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Game Grinder is a podcast dedicated to anything and everything in nerd culture! We discuss video games, table-top games, movies, comic books, and anything else we can fit into our weekly chats. Subscribe and join us now!

Game Grinder is a podcast dedicated to anything and everything in nerd culture! We discuss video games, table-top games, movies, comic books, and anything else we can fit into our weekly chats. Subscribe and join us now!
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Game Grinder is a podcast dedicated to anything and everything in nerd culture! We discuss video games, table-top games, movies, comic books, and anything else we can fit into our weekly chats. Subscribe and join us now!




Episode 50: Justice League, Wolfenstein, Divinity, and Loot Boxes

This week the gang chats it up as we discuss killing Nazis, DC Comics, isometric RPGs, and gambling! Email us at and we can talk about your chosen topic on the next weeks episode!


Episode 49: Mario, Wolfenstein, Assassins Creed, and Stranger Things

This is probably the most extensive episode to date, following the release of Super Mario Odyssey, Assassins Creed Origins, and Wolfenstein II! We get in depth with all three of those titles and also find time to get into Blizzard's announcement of World of Warcraft Classic servers and their new expansion, The Battle for Azeroth. We also parse through the new Horizon Zero Dawn DLC, and we argue about content for the Curse of Osiris DLC for Destiny 2. With Thor: Ragnarok and Bladerunner still...


Episode 48: Iron Banner, Cuphead, and Battlefront II

With some limited Destiny 2 talk, the crew explores some hot topics this week, including "difficulty in video games" and "pay to win" money grabs. With the release of Cuphead, people are wondering if gaming culture is beginning to become elitist! Send us an email with your thoughts at and we will discuss your opinion on the next weeks episode!


Episode 47: Kingsman, Destiny 2 Faction Wars, and the SNES Classic Release

This week's episode gets classy with an in depth discussion of the Kingsman universe and how the second film, The Golden Circle, affected it. We also get to argue about our favorite Destiny 2 factions and explore some of the lore behind the Future War Cult, Dead Orbit, and New Monarchy. After that, the time has finally come! We got our hands on two SNES Classic Editions and we cannot stop gushing about them! We'll tell you if it's been worth the wait and what games were discovering, or...


Episode 46: The Destiny 2 Spoilercast

Welcome, Guardians! The gang finally got their hands on Destiny 2! We hold nothing back as we parse out each part of the game and give you guys our thoughts on Bungie's newest title. We also go deep into the lore and talk about some of our favorite theories regarding the Kabal Emperor, the origins of the Traveler, and how the Vex came to be. Stick around after the spoilercast for our opinions on PewDiePie's newest controversy and how we see Campo-Santo's DMCA affecting the industry as a...


Episode 45: Rabbids, Game of Thrones, and Sonic Mania

It's a short week, as we spent the better part of the day recording our upcoming Dungeons and Dragons episodes, but we still found time to geek out over a few select topics! Game of Thrones stole the latter half of the show, but we finally got to get our hands dirty with a bit of Sonic Mania and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle!


Episode 44: Half-Life 3 Leaks, More SNES Classic Drama, Call of Duty WWII, and Movies vs. Television

It’s a video game heavy week with both the Half-Life 2 Episode 3 story leak from head writer Marc Laidlaw, and the SNES Classic preorders that also went up this week. We also got our hands on Call of Duty WWII and we give you our impressions of the multiplayer, as well as what our hopes are for the single player campaign. Our open discussion topic is “Movies vs. Television.” What are the merits and demerits of both sides, and what kinds of stories work better for each medium. As always be...


Episode 43: The Obi-Wan Movie, James Bond, and a Dota 2 Card Game?

Hey, guys! You’re listening to Episode 43 of the Game Grinder Podcast, you’re one and only stop for all things in gaming and nerd culture! This week is a bit sparse on video games, aside from Valve’s announcement of their new DotA card game Artifact, as the gang has been in a perpetually busy state, but we manage to touch on a variety of popular nerd topics, including the newly confirmed Obi-Wan film, Doctor Who, James Bond, and the leaked episode of Game of Thrones! Our Open Discussion...


D&D Episode 3: The Battle of Nightstone

On episode 3 of our Dungeons and Dragons series, Adama, Oliver, and Romlast decide to help out the town of Nightstone by searching for the villagers that fled during the sky-castle attack. Before they can even make it out of the village, however, they have an eventful run in with some outsiders that have decided that they want the town for themselves, which leads into an even larger battle than the gang had originally planned! Stay tuned every week for more!


D&D Episode 2: Looting Towns and Making New Friends

It's the second episode in our Dungeons and Dragons series! This week, the gang has a nasty run in with some more goblins, and decides to rest up while looting the mysteriously empty village. While doing so, they find some interesting items that will help them in their journey, discover what really happened to the town, and even make a new friend! It's the Game Grinder Podcast vs. The Storm King's Thunder! Listen in every week for more hilarity mixed with epic battles and role play. Music...


