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Game Speak Podcast Episode #53: Nothing Like You. VR Productions

This week we have a very interesting conversation with Orly and Kemal from Nothing Like You. VR Productions! They originally were working on a Twin Peaks VR Experience based off of the hit T.V. show, but due to legal interference, they changed the way they were approaching their project. Listen in on what that new project, The Archivist: A VR Experience, is and how it's going to expand your mind in ways you wouldn't associate with a video game. And of course, we drop all the weekly gaming...


Game Speak Podcast Episode #52: 1 Year Anniversary!

1 WHOLE YEAR! That's how long Game Speak Podcast has been live! As we celebrate this accomplishment with you all this week, we name the People's Champ of 2017! We tallied all the wins over the past year to see who won the most weekly People's Champ questions! We will be doing this annually now, and every year winner will receive a shirt to prove that their the true People's Champion! That is until someone steals the title! So jump in, enjoy the fun, hear all the weekly news and get ready for...


Game Speak Podcast Episode #51: Top 5 Indie Games Ft. Aden Jones of Indie Gaming Podcast

Our friend Aden Jones from Indie Gaming Podcast brought his expertise in the Indie game universe over to Game Speak Podcast this week to help us pick the best Indie games to play! We hook you up with all the gaming news and releases for the week and answer all the great questions you guys sent us! Next week will conclude our first year as a website and podcast and we want to thank all you for your support, and can't wait to see what year 2 has in store for us!


Game Speak Podcast Episode #50: Oh!WHATif Inc.’s David Huang

Get ready for some VR flying action! This week we talk with David Huang, creative director at Oh!WHATif Inc., makers of Battle Sky VR. Play it here! Also, we give you all your gaming news and releases for this week, as well as answer all your dope questions! If you want your question answered on the show, post it at


Game Speak Podcast Episode #49

This week we talk about the ultimate immersion killers in gaming. What takes you out of the story and the world you are playing in? We also make sure to keep you up to date on your weekly gaming news and releases, including details on a new game that if you are the first to solve all of it's puzzles, you will win a whole bitcoin, which is worth a crazy ton of money. Don't miss it!


Game Speak Podcast Episode #48: David Stanley- Creator of Skelattack

This week we had the super interesting David Stanley, Studio Technical Director at Ukuza games and mastermind behind the upcoming 2D platformer, Skelattack! After filling you in on all this week's gaming news and releases, we have an informative chat with David about his time developing his dream game, PAX, and much more! Don't miss out on this amazing episode!


Game Speak Episode #47: Yigit Bekir Kaya CEO of Cbilab VR Studios

This week we a very awesome interview with Yigit Bekir Kaya, the mind behind the upcoming game, Manmade VR. He gives us all the exclusive details that you haven't read or heard about yet. He talks gameplay, story, and how your character actually moves through the Dystopian Istanbul in the 2050's! Also he answers all of the listener questions you guys sent in for him! Outside of the interview, we make sure you guys are caught up on all the industry news and game releases for the week! Don't...


Game Speak Podcast Episode #46: ft.

This is one crazy dope episode. We had on our buddy Adam from to help us discuss all the great movies and t.v. shows that need a VR experience (please forgive some audio issues). Thanks to you guys, the awesome community, we had so many legit questions this week, and they were super fun to answer. I think you guys will definitely want to hear the responses on these. Thank you so much for supporting us, and to those who would like to have their questions answered on the show,...


Game Speak Podcast Episode #45

Do you like free stuff? Well so do we! This week we tell you our favorite free stuff anyone can do with the Xbox One and the PS4. If you don't care about free stuff, be sure to listen for this weeks gaming news and releases, because there is a lot of it. The listener questions were ON POINT this week as well, so if you're into laughing, then yeah, it's perfect for you. Send your questions in for the next show at


Game Speak Podcast Episode #44: Current Gaming’s Best Graphics

This week we take a break from interviews and deliver the insane amount of industry news and game releases that have piled up over the last 7 days! We give our opinions on which games you can play today that we think have the best graphics. After that, we answer all of your HARD questions.... Man.


