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PW356 - The Jon Problem Part 1

In this two part episode Matt and Mike explore the ramifications Jon has had on the Westerosi world and the story, going down all kinds of rabbit-hole scenarios, which clearly justifies Mike's growing concern for Matt's mental health. Find the all back episodes at and find the DVR podcast network at - also consider helping the DVR podcast network continue to grow by making a pledge at MP3

Duration: 01:22:39

A Star Wars Special - Echoing Anakin: Kylo Ren

The DVR Podcast Network is proud to present a special podcast featuring Susan Stacy (@blackeyedlily) and Patrick Sponaugle (@patman23) in anticipation of The Last Jedi. With the next chapter in the Skywalker saga, Star Wars, The Last Jedi, due for release on Friday, December 15, join Susan and Pat as they discuss the controversial character of Kylo Ren and consider where he may be headed. Check us out at & MP3

Duration: 01:08:25

PW355 Best & Worst of S7

Matt and Bubba list the best and worst from Season 7 of Game of Thrones. MP3

Duration: 01:36:17

PW354 Clef Notes Finale

We are so happy to bring you a special surprise from the creator himself Mr. Matt Murdick, a nice long Clef Notes on the Finale. Enjoy

Duration: 01:23:45

S1E1 Pilot The Deuce Rethread

No, Westeros does not have a city called Manhattan. We just wanted to drop last week's premiere episode of The Deuce Rethread in the feed to let you know we are covering this great new show. Head over to iTunes ( or any of your favorite pod catchers to catch episode 2 and subscribe to The Deuce Rethread! Mike and Jason explain the origin of the podcast, its format and who they are. Then they dig into the pilot of The...

Duration: 01:04:51

PW353 DJ Timm & Michael LaCombe S7 Review

DJ Timm Hines is joined by Michael Aaron of Wudupdoe Podcast to discuss their overall feelings about S7 and also talk about Michael's finale party! We are doing a lot more podcasts lately as well. Check out to find out more about The Deuce Rethread, Gareth's Waste of Time, Inside DJ's DVR, The FilmList and more. Enjoy MP3

Duration: 01:33:36

PW 352 Medieval Jurisprudence expert Kevin Uhalde Interview

Dr. Kevin Uhalde is an Associate Professor of History at Ohio University and a learned scholar of medieval jurisprudence. He's also a human being on earth in 2017, so he watches GoT! In this podcast Mike talks to Dr. Uhalde about the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain, what exactly 'breaking the wheel' means, and the Great Man vs. Trends & Forces theory of history in relation to Westeros. Why do historians love ASOIAF? Turns out it's not that different in academia than it is for the rest of...

Duration: 00:59:18

PW351 Heath and Axel S7 Review

Heath and Axel give their impression of S7. How the pace changed, how it compares to other seasons and then they go episode by episode. MP3

Duration: 01:37:05

PW 350 Deep Dive S7 Wrap Up

Mike and Tracee are back for their S7 review. How did it stack up against other seasons? What did they like, what did they not like. You gotta listen to find out! @WinterfellPod on Twitter MP3

Duration: 01:29:14

PW 349 Call In S7 Review and S8 Predictions

DJ Timm Hines welcomes Susan, Matt, Roberto of A Pod Of Casts and Axel. They talk about the best and worst of S7 and what they think S8 may bring. We had an audio hiccup and the last 5 or so minutes had to be spliced from the Talkshoe Clown feed. Enjoy! MP3

Duration: 03:13:41

PW 348 Origins Part 1

Heath and I will be back with our season review later this week, so in the meantime, enjoy this episode. This was a lot of fun to put together. I went back to and found the first times Heath, Matt, Donald and I spoke about Game of Thrones. I did a little intro for each clip to give it some context and I even had a special guest pop in. I plan on doing at least one more installment featuring Tracee, Mike and DJ Timm Hines. Enjoy MP3

Duration: 01:16:24

PW 347 Deep Dive S7E7 The Dragon and The Wolf

Book readers Tracee and Mike are joined by long time Podcast Winterfell friend Susan. They go long on breaking down the season finale and go super deep into ASOIAF. Enjoy MP3

Duration: 02:32:17

PW 346 A Murder of Miykes Medieval History Special

Our own Mike Hull talks to Myke Cole and Mike Livingston, two huge ASOIAF fans who are also excellent fictions writers. They talk about what it's like to study battles from ancient and medieval history, and how writers put themselves in the mindset of people who lived through dramatic historical events. Myke Cole is former military and played an elite law enforcement officer on the CBS show Hunted. He describes his work as "if Harry Potter joined the Navy Seals", and it does not...

Duration: 00:58:50

PW 345 Live Call In S7E7 The Dragon and The Wolf

DJ Timm Hines takes calls from an amazing group of GoT and ASOIAF fan experts; Jim, Jinx, Laughing Wolf, Shadowcat, Mike, Viceroy Craig, Blackeyed Susan, WolfInWinter, and Gina. Enjoy! MP3

Duration: 02:37:23

PW 344 Initial Reaction S7E7 The Dragon and The Wolf

Axel & Heath are freewheelin' through a great discussion of a great episode. They talk about what Ice Dragon's breathe (is it fire so hot it is blue or an icy blast?), the conclusion of the Winterfell Stark parlour games, Jon & Dany doing it, Cersei is the smartest person in Westeros, and much more. Use discount code (WINTERFELL15) to get 15% off any purchase at Enjoy! MP3

Duration: 01:28:55

PW 343 Feedback S7E6 Beyond The Wall

Axel & DJ take feedback from Gina, Viktor, Megan, Ross and Justin about who is going to die, whether Ice Dragons breath ice or fire, whatever happened to Craster's little baby boy White Walkers, The Night King's plans, is Arya teaching Sansa to be a Faceless person, why did Jon agree to bend the knee and a bunch of other stuff. Then they watch the trailer for the Season 7 Finale live and make some witty banter. It's a late night thing. Enjoy. MP3

Duration: 01:19:37

PW 342 BR Deep Dive S7E6 Beyond The Wall

Tracee and Mike have opinions about Beyond The Wall. MP3

Duration: 02:10:38

PW 342 Live Call In S7E6 Beyond The Wall

DJ welcomes callers JoeBear, Gina, Jim, Diego, and WolfinWinter. A great call in show about a maybe not so great episode. MP3

Duration: 02:28:45

PW 341 Matt and Donald Special S7E6 Beyond The Wall

Matt and Donald give their impressions of Beyond the Wall! MP3

Duration: 01:06:54

PW 340 IR S7E6 Beyond The Wall

Heath and Axel go deep beyond the Wall. This was a tough episode. We both had some issues but overall we enjoyed the spectacle. Follow us @DVRPodcast on Twitter MP3

Duration: 01:34:41

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