Episode 41: Paid Crates in PUBG, Comic Book / Video Game Crossovers, and Nerd Rage

You’re listening to your one stop shop for all things gaming and nerd culture, the Game Grinder Podcast! The gang discusses a myriad of topics this week, including the controversial Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds update, movie, television, and comic book overlaps, and, in our open discussion this week, Nerd Rage and sexism: why is it a thing, and how can we confront it in a constructive fashion. This week’s open discussion was provided by a fan of the show named Caleb! If you have a topic...


Dungeons and Dragons Session 1: The Gang Finds Some Goblins

It's episode one of our Dungeons and Dragons series, where we do our best to fumble our way through Storm King's Thunder, one of Wizard's of the Coast's latest campaigns! The gang makes their way to a strangely abandoned town in search of adventure. Unfortunately for them, there is much more than a town full of free loot waiting for them! Music and ambiance credit to Ben Sound and Tabletop Audio!


Episode 40: Sega Genesis Flashback, Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, and Anime

Hello and welcome to your one stop shop for all things gaming and nerd culture, the Game Grinder Podcast! This week, we welcome back Adam, who joins us to discuss the drama surrounding the Walmart SNES Classic preorder cancellations, the Sega Genesis Flashback, and the new “paid” content for one of our favorite titles right now, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. In our open discussion this week, we finally talk a bit about Anime, why it’s so polarizing, and what exactly you should look for...


Episode 39: Doctor Who, the Destiny 2 beta, Comic Con, and SNES Classic Preorders

On this week's episode, we discuss the announcement that The Doctor on the BBC hit show Doctor Who will be, played by a Female actress for the first time in the show’s 50 year history. We also dive into many of the big trailers revealed at Comic Con 2017 and pick them apart piece by piece. After that, it’s onward to video games, where the Destiny 2 beta reigns supreme, but we find some time to get a little heated about Nintendo’s surprise preorder announcement that took place overnight. In...


A Game of Thrones Spoilercast: Series Recap and Predictions

This week we have a very special episode to get you ready for the new season of Game of Thrones! From the Starks to the Lannisters, we discuss all of our favorite moments and characters from the series, and we also make some predictions about where the show is headed! Whether it's about Cersei's prophesy, or the fact that we think Tyrion is probably a Targaryen, you'll find it all right here on the Game Grinder Podcast! Also, feel free to download the awesome 8-bit Game of Thrones theme...


Episode 37: Doomfist, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and the Netflix Castlevania Series

Hey guys, and welcome to episode 37 (in a row?) of the Game Grinder Podcast, your number one source for all things about video game and nerd culture! This week, Stephen and I went to go see Spider-Man: Homecoming, and we discuss our feelings on it in a spoiler free fashion. Also, Doomfist has finally been released on Overwatch’s public test realm, so we’re here to fill you in on all the details, and to give our opinions on Blizzard’s newest frontline fighter. After that, we get into...


Episode 36: SNES Classic, Speedrunning, and Video Game Genres

On today’s episode, we discuss the SNES Classic, which was easily the biggest announcement this week. We follow up with some early coverage of Summer Games Done Quick and what it has done for the speedrunning community, and, in our Open Discussion, we dive deep into video game “genres.” Which ones are our favorites, and why is it getting more and more difficult to describe games in a cut and dry fashion? All that and much more this week… on the Game Grinder Podcast!


Episode 35: Blizzard Remaster Leaks, the Atari Console Announcement, and the Steam Summer Sale

This week we will be talking about Blizzard’s newest job posting that heavily insinuates that a remaster might be happening for the fan favorite titles Warcraft III and Diablo II; as well as Atari’s announcement that they will be developing their own independent console again, and it’s likely not going to be a throwback one like the NES Classic! Be sure to stay tuned for our segment about the Steam Summer Sale so you don't miss out on your chance to win some free games! We’ll also give you...


E3 Day 2: Project Cars 2, Bethesda VR, and Meeting Lastimosa

Day two of E3 2017 is finally over and we are still here to give you the latest and greatest news from the video game industry! We had several meetings today with the likes of Bandai Namco, Alienware, and Bethesda where we covered several products like Dragonball Fighter Z, Doom VR, Projects Cars 2, and Ni No Kuni II, as well as some of the most powerful PC hardware anywhere in the world. Oh, and we also got to see some of the guys behind one of our favorite titles, Titanfall 2, including...


E3 Day 1

Game Grinder is at E3! We are here to bring you all the latest news and information about your favorite video games and gaming hardware. It's been a crazy busy day for us, but we want to take a couple of hours to sit down and discuss all the things we've seen and felt at one of the largest video game expos in the world. We spend some time going over Microsoft's press conference, covering everything from their "new" console, the Xbox One X, to upcoming titles like Sea of Thieves and Anthem....


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