Game Speak Podcast Episode #43: Serena Hack of Alta VR

This week we have on the super rad, Serena Hack! She's the Technical Artist at Alta VR and joined us to talk about the dev's ambitious upcoming VR Fantasy/RPG game, A Township Tale. It's an awesome conversation that you won't want to miss! Also, we get some insider info on a possible new mechanic in the game. The rest of the show plays out our usual segments, and finally, this week there is some industry news! It was a pretty slow new years, but things seem to be picking back up in the...


Game Speak Podcast Episode #42: Ft. Karri Liikkanen of Panzer Hearts

This week's episode may be light on news, but it's a fun and informative one. After we talk about some of the games we played (and beat) over the holidays, we sit down with Karri Liikkanen, writer of the upcoming visual novel game, Panzer Hearts, to talk about all of it's awesome features, including: Building tanks, making story altering decisions, and dating alternate history German/African girls! That's right, and all the information on when and how you can get it is here:...


Game Speak Podcast Episode #41

We're coming up on a brand new year! And we have a short but sweet show for you this week! In this episode we discuss our most anticipated games of 2018, and guess at a franchises we haven't seen or heard from in a long time, that might make a return this upcoming year. Oh yeah, and we talk about all the dope gaming stuff we got for Christmas! Happy New Year! - Brent & Jamal


Game Speak Podcast Episode #40: Wooden Shoes Game’s Kevin De Bruin

After we drop the important gaming news and releases for this week, we sit down and talk with student/freelance game journalist/game developer, Kevin De Bruin out of The Netherlands! He's on a team of 15 working to bring their first indie project to Steam within 13 weeks, and he stopped by to tell us all about the challenge. Don't forget to stay tuned post interview, because we had plenty of your questions to answer! Check out Fruity Smoothie on Steam 12/21/17, and help Kevin's team ace...


Game Speak Podcast Episode #39: The Game Awards & PSX 2017 (FT. TKD123)

This week's episode is chock full of awesome announcements thanks to two of 2017's biggest gaming events, The Game Awards and PSX! To help us break down the big news, Youtube's TKD123 brought his experience to the show! This is a long one, but a great one! We make sure you're caught up on all of the great games that premiered over the week, and which games/devs/gamers won awards this year!


Game Speak Podcast Episode #38: PSVR’s 1st Birthday

We can't believe it's been a year since PSVR released! This episode has all of your usual segments, like Video game News, and This Week's Releases, but the topic of this show is dedicated to Brent and Chris from as they discuss a year in PSVR, and what the future may hold for the hardware! Don't forget to enter into the Wolfenstein 2 Giveaway! Go to for the official rules! You have until the 12th of December to participate!


Game Speak Podcast Episode #37

This week, in honor of receiving our 5,oooth Download (Thank you guys so much!)we announce our Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Giveaway! If you want to have a chance to win a brand new copy of the game on either PS4 or Xbox One, then head on over to for the rules of entry! After that, be sure to listen through the episode for some inebriated fun. We talk about the best games to play while drunk, and the best games to play to get drunk!


Game Speak Podcast Episode #36: Video Game Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving errbody! This episode we set aside our anger with microtransactions, paid DLC, and other nonsense that certain unnamed Publishers love to spew out, all so we can get to the heart of what truly matters. We talk about all the video game stuff we are thankful for, as well as read all of the things that you guys had to be thankful for. (Thanks for writing in!) If you want to write in questions to the show, join the Game Speak Podcast Facebook group and ask away. Or follow...


Game Speak Podcast Episode #35

We've got some pretty interesting news about EA this week. Some funny and sad, some hopeful and not so sad. After we finish telling you all the games you can expect to be able to play within the next seven days, we ask ourselves the deepest gaming question there is, who are the best video game pets? Check it out and leave us your list of the best video game pets in the comments!


Game Speak Podcast Episode #34: Iconic Games Interview ft. Matt Vile & Matt Porter

This week we had on special guests Matt Vile and Matt Porter of Iconic Games to talk about their ongoing Kickstarter for The Untold Legacy! If you love Zelda, or story rich action adventure games, then this is a game you should be backing! We have a fun conversation and explore the process that went into making the game and what backers can expect for the future of the title.


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