays Superhot in VR! Dale joins in with a little Hexcells and the old adventure game Loom. Jeremy played Cuphead, Fortnite battle royale mode, and the Stranger things Android/iOS game. Download, and live games vicariously through us! Intro: "The King's Court" -...

Duration: 01:06:51

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