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Game Speak Podcast Episode #35

We've got some pretty interesting news about EA this week. Some funny and sad, some hopeful and not so sad. After we finish telling you all the games you can expect to be able to play within the next seven days, we ask ourselves the deepest gaming question there is, who are the best video game pets? Check it out and leave us your list of the best video game pets in the comments!

Duration: 01:26:32

Game Speak Podcast Episode #34: Iconic Games Interview ft. Matt Vile & Matt Porter

This week we had on special guests Matt Vile and Matt Porter of Iconic Games to talk about their ongoing Kickstarter for The Untold Legacy! If you love Zelda, or story rich action adventure games, then this is a game you should be backing! We have a fun conversation and explore the process that went into making the game and what backers can expect for the future of the title.

Duration: 01:39:28

Game Speak Podcast Episode #33 (Spooky Halloween Edition)

This week we have a lot gaming news to talk about thanks to Paris Games Week, but then things get spooky as we discuss our top 5 gaming moments that freaked us out! You don't want to miss today's People's Champ answers, because we reveal our real life paranormal experiences that we shared as kids! Happy belated Halloween!

Duration: 01:31:01

Game Speak Podcast Episode #32

Man, video game movies sure do suck! This week we list off the worst ones, but we also talk about some amazing games coming out as well! This is a crazy awesome week to be a gamer, so listen in if you want to know what's on it's way to a console or PC near you!

Duration: 01:15:51

Game Speak Podcast Episode #31

This week we talk about our most anticipated video games coming this Holiday season. It's a great episode to check out if you want to get hyped for what's on the horizon and find out what's going on in the industry right now. Some is good news, some not so good.

Duration: 01:25:57

Game Speak Podcast Episode #30

We answer some great questions this week after filling you in on the most important news! And in celebration of our Cuphead review, we discuss our top 5 picks for the hardest games we've played!

Duration: 01:07:37

Game Speak Podcast Episode #29

In Episode 29 of Game Speak Podcast, we dive into controversy as we talk about games that deserve their M-Adults Only rating! Jamal sounds like a turtle left out in the sun for too long, but this is definitely an informing episode you won't want to miss!

Duration: 01:26:32

Game Speak Podcast #28: Nintendo with Jessell “Spiderman” Boseman

This week we have two time American Ninja Warrior competitor, Traceur, Youtuber, and all around Nintendo Fanboy, Jessell Boseman come on and talk American Ninja Warrior and Super Mario Odyssey! He hangs out and helps us with the whole episode as we go through the news and usual segments in the Nintendo Extravaganza of an episode!

Duration: 01:27:12

Game Speak Podcast Episode #27: Spoiler Warning!

This week shit gets spoiled! If you don't want to hear the ending to some great games, then just tune in for the news and weekly releases! We will let you know when we are going to get into the stuff you may not want to hear! Most of the games have been out so long though, that if you haven't beat them yet, then you might as well listen and get real, bub. Oh yeah, and at the very end, we go into a spoilerish talk about the new "It" movie. It's totally worth a tune in!

Duration: 01:27:25

Game Speak Podcast Episode #26

In this week's episode we decide on our Top Video Game Sequels. Lot's of Destiny 2 news, and of course, we select The People's Champ!

Duration: 01:17:57

Game Speak Episode #25

We get real this week with our Top 5 Guilty Pleasures! Also, plenty of news and interesting exclusive stuff going on, so you won't want to miss this one! We have a surprise for those listeners who make it to the end of the episode!

Duration: 01:15:38

Game Speak Podcast Episode 24: Chris Smith Interview

This week's episode we have on special guest, Chris Smith, from PSVR World on Youtube! After discussing the weekly news, we decide which games need the VR treatment with Chris, and then we talk about the video game super power we would have to have if given the option!

Duration: 01:43:14

Game Speak Podcast Episode 23

Have you ever watched a cartoon and the main characters are eating something, but that something looks far more delicious than it ever could in the real world? Well that's what this weeks episode is all about! After the news and upcoming games, we discuss our choices for Video Game Foods We've Always Wanted to Eat In Real Life. So grab your snack of choice for this one, it's gonna be one tasty episode! Todd! This is the game that's similar to Mario Party, but has RPG elements and fighing....

Duration: 01:24:03

Game Speak Episode 22: Matt McAuliffe Interview

PLEASE READ: This week, we have a very special guest join us remotely! Matt McAuliffe, Game Designer at SIX FOOT, talks to us about life as a game designer and what it's like to be working for such a dope company before we all discuss our ideal horror movie to video game adaptations. Unfortunately we had some technical issues with the interview audio during the recording due to our connection and things get pretty laggy on our end, but the show must go on! So please forgive us for the...

Duration: 01:15:40

Game Speak Podcast Episode 21

In Episode 21 we get down with the bosses! Our favorite video game bosses that is! Plus, after we give you the weekly industry news, we talk about our favorite book series and how we would turn them into a video game franchise. This Episode was brought to you by Audible! Get your free 30 day trial and free audio book download and help ya bois all at the same time! You get to keep your book even if you cancel the trial! Go to for yours!

Duration: 01:21:14

Game Speak Podcast Episode 20

In Episode 20, We discuss the weekly news and game releases before talking about our favorite gaming memories! Also, we finally got legit mic stands and pop filters for better quality as seen in the picture above! And you won't want to miss my first impressions with LawBreakers on PC after playing the beta. I am Jamal by the way!

Duration: 01:24:14

Game Speak Podcast Episode 19

We decided to catch some heat this week with our Top 5 overrated games lists! Also, On Chad's request, we have changed Chad's Corner to "The People's Corner," and we answer the question of our Top 5 Favorite Movies. Be the People's Champ on the next episode by submitting a question to the Facebook group "Game Speak Podcast" The champ's question is made the second topic in "The People's Corner," and any questions that don't make the cut will get answered in the listener questions segment!...

Duration: 01:38:44

Game Speak Podcast Episode 18

There are so many games coming out this week! Are they worth your time? Listen and decide! Also, we talk about how to effectively analyze a video game review and who we trust in the industry. Don't forget we added Chad's Corner last week, and this time we talk about the places we want to visit most. has had a huge overhaul as well, so don't forget to check it out and see our new cafepress merch shop! That's right, we have merch available now with a new design coming...

Duration: 01:06:21

Game Speak Podcast Episode 17

This week introduces our newest segment inspired by Chad Mclain! From this point forward, every episode will consist of two Topics of the Show, One being the main and video game focused topic, and the second being off the rails with something more personal and fun, such as today's second topic, What is our Favorite Anime? Afterwards, we discuss our dream console and what it would consist of from the current generation machines! In the show we talk about Mr. Shifty, and our homie Jessell...

Duration: 01:07:11

Game Speak Podcast Episode 16

This week is all about finding them eggs, video game Easter Eggs that is. We discuss our top picks after giving you guys the news, and new game releases this week!

Duration: 00:56:14

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