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Episode #5 – Balls, Cuphead and Jager

The fellas do the guy thing and talk about balls, drink a little too much Jager, and admit a recent addiction to a new, nearly impossible game, called Cuphead.

Duration: 01:38:44

Episode #4 – Sheldon Fights a Bathroom

Sheldon, aka BuschLight, pays a visit to Nashville and tells us about the first time he met the bubs, his fight with a bathroom door handle (he lost), and he and Birk's adventures into PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Episode 4 featured a livestream on Youtube, Mixer and Twitch!

Duration: 01:27:11

Episode #3 – Bald Haircuts, Spongebob & Fortnite

In episode 3 the boys talk about Ben winning a haircut in a raffle, Player Unknown's Battleground, and where the hell we've been for over a month! We missed ya'll and can't wait to catch you up! Tune in!

Duration: 01:06:38

Episode #2 – Stanley Cup, E3 2017 & Spiders!

In this episode the bubs talk about 7 Days to Die, the Stanley Cup and the best of E3 2017. We also find out the basement is infested with spiders, Boobie (Ben's GF) is trying to find her a side-piece, and Alex looks good in orange thick-rimmed glasses. Drinks for the episode are Hypnotiq and Jack Daniel's Honey.

Duration: 01:08:40

Episode #1 – Hairy and Scared

In this episode the bubs talk about hairy backs, the most memorable scary games from their childhood and the power and untapped potential of Nintendo’s IP. We also find out that Birk is a scaredy cat, Benji got caught in a sticky situation behind his house at 2am, and Alski’s got a back as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Drinks for the episode are Evan Williams and Mad dog 20/20.

Duration: 01:14